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Remembering the Gipper

The bRight and Early blog remembers Ronald Reagan on what would have been his 96th birthday.

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Let's win 2008 for the Gipp... (Below threshold)

Let's win 2008 for the Gipper.

Let's refer to Islamist ter... (Below threshold)

Let's refer to Islamist terrorists as freedom fighters for the Gipper.

The original moral relativist.

Oh yes, lets remember the "... (Below threshold)

Oh yes, lets remember the "Gipper". He who removed the tax deductions on interest paid on auto loans, credit cards, yet bragged he gave everyone a tax break. He took away tax breaks for the average Americans, but nobody wants to acknowledge that part of the screwing middle class Americans got.

The Gipper also believed in "trickle down" BS that doesn't work, and never will. I also realize that this post will be criticized over and over, but it's the truth. Didn't he also pull us out of Lebanon when the marines got killed? He sure as hell didn't go after the terrorists then.

At least we have a President, while misguided by his advisor's, has the balls to take the fight to them. Some people think Ronnie Regun was the best, some think Bush is the worst. IMHO, Bush is heads above Ronnie when it comes to the terrorist problem. If only Bush would listen to the military leaders instead of Cheney et all, the Iraq problem would have been over a couple of years ago.

People in America had better wake up, we are at war, and it will be a long war. What is it going to take for Americans to realize this, another 9/11? It could and most likely will happen again. The listen to the outcry a lot of people, who before, was crying about the war. They will then demand justice. I just hope we have a President who will let the military fight the war, without political indecisions interfering with the fight.

STEM CELL RESEARCH........ (Below threshold)
nogo postal:


RONALD REAGAN was the first... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

RONALD REAGAN was the first president i ever voted for and of course he showed up that pathetic JIMMY CARTER






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