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How dare life interfere wth my blogging?

I spent pretty much all day yesterday "offline" dealing with personal concerns, and I gotta be at work in a little over an hour. So no blogging this morning, I'm afraid. (Apart from this.)

I might get a chance to post something around lunchtime, or it might have to wait until the evening.

Dang it, I deeply resent this "real life" thing... it keeps messing with the IMPORTANT stuff.

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A sad but true second for t... (Below threshold)

A sad but true second for the emotion.

Sometimes I think it would ... (Below threshold)

Sometimes I think it would be nice to turn blogging into a full time job. Then I snap back into reality and realize it's a lot more fun as a hobby!

Don't apologize for blogbre... (Below threshold)

Don't apologize for blogbreaks. Live your life.

Jay,Enjoy your tim... (Below threshold)
John F Not Kerry:


Enjoy your time off. The world will continue to turn! Sorry! My inner troll just popped out there for a second.






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