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The squeaky wheel

Well, that explains a heck of a lot.

I found out why my internet connection was down. It seems that I made the mistake of moving into a building with a deadbeat, and they didn't pay their bill, so naturally, Adelphia/Comcast did the correct and natural thing -- and disconnected ME as an example.

And when I reported it on Thursday they said they'd schedule an appointment as soon as possible. That turned out to be next Thursday.

When I complained even louder on hearing that, they said they'd have someone here on Monday.

The technician just came by and re-hooked me up (and, presumably, pulled the RIGHT plug on the deadbeat).

Now that I have my internet connection AND my car back, my life might -- MIGHT -- just settle down into something I can laughingly call a "routine" and get back to blogging.

These past few days, with no internet, no TV, almost no cell phone, and (for several weeks until last Friday night) no car have convinced me that I will NEVER become a hermit. It lacks a certain ascetic appeal.


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Comments (14)

I've found that the communi... (Below threshold)
Farmer Joe:

I've found that the communications companies will almost always give you an earlier appointment if you ask for one. My conversations usually go like this:

Me: My internet is out.

Them: Well, we're not showing any problems in your area.

(skip over ten minute recitation of all the things I've done to ascertain that the problem isn't me)

Them: Well, we can have someone out there a week from Thursday to look at it.

Me: Nothing sooner?

Them: I'm afraid not.

Me: Well, that's really not going to be acceptable. My Internet is crucial to my work.

Them: Well, I'm sorry, that's the soonest we can have someone out.

Me: Hm. Well, maybe this might be a good time for me to start thinking about switching providers.

Them: OK, how about tomorrow?

Me: That would be fine.

Depends on how rich the her... (Below threshold)

Depends on how rich the hermit is....

Jay..Welcome back to realit... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Jay..Welcome back to reality. The same thing is happening to me with my cable company because of a previous delinquent tenant 5 years ago.
Going without the internet, etc hmmn. At least you can appreciate now what George Bush feels like living inside his bubble, even if he doesn't? How else to explain such singularly soporific remarks of Bush, as this today.."I appreciate the fact that the Iraqi government is anxious to get security inside the capital of the country. That's a good sign. It's a good sign that there's a sense of concern and anxiety. It means that the governments understands they have a responsibility to protect their people."

Wow, Steve...suffering from... (Below threshold)

Wow, Steve...suffering from BDS so much that somehow you twist a generic ISP complaint into a Bush issue? I've seen two year olds show more maturity...

Hah! I was going to post a ... (Below threshold)

Hah! I was going to post a phony "Bush is teh suxxor!" comment to this as a joke, but I see the actual wingnuts beat me to it.
Jay- the reason why your internet was out is because Prescott Bush made an unholy alliance with the shape-shifting lizards so many years ago. I'd explain it to you, but you're such a dumb Rethuglican I doubt you'd grok to my badazz politcal nuances.

Wow. Turning a post about ... (Below threshold)

Wow. Turning a post about how Comcast sucks into a Bush Deranged nutcase ranting about the same old same old. That took some real talent.

Did you try calling <a href... (Below threshold)

Did you try calling these guys?

Steve Crickmore at Febr... (Below threshold)

Steve Crickmore at February 5, 2007 12:23 PM

You deserve this, at least.


Now that I have my inter... (Below threshold)

Now that I have my internet connection AND my car back, my life might -- MIGHT -- just settle down into something I can laughingly call a "routine" and get back to blogging.

DON'T TEMPT FATE! Now you'll have to keep on the look-out for meteors!

Sorry, you guys are really ... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Sorry, you guys are really sensitive here..Is the topic so serious? The ascetic appeal of being hermits, that you can't accept any asides. There is something I am beginning to understand about the conservative mind; they take themselves, their entertainment and their leader very seriously (and not a whole lot else).

Oddly enough, I used the wo... (Below threshold)

Oddly enough, I used the word "ascetic" as an intended pun, off of "aesthetic appeal." Steve chooses to use that to make a point that I lack humor.

He might quibble about my STYLE of humor, but his choosing to designate a would-be pun as an example of humorlessness is, in itself, quite amusing.


He's got you there, Steve. ... (Below threshold)

He's got you there, Steve. You're taking quite a beating this thread.

Jay, apparently your wordplay's a bit too clever for some.

Touche. No I honestly didn... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Touche. No I honestly didn't see 'aesthetic appeal'..I wasn't commenting about your sense of humor, Jay. Bush, by the way, has a good sense of humor. It's the other positive thing that that comes from a long misspent youth, though I can't say he has your gift for puns.

Geez, I thought you'd make ... (Below threshold)

Geez, I thought you'd make something of missing all these esthetically appealing comments during your sabbatical from the World WIde Wait.

But welcome back anyways. My Ethernet plugs have died on two laptops, so I am clinging onto the Internet through my wireless connection. I almost feel your pain.






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