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Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™

It's Friday, which means it's time for the Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™. Enter your best caption for the following picture:

This photo, supplied by Peter Thompson Associates, is a recent but undated photo of Daniel Radcliffe, the boy wizard from 'Harry Potter' movies, who opens on the London stage in the Tony Award-winning drama 'Equus' on Feb. 27, 2007, poses with Joanna Christie. Previews begin on Feb. 16. The 17-year-old will perform nude in one scene. Radcliffe has ignited a bit of a media firestorm by posing for racy promotional photos. (AP Photo/Peter Thompson Associates, Uli Weber) .

Winners will be announced Sunday.

Update: Winners announced. Click the link to read the winning entries. The contest is now closed.


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Comments (83)

Fordo, I knew you had big h... (Below threshold)

Fordo, I knew you had big hairy feet, but...

Correction: "Frodo"... (Below threshold)

Correction: "Frodo"

Hey Kid...MOVE!... (Below threshold)

Hey Kid...MOVE!

Furiously, Harry vainly tri... (Below threshold)
jay wills:

Furiously, Harry vainly tried to remember the Stiffenit spell.

"OH Harry . Is that your w... (Below threshold)
retired military:

"OH Harry . Is that your wand or are you just glad to see me?"

Harry: "That you Ron?"... (Below threshold)

Harry: "That you Ron?"

It'll be hard to beat Jay W... (Below threshold)

It'll be hard to beat Jay Wills caption

Oh my! That IS hairy!... (Below threshold)

Oh my! That IS hairy!

The cover of J.K. Rowling's... (Below threshold)

The cover of J.K. Rowling's final book, "Harry Potter and the Full Frontal Nudity" is displayed in a press conference announcing the book's release date.

Oh Harry, I see you got mor... (Below threshold)

Oh Harry, I see you got more than that scare from Lord JOHNSON!

How do you turn a man's sto... (Below threshold)

How do you turn a man's stomach? Press a pair of bare tits into his back.

Harry - what happened to yo... (Below threshold)

Harry - what happened to your magic wand?

"Dumbledore?!? You may look... (Below threshold)

"Dumbledore?!? You may look and feel like a woman, but ya still smell like an old man."

Harry wondered, "How do you... (Below threshold)

Harry wondered, "How do you revive a relationship when the magic is gone?"

The audience gasped to lear... (Below threshold)

The audience gasped to learn that young, innocent Harry's promiscuity had left him afflicted with hog-warts.

Ohhhh, Harry. I know some m... (Below threshold)

Ohhhh, Harry. I know some magic tricks that will make it grow!

Harry recently discovered t... (Below threshold)

Harry recently discovered that the paid call girl could really perform a magic trick.

"I said I was sorry, Hermio... (Below threshold)

"I said I was sorry, Hermione! I just can't remember how to undo the gluing spell! Let's go take another bath."

Senator, are you sure this ... (Below threshold)

Senator, are you sure this is part of the page orientation?

Nww From Vivid Video "Harry... (Below threshold)

Nww From Vivid Video "Harry Pooter and Sorcerer's Wand."

Don't listen to her, Adam. ... (Below threshold)

Don't listen to her, Adam. Flee!

Knowing he wanted her out o... (Below threshold)

Knowing he wanted her out of this "Chamber of Secrets," Harry said: "Not to be rude or anything, but this isn't a great time for me to have a house elf in my bedroom."

(n.b. actual movie quote)

"Sure your my girl, just no... (Below threshold)

"Sure your my girl, just not my MANE girl."

Harry Paooter's proof of gl... (Below threshold)

Harry Paooter's proof of global warming!

Harry reveals the real secr... (Below threshold)

Harry reveals the real secret of the "Nimbus 2007" is that it isn't a broom...

Abercrombie & Fitch shows t... (Below threshold)
Robert Realtor:

Abercrombie & Fitch shows there new ad campaign for children. Company Vice - President defends the ad as "family freindly".

"Harry Potter and the Camel... (Below threshold)

"Harry Potter and the Camel's Toe"
"Harry Potter and the Orbs of Wonder"
"Harry Potter and the Silky Glove"
"Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Daughter"

Given Hermione's promiscuit... (Below threshold)

Given Hermione's promiscuity Harry hoped he'd later be equally adept at Quit-Itch.

Harry attempted to maneuver... (Below threshold)

Harry attempted to maneuver around to get a better view of the golden snitch.

In the days before Viagara.... (Below threshold)

In the days before Viagara...

"HAGRID?!?!"... (Below threshold)


"Next time, let's try it wh... (Below threshold)

"Next time, let's try it while riding on your Nimbus 2000. And not to worry. I like the size of your wand just fine, dear."

The new XXX movie DVD, "... (Below threshold)

The new XXX movie DVD, "Hermione and the Sorcerer's Bone" was released today...

Harry Potters proof of glob... (Below threshold)

Harry Potters proof of global warming!

on planet Zypot, my right h... (Below threshold)

on planet Zypot, my right hand is on your penis!

You know Daniel, with your ... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

You know Daniel, with your hairless torso and genetalia tucked back between you legs like that you're a dead ringer for Buffalo Bill.

In his eagerness to usurp D... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

In his eagerness to usurp Dustin Diamond's place as the geekiest dude to appear in a homemade sex tape the former Harry Potter star failed to properly account for his lack of "qualifications."

You want magic? Watch me p... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

You want magic? Watch me pull a gerbil out my duodenum.

It may be February 2nd, and... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

It may be February 2nd, and it may be sunny here in Punxatawney, but your little groundhog could never even cast a shadow - much less predict six more weeks of winter.

Hmmm...this girl feels diff... (Below threshold)

Hmmm...this girl feels different than Ron...or Wilber.

abracadabra....I wanna rea... (Below threshold)

abracadabra....I wanna reach out and grabya.

Harry Potter the Prisone... (Below threshold)

Harry Potter the Prisoner of Hermione's Hand

Harry Potter and His Half-Length Prince

Harry Potter finds a whole new "Chamber of Secrets" at Hogwarts, one that he doesn't think he'll be telling Ron and Hermione about.

Little did Harry know that shortly after this night with the cursed 'Hooker of Hogwarts', he would be calling the Hogwarts urinal the "Goblet of Fire".

Oh Harry, I am so sorry I c... (Below threshold)

Oh Harry, I am so sorry I cast the Smallisas Amushroomis Spell.

"Abraviagra!"... (Below threshold)


Sudden business idea: Tann... (Below threshold)

Sudden business idea: Tanning beds, England.

Hairy Twatter!... (Below threshold)

Hairy Twatter!

The Full Harry Potter may h... (Below threshold)

The Full Harry Potter may have been a flop as a play, but the outtakes were priceless.

perhaps a little excitement... (Below threshold)

perhaps a little excitement would correct the greenish tinge?

Why? Because we're down to... (Below threshold)

Why? Because we're down to just three more movies and I'm only 17 that's why.

"My, that is a Harry Potter... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

"My, that is a Harry Potter you have there."

Many viewers got a big surp... (Below threshold)

Many viewers got a big surprise when they watched the "extra features" on the latest Harry Potter DVD.


The reaction of many viewers to the latest Harry Potter "extended edition" DVD was, "Whoa, I don't remember this scene being in the book."

"Is that your wand, Harry, ... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

"Is that your wand, Harry, or are just happy to see me?"

From my daughter. She thin... (Below threshold)

From my daughter. She thinks the woman looks much older so:

The Life and Times of Oedipus Rex- the DVD

Daniel Radcliffe: "Ummm...M... (Below threshold)

Daniel Radcliffe: "Ummm...Ms. Rowling, I'm not really Harry Potter."

Potter and Penelope's promi... (Below threshold)

Potter and Penelope's promiscuity peeves pompous Percy.

What is this thing called, ... (Below threshold)

What is this thing called, Love?

Honey, do you want to see O... (Below threshold)

Honey, do you want to see Oliver Twist? If you show me one more trick with that thing I'll scream!!

Potter promised a magic car... (Below threshold)

Potter promised a magic carpet ride but she only had rug burns to show for her efforts.

Scene from the new porn fli... (Below threshold)

Scene from the new porn flick "Romancing the bone."

"Pec....Pec....Pec..."... (Below threshold)


Oh Harry, it doesn't matter... (Below threshold)

Oh Harry, it doesn't matter ..the size of the wand...okay IT DOES but....

To make ends meet after bei... (Below threshold)

To make ends meet after being kicked out of Hogwarts, Harry had to turn to a life of cheap porn.

"Gee Hermione, you really m... (Below threshold)

"Gee Hermione, you really make my quid itch, if you know what I mean."

Harry: Say hallo ta my litt... (Below threshold)

Harry: Say hallo ta my little friend..

In a tragic accident, a con... (Below threshold)

In a tragic accident, a confused Harry forgets which set he's on, and blinds Ron and Hermione.

Harry, take me! Do to me wh... (Below threshold)

Harry, take me! Do to me what the democrats are going to do to the Iraqis...

All petered out! ... (Below threshold)

All petered out!

An assortment of devilish c... (Below threshold)

An assortment of devilish charms Harry is not quite ready to face.

I like touching and you kno... (Below threshold)

I like touching and you know... being close, Joanna, but why are you using your index fingers to poke me in the bac..... Oh -- never mind.

Levitation spell, LEVITATION SPELL!!!

NEWS FLASH - behind the sce... (Below threshold)

NEWS FLASH - behind the scenes footage of Harry Potter - The Next Generation

"...don't worry Harry, you ... (Below threshold)

"...don't worry Harry, you can't help it if the Slitherin' boys have better tongue action."

When Hermione decided to le... (Below threshold)
Dodo David:

When Hermione decided to let Ron into her chamber of secrets instead of him, Harry decided to horse around with another filly.

Premature Potter:U... (Below threshold)

Premature Potter:

Um, sorry. I am so very sorry. So sorry. Sorry, sorry, sorry. No, really, I am sorry. So, so sorry. Really, really sorry. I can't telly how sorry I am. Very, very sorry. ...

"Wow, I need to take off my... (Below threshold)

"Wow, I need to take off my glasses more often."

"Um...Harry, you're suppose... (Below threshold)

"Um...Harry, you're supposed to catch the golden SNITCH!"

" It was even a relief: he ... (Below threshold)

" It was even a relief: he felt almost as though something poisonous were being extracted from him. It was costing him every bit of determination he had to keep talking, yet he sensed that once he had finished, he would feel better." (Harry to Dumbledore and Sirius. vol. 4, p. 695)

The title of the newest Har... (Below threshold)
retired military:

The title of the newest Harry Potter movie
"Harry and his magic wand"

Turns out Moaning Myrtle's ... (Below threshold)

Turns out Moaning Myrtle's pretty hot without her glasses.

Ginny Weasley dons her stra... (Below threshold)

Ginny Weasley dons her strap-on and takes Harry from behind in an "Act-That-Must-Not-Be-Named".

Hes a magic Man mama ahhhhh... (Below threshold)

Hes a magic Man mama ahhhhhhhh Hes got magic hands!

Harry Potter and the Pegger... (Below threshold)
Son of a Pig and a Monkey:

Harry Potter and the Pegger's Tool

Director: " Oh Yes! Ha! Ha... (Below threshold)

Director: " Oh Yes! Ha! Ha! Ha! Very funny you two! You know perfectly well I said you had to get "In the MOOD" to shoot this scene. Now run along to wardrobe and get your costumes back on. The rest of you on the set take five!"

Update: <... (Below threshold)

Update: Winners announced. Click the link to read the winning entries. The contest is now closed.






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