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Peace and Rest to Molly Ivins, Solace to Her Family and Friends

I never liked Molly Ivins very much. I never met her in person, so I'm talking here about her articles. I never felt inclined to spend money on her books, although I'm told they are much like her articles, only more so. I always found Ivins representative of that self-devoted clique of liberal narcissists in the media who thought they owed no honor to anyone with whom they disagreed, and like the KKK were inclined to shrug off protests from decent folk regarding their conduct - they know better than we common folk, don't you know?

But Ivins passed away this week, and from breast cancer to boot. Since my own diagnosis I have learned quite a bit about cancer. There is no peaceful, gentle way to die from it. Cancer kills a lot of people, from every demographic group and gender and age, and even the survivors are ravaged by the fight against cancer, and never know for sure that it won't come back. And in Ivin's case, the damn thing came back, and she beat it again, and it came back yet again, an evil monster that finally beat her body and stole her life. Cancer has been in the news a lot this past month, actually. In addition to Ivins, Art Buchwald died from cancer, and so did Richard Kelley, President Clinton's stepfather. Marcheline Bertrand, the mother of actress Angelina Jolie, died from cancer in January, and so did Deborah Orin of the New York Post. Vern Ruhle, pitching coach for the Cincinnati Reds, died from cancer in January along with NASCAR driver Benny Parsons. You get the idea, and we have not touched the thousands of ordinary, decent folks who died from a disease they did nothing to cause and could not hope to stop.

But cancer didn't beat Molly. Of that I am sure. Ivins, for all my disapproval of her politics and rhetorical tactics, was a fighter, no shrinking violet, and she would hardly sit still and let it beat her. What's interesting as well, is that Ivins showed an uncharacteristic modesty where her fight against cancer is concerned. Maybe it's other cancer patients she had in mind, who must fight for their lives without enjoying the fame and fortune of being a well-known author, or maybe it's just that facing the end of your life as you know it - or worse, your independence - so suddenly is humbling and sobering. No one deserves cancer, and I am impressed with anyone who is not turned into a blobbering case of self-pity when they realize what they are facing. And those who stand up and fight the disease with all they have, cannot help but earn my admiration. Ivins fought hard, every step of the way, and while she died from cancer, it did not beat her.

May God grant you rest and peace, Ms. Ivins, and may all who knew and loved you find solace and know that you won that battle which mattered most.

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Too squishy; this one's bet... (Below threshold)
Thanks for the moving tribu... (Below threshold)

Thanks for the moving tribute, and don't forget that Bush cut federal spending on cancer research the last two years.

BG2k,Your comment ab... (Below threshold)

Your comment above is the primary reason I will not attempt to converse with liberals--no matter what kindness and graciousness you extend their way they will still find something hateful to say about President Bush. I would be wasting my breath to tell you to be ashamed--you have none, nor any common decency, and most likely feel quite smug about your "cleverness".

I'd rather change my daughter's diaper as speak to you, although the smell is approximately equal.

Good God Barney, can't you ... (Below threshold)

Good God Barney, can't you put your hatred behind you for one minute.

joel, I think I'd actually ... (Below threshold)

joel, I think I'd actually rather eat your daughter's diaper.

Either would leave the same taste in my mouth.

Bush cut funding? Or the g... (Below threshold)

Bush cut funding? Or the government did?

And "cut" where? Don't you find it interesting how so many people toss off a quip they heard, without the first notion about what they are saying or supporting?

I have something of a personal interest in how Cancer research is being addressed, so I have actually been paying attention to the how and why of these things. And I find Barney's trite snipe both deceitful and insulting.

And like Joel, I find it telling that Barney cannot manage an honorable response. I have cancer, but something worse seems to live within Barney.

Yes, you are so right, I sh... (Below threshold)

Yes, you are so right, I should have equated Bush to the KKK like DJ did with Molly.

I find it telling that B... (Below threshold)

I find it telling that Barney cannot manage an honorable response

Honorable, like starting off your piece comparing Ivins to the Klan?

DJ, since you cited news ev... (Below threshold)

DJ, since you cited news events over the last month, I thought I would include this:
TIMOTHY JOHNSON, ABC NEWS MEDICAL EDITOR: Well, it's a combination of all of the above. But when the administration tries to take credit for increased spending, per se, I think they're misleading. It is true that the total budget for the National Cancer Institute has gone up by $1.2 billion since 2001. But most of that occurred in those early years under a Clinton initiative. The budget was actually cut last year and the projected budget for this year is to be cut even further. So, I think it's a real tragedy that we are cutting the budget for the National Cancer Institute at a time we're on the verge of many exciting discoveries.

I've heard the term for the... (Below threshold)
John Irving:

I've heard the term for the maniacal tendency for folks like BarneyG to slam Bush in every conceivable thread as "Bushwhacking."

To see Molly Ivins at her s... (Below threshold)

To see Molly Ivins at her satirical best in a video called "The Dildo Diaries"...link here:


DJ, coming from someone who... (Below threshold)

DJ, coming from someone who disagrees with you almost always, that was very well written and dare I say touching.

If just for a moment a story like Molly's can allow all of us to forget this left/right squabble nonsense, and realize all of us are affected by this, one way or another. Everyone has a family member somewhere that has cancer. Some beat it, some didn't.

Life is short, and while we all have our differences we all know what matters most, family, friends, love.

Great post.

I noticed DJ's attempt to t... (Below threshold)

I noticed DJ's attempt to tie Ivins in with the KKK, but I assumed that he wouldn't do that unless there is a factual basis or link between her and the KKK somewhere in the past.

Are you guys saying there isn't a link? and DJ smeared someone who recently passed away merely because he disagreed with their politics?

That's disgusting, if true, Mr. Drummond.

Can you level with us, DJ -- is there in fact a link between Ivins and the KKK?

You should never have high ... (Below threshold)

You should never have high expectations from liberals in general and specifically towards civility. It won't happen. I am not surprised at barney. Not at all. It is in his genes.

You should never have high ... (Below threshold)

You should never have high expectations from liberals in general and specifically towards civility. It won't happen. I am not surprised at barney. Not at all. It is in his genes.

Posted by: WildWillie

So Willie, you agree that equating someone with the KKK in a tribute is appropriate, and it is a good thing to cut funding for cancer research?

No one expects much from li... (Below threshold)

No one expects much from liberals. They surprise occasionally, but not often.

It's weird that Molly Ivins died so close to Ann Richards. Both tough ole Texas gals. Both totally wrong, of course, but that goes without saying. Anyway, it's just odd.

Just think how much more we could spend on cancer, if we didn't spend so much on the politically correct disease AIDS, which is basically preventable. Just sayin.

BarneyG2000,Your h... (Below threshold)


Your hatred of conservatives and conservatism is the cancer that is eating you.

Naw, tfhr -- our outspoken ... (Below threshold)

Naw, tfhr -- our outspoken disdain for conservatives is helping move America towards liberalism, or haven't you noticed?

Does any intelligent person... (Below threshold)

Does any intelligent person have even mediocre expectations of a liberal?

Many of them wouldnt be able to feed a family if not for a union to protect them from their own laziness and ineptitude. That so many come here just to dispute and disrupt is an indication of how empty, sad and void of attention their lives are.

first...Thank you for expre... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

first...Thank you for expressing respect for someone
who was a true voice of not only Texas but we "damn liberals."

second: This thread was about courage and cancer. Barney states a fact that our government has cut money in this direction Govt in includes Congress and both parties Bush is not the only one at fault...as for Molly..is is possible some here are not familiar here are a few of her words...

Jan. 16, 2003: "I assume we can defeat Hussein without great cost to our side (God forgive me if that is hubris). The problem is what happens after we win. The country is 20 percent Kurd, 20 percent Sunni and 60 percent Shiite. Can you say, 'Horrible three-way civil war?' "

July 14, 2003: "I opposed the war in Iraq because I thought it would lead to the peace from hell, but I'd rather not see my prediction come true and I don't think we have much time left to avert it. That the occupation is not going well is apparent to everyone but Donald Rumsfeld. ... We don't need people with credentials as right-wing ideologues and corporate privatizers -- we need people who know how to fix water and power plants."

Oct. 7, 2003: "Good thing we won the war, because the peace sure looks like a quagmire. ...

"I've got an even-money bet out that says more Americans will be killed in the peace than in the war, and more Iraqis will be killed by Americans in the peace than in the war. Not the first time I've had a bet out that I hoped I'd lose."

Lee and Barney, your readin... (Below threshold)

Lee and Barney, your reading comprehension and discernment skills are atrocious. But then, you know that your accusations are false, don't you.

Thanks, Gianni for meeting ... (Below threshold)

Thanks, Gianni for meeting the quota of at least one Culture Warrior per day UNCOMFORTED by dissenting opinions. Congratulations! And a Link! http://www.thewiggles.com.au/us/home/

no matter what kin... (Below threshold)
no matter what kindness and graciousness you extend their way they will still find something hateful to say about President Bush.

This, after the recently deceased Ivins was compared to the KKK. Honestly, this post and the subsequent comments were just sad.

No decency whatsoever.

Barney and his defenders ar... (Below threshold)

Barney and his defenders are only honked at the KKK reference because the KKK aren't Lefties. Had DJ compared Ivins to Lenin, Stalin, Saint Che, Mao, or Pol Pot, that would've been okay because, while each was a far more effective individual butcher than the KKK was en masse, the former at least had the right set of ideas behind their slaughter.

But, of course, it's perfectly reasonable to call Bush the next Hitler. Right?

So, Ian, you admit that DJ ... (Below threshold)

So, Ian, you admit that DJ has attempted to make an connection between recently-decesed Ivins and the KKK, inf act -- you appear to be applauding his efforts.

Do YOU know of any factual basis on which Ivins and the KK are tied together?

I've asked DJ but he's busy pretending he hasn't read the comment with that question yet -- but since you feel it's ok maybe you can explain why?

Or are you just another little trolling smear monkey, dropping your poo anywhere you find a liberal... ?

Why is Ivins and the KKK a fair association for DJ to make in his tribute following her death, Ian? Anyone?

Hmm...since our trolls sure... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

Hmm...since our trolls surely swoon over Robert Byrd (D-KKK), I wonder why they seem so outraged. Could it be projection?

I could've sworn there have... (Below threshold)

I could've sworn there have been gripes about the "deep division" in our country by the same folks who slammed a guy for eulogizing a liberal pundit he didn't agree with and used her death to slam Bush.

I gotta wonder who the "dividers" is in this country.

I can't remember a more unp... (Below threshold)

I can't remember a more unpleasant thread. Some really deep thinking going on here.

Can't you just feel the love?

"I gotta wonder who the ... (Below threshold)

"I gotta wonder who the "dividers" is in this country."

Here's some help. It includes the people who unfairly associate their fellow countryman with the KKK on the occasion of their death... merely because the departed had different political views.

He compared a wing of the l... (Below threshold)

He compared a wing of the left --- you know, like you --- to the KKK. Not Molly personally.

...not just reading compreh... (Below threshold)

...not just reading comprehension skills -- critical thinking skills as well.

Under what natural law does... (Below threshold)

Under what natural law does a snake transform into a saint upon death?

Everybody dies. Ivins death in no way elevates her in my estimation just BECAUSE she died. Regardless of the means.

Her worth, however, is not determined by earthly reckoning. I'm sure the Creator will treat her with love and mercy which I am apparently lacking.

Keep being gracious like th... (Below threshold)

Keep being gracious like this and you're going to give Republicans a good reputation, even among "moonbats" like me.

Seriously, I am saddened when anyone dies too soon or too painfully as Molly did. I didn't read much of her writing, but I could see she was a ball of energy--a lively and spirited person.

BTW -- regarding courage when facing death...I found that I had amazing courage when I (nearly) died. I never thought of myself as courageous. Many of us have inner strength that we don't even know about...

Rest in peace Molly. ... (Below threshold)

Rest in peace Molly.

May you touch the face to God as you leave this realm to the fools who will spend their days bickering about the absurd.

Barney and his defenders... (Below threshold)

Barney and his defenders are only honked at the KKK reference because the KKK aren't Lefties. Had DJ compared Ivins to Lenin, Stalin, Saint Che, Mao, or Pol Pot, that would've been okay because, while each was a far more effective individual butcher than the KKK was en masse, the former at least had the right set of ideas behind their slaughter

Odd, last I checked the Klan was founded by the Democrats. LOL. And some of our lefty trolls certainly seem like they'd be at home with the Klan, notably BryanD.

As Governor Perry would say... (Below threshold)

As Governor Perry would say:

Adios MoFo!

Molly was a flaming moonbat kook. RIP!

Lately I'd been feeling dow... (Below threshold)

Lately I'd been feeling down, but when I heard of the death of Molly Ivins death, my sprit rose. When I first learned of her battle with cancer, my first thought was "good", I only hope she suffers a long and painful death. The thought of her, right at this minute rotting in hell just gives me comfort. I do however wish she had suffered a little while longer. She's where she belongs, with all the other liberals, in Hell.......Let's face it, she was human filth, like all liberals, pure garbage.

Hmmm. Doc rhymes with Sock... (Below threshold)

Hmmm. Doc rhymes with Sock.






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