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The Laws of Grace

Men generally do not like rules and laws and ordinances. Sometimes this is because those laws and rules are unreasonable or unjust, but sometimes it is because Man is unreasonable and unjust. So, at some point we all break the law. If not the statutes enacted by Man, we certainly break trust with God.

Yet God is kind to us. Every day we receive renewed life and strength, every day we receive a thousand blessings most of us never notice. Even though there is a final justice to be answered for everything we do, yet even that is held in abeyance, to allow repentance and redemption. And to allow those who will scorn even the last chance at hope the opportunity to enjoy what blessings they will accept from the Lord, however ungraciously.

When we are redeemed, those of us who shall accept that gift, we are redeemed by God Himself, and through no merit of our own. Even those few good things we do, are only possible because God gave us the power and opportunity and motive to do them, so at best we sometimes do what we were meant to accomplish, and only sometimes. We are sporadic in joy.

Yet even that is a beginning, and God delights in being good to us, and in leading us to our best hope. So while we all who love God wish to obey His laws, it is ultimately a different set to which we align our lives. While the material man struggles to comply with requirements and conditional behavior, the man in Grace simply lives in joy and grateful thanks. We cannot do better than serve God with the same delight He has in us, and to reflect that joy to our fellow human wherever we find them.

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Thank you for the reminder!... (Below threshold)

Thank you for the reminder!

Now if I can remember to extend that grace to my fellow humans.

And how does this relate to... (Below threshold)

And how does this relate to Iraq?

An epiphaneous event, DJ? O... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

An epiphaneous event, DJ? Or good news (I hope)? I'm very curious...

Tom Delay just said, on CNN... (Below threshold)

Tom Delay just said, on CNN, that Hillary is unbeatable in 2008.

If she or here usband has killed as many persons as the right claims, how could God allow this?

BarneyG, maybe it has to do... (Below threshold)
Lurking Observer:

BarneyG, maybe it has to do with this:


I don't use profanity much, and I try not to make comments on a blog personal, but I make an exception in your case.

You are a s**thead s**theap, and frankly are worth less than the scrapings off the bottom of a pair of boots that just walked through a cow pasture.


Mr. Drummond, I sincerely hope that your comment is indicative of good news. Good or bad, I wish you the best in your fight.

Amen to that, brother!... (Below threshold)
John F Not Kerry:

Amen to that, brother!

Awful short post for you though!

Maybe I'll have enough grace to ignore people like Barney.

Way to be such a stinking j... (Below threshold)
Big Mo:

Way to be such a stinking jackass, Barney!

The post didn't have anything to do with Iraq, you jerk!

Get bent. Or better yet, just go away.

Come on Barney - chill. The... (Below threshold)

Come on Barney - chill. There's a proper time and place for everything, and this is neither the time nor the place for comments like yours.

Take it from someone who knows the taste of shoe leather first-hand.

Lurking, thanks for clearin... (Below threshold)

Lurking, thanks for clearing that up for me (though I don't know what a shitheap is?). Maybe you and DJ would be interested in he following:

Lorraine Day, M.D. tells her electrifying and hope-filled personal story of recovery from terminal breast cancer, without chemotherapy, radiation or mutilating surgery. She reveals how she found the courage, faith and strength to hang on when she was dying and defy everything she had been taught in her medical training in order to get well by following God's totally natural health plan.

Cryptic. Hope all is well.... (Below threshold)

Cryptic. Hope all is well.

Sorry I forgot, the right h... (Below threshold)

Sorry I forgot, the right has no sense of humor.

DJ...as there are no quotes... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

DJ...as there are no quotes or reference..may I assume these are your original thoughts? I would hope you did not take the words of someone else and claim them as your own..
"Thou shall not lie"

It is clear we are spreading the Joy of God in Iraq.

"Blessed are the peacemakers"...ya sure it was just Jesus who said that...but my Christian beliefs remind me he was "connected."

I had read Mr. Drummond's p... (Below threshold)

I had read Mr. Drummond's post and was impressed by him sharing such personal thoughts. I scroll down to read the replies in the thread and am surprised that there are some who can even relate THIS post to Iraq! Have I missed something????

Our sense of humor is reser... (Below threshold)

Our sense of humor is reserved for laughing at what a sad life you must have Barney.

What has made you such a hollow, pathetic, hateful human being, and why doesnt anyone interact with you live and in person? seems like this is the only way you get attention.

Please forward your suicide note to me before you pull the trigger, I'll help you spell check it.

Gianni, thank you for your ... (Below threshold)

Gianni, thank you for your Christian thoughts and concerns.

BarneyMany of us on ... (Below threshold)

Many of us on the right have a great sense of humor; you, however, demonstrate no sense of decency by your recent comments here.

D.J.Thank you for ... (Below threshold)


Thank you for your wonderful post about God's grace. I'm going to post it over on my religion blog, crediting you as the author of course.

Until this moment, BarneyG ... (Below threshold)
Lurking Observer:

Until this moment, BarneyG and nogopostal, I think I never gauged your cruelty or your recklessness.

You've done enough. You've certainly typed enough. Have you no sense of decency? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?

Apparently not.

Thank you DJ, that gentle r... (Below threshold)
Brian the Adequate:

Thank you DJ, that gentle reminder of what really matters meant more to me than I could ever explain given events in the last 4 hours of my life.

Barney and nogo:Fr... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Barney and nogo:

Friends don't let friends drink and comment. Trade phone numbers with each other so you can remind the other to stop and think before you type something so impossibly stupid, insensitve and inappropriate.

"Men generally do not like ... (Below threshold)

"Men generally do not like rules and laws and ordinances." -- DJ Drummond.

This is particularly true if the men (and women too, DJ!) are within the Bush Administration:

The 25 Most Corrupt Officials of the Bush Administration

HermanYou haven't a ... (Below threshold)

You haven't a clue what Mr. Drummond is talking about, but your "25 Most Corrupt..." example shows most clearly the narrow and shallow scope of your experience with the human condition.

Juxtaposing the heartfelt thoughts of a man facing a possibly terminal illness with partisan politics is craven and disgusting, to put it politely.

Barney's excuse: "Sorry I f... (Below threshold)

Barney's excuse: "Sorry I forgot, the right has no sense of humor."

What was funny about what you wrote? instead of addressing DJ's heartfelt comments, you vomited over the thread.

How about this? Barney is a traitor who wants the terrorists to win. Oh, sorry, I forgot liberals don't have a sense of humor.

Did you find that funny? Didn't think so.

nogo postal - do you have ANY idea what "blessed are the peacemakers" means?

I seriously doubt it. Few liberals do. The full passage from Matthew is, "blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God. It is not concerned with anti-war, no matter how much liberals want it to be. The "peacemakers" are ones who have been reformed by the Holy Spirit, are cloaked by the righteousness of Jesus Christ and are at peace with God instead of being in rebellion against Him. That is why they can be called sons of God--and not because they oppose a war!

AMEN!... (Below threshold)


In a bubble of grace: Son ... (Below threshold)

In a bubble of grace: Son so describes his experience from last Iraq tour of having a Russian 82 mm mortar explode 15 meters away, without scratching him.

"There are no atheists in foxholes." Ernie Pyle

America! America!
God shed His Grace on thee...

Big Mo: astute comment abou... (Below threshold)

Big Mo: astute comment about the meaning of "peacemakers". As for the post: what's the bottom line? Following God's ordinances concerning diet? which may prevent disease in future? (Bacon is tasty but pigs ARE vile scavengers (not kosher)). But then it's on to "laws". Then anti-laws, then the post peters out... That WAS a good one about the Peacemakers, though, Big Mo.

I agree with Gandhi, who sa... (Below threshold)

I agree with Gandhi, who said...

I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. They are so unlike your Christ.

I also agree with the bumpersticker that says...

If Jesus came back and saw what we were doing in his name, he'd never stop throwing up.

Jesus was a liberal. That's why they killed him.

Well, John, of course Jesus... (Below threshold)

Well, John, of course Jesus was a liberal!! He preached change, while conservatives resolutely cling to the past. And he preached helping the poor, while conservatives seek primarily to help themselves. And he preached peace, "turning the other cheek." What conservative, ANYWHERE, would turn the other cheek??

Herman, I'll gladly turn th... (Below threshold)

Herman, I'll gladly turn the other cheek. Specifically, my right butt cheek, so you can kiss my ass.

Read the posting immediately above this one. I cannot stress enough just how important it is to you that you read it.


D.J.I'm not really... (Below threshold)
Kasper Hauser:


I'm not really sure what lies behind this post, but I sense it comes out of bravely facing something known or unknow. You and I have traded heated comments in the past (at another site) over an issue or two, but please know that tonight you will be in my shakey and tentative prayers. God be with you (and with us all).

I've always likened God's g... (Below threshold)
J Kevin:

I've always likened God's grace to rain falling upon the earth. The only way to avoid it is to lurk under an umbrella or roof, in the shadows. If you step out into the rain and accept God's grace, it is there for free (the Latin meaning of grace), gooshing down on you. It seems that the rolls that roam the blogosphere like to skulk in darkness, unable to accept the free gift of grace.

You speak the truth, DJ. Th... (Below threshold)

You speak the truth, DJ. Thanks so much for writing this.

I am speechless at both the... (Below threshold)

I am speechless at both the eloquence of DJ's post (and equanimity of some reponders) and the utter depravity of others. For them, I hope that some day, somewhere, they will discover what it is that fills their soul to the point that they understand DJ's meaning.

I am not sanguine about that prospeect, but hopeful nonetheless.

I agree with Gandh... (Below threshold)
I agree with Gandhi

Gandhi also advised the Jews of Germany and in German-held areas in WWII to stop making a fuss and just allow themselves to be killed.

Be careful who you (smugly) agree with.

Good post - demonstrating t... (Below threshold)

Good post - demonstrating the basic goodness and decency of Mr. Drummond, and the lack thereof of several others.

DJ,Thank you for y... (Below threshold)


Thank you for your post. In so few words, you illustrate wonderfully the principle of the Shema (Deuteronomy 6:4-9; emphasis mine):

4 Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God, the LORD is one. [a] 5 Love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength. 6 These commandments that I give you today are to be upon your hearts. 7 Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up. 8 Tie them as symbols on your hands and bind them on your foreheads. 9 Write them on the doorframes of your houses and on your gates.

I do not envy you the pain you must face, and continue to face, as part of your fight against cancer. However, I believe that God has imparted a measure of grace upon you, in this instance at least, that burns far brighter than most. I can only wish I burned so brightly with it, and although I love life, I love God so much more, and I would give anything to be in His presence, outside of this veil that has covered the sons of Adam from the moment that the original sin was first committed.

If I could leave you with one blessing, and one blessing only, I would remind you - no, beg you - that in the worst of your pain in the days to come, to open your eyes as did the Apostle Stephen. Perhaps before the Trumpet blows its clarion call for you to go, you will have an opportunity to see a glimpse of what Stephen was shown.

God bless you, and may the Lord preserve you and keep you for all of your days.

Most sincerely,
Bill S.

Jesus was a liberal. That's... (Below threshold)

Jesus was a liberal. That's why they killed him. -- John


No, Jesus was and is the Son of God, and that's why evil took his human life.

The only thing it had to do with politics is the political intrigue and reasons deployed by those other humans at the time of Jesus's life who brought about God's plan.

The whole "Jesus was a liberal and that's why they killed him" thing is profane. Christ gave his life for the sins of mankind (that includes for yours and mine), His life was not taken or otherwise overtaken by the vain politics of mankind.

Principalities and powers, John. Not politics per se, but principalities and powers that manipulate manking and thus, politics happen.

Jesus was not and is not playing politics. From the look of the DNC Party Platform, I see nothing there that suggests Christian theology, nor reflects an awareness nor reverence for Christ. I can't say I see much from the RNC lately, either.

Like Jay Tea, I've always b... (Below threshold)

Like Jay Tea, I've always been a born-again agnostic, despite my Methodist upbringing. But as I get older, I'm a lot less sure about it.

Best wishes to DJ.

BryanD, you're way out of line. Again.

bobdog: A warning for me fr... (Below threshold)

bobdog: A warning for me from an old, wobbly, agnostic busybody...NEXT!

DJ,Saturday mornin... (Below threshold)


Saturday morning my wife gave birth to our first child, a boy. He was six weeks early, and is still in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit). We have been doing quite a bit of soul searching, and talking with God.

You're piece has helped.

Thank you.


God bless you, DJ :) ... (Below threshold)

God bless you, DJ :)

May God bless you and bring... (Below threshold)

May God bless you and bring you peace, DJ.

Barney, I see you tried to ... (Below threshold)

Barney, I see you tried to change the subject, as you always do, and not address the painful truths you live with.

That you devote any part of your day to come trolling for the attention no one else in your life offers you exposes the pathetic life you live.

Like traffic stopping to see an accident, many of us here are witnessing your trainwreck of a life, and chuckling.

Sorry youre as useless, hateful, ignorant, and shallow as you are, but, be happy, SI Swimsuit issue is coming out soon, so Im sure that'll keep you busy several nights a week.

To every thing there is a s... (Below threshold)

To every thing there is a season.

There is a time to make a point and there is a time to be decent.

This is the time to be decent, if one is not able to muster any sympathy.

Common courtesy.

The lesson from the left is that there is no season of decency.

BryanD - Nice try. Good luc... (Below threshold)

BryanD - Nice try. Good luck with that Tourette's thing.

You really ought to read Jay Tea's post. Plus a book on manners.

DJ,Good post. Than... (Below threshold)


Good post. Thanks for the insight and the sharing. Stay strong.

D.J., since the first post ... (Below threshold)

D.J., since the first post I read that informed me of your illness I've thought about you several times and while I'm not sure I'm worthy of God's ear, I've prayed for you each time. Know that we do indeed think of you.

DJ - beautifully written an... (Below threshold)

DJ - beautifully written and gracefully stated. You are extraordinary and I honor you.

DJ,When times get se... (Below threshold)

When times get serious, I find myself clinging to two essential truths: God is good, and He is stronger than anything in this world.
Thank you for your wonderful post.

Well done DJ. I don't cons... (Below threshold)

Well done DJ. I don't consider myself religious, but that doesn't interfere with me seeing the wisdom in your post.

DJ,I had a scare mys... (Below threshold)

I had a scare myself last spring. After a week in the hospital and many months of tests, it turns out I "only" had a more normal disease that runs in my family.
After a weeks of living with that sword hangig over my head, I still can only imagine what you and your family must be going through.
Stay strong brother.
Vivat Jesus

DJ, thanks for the beautifu... (Below threshold)

DJ, thanks for the beautiful words. While I am not Christian (or of any Abrahamic religion), still no decent person can fail to realize the necessity of inner peace, nor the beauty of one coming to such a peace, and so I salute and thank you for sharing such a personal moment.

Meanwhile, some of your more...indecent commenters remind the rest of us that the opposite of grace is hubris.






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