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Site Change - Inline comments removed

I know that some people were big fans of the ability to read comments on entries right on the front page at Wizbang, but I've removed that functionality for one main reason - speed. The number of comments per entry times 20 (the number of stories on the front page) made for a very large index.php file - one that had to load before readers could view it. Uncompressed the size of the front page dropped from nearly 1MB to 160K, meaning that the page should now load around 5-6 times faster. Leaving a comment has always involved loading the page for the story you're commenting on, now reading comments will do the same.

That seems like a small price to pay for the performance increase. I've left the prominent text link to read or add comments, but you can also get there by clicking the comment icon or the entry permalink.

Comments (15)

Nice speed improvement - I ... (Below threshold)

Nice speed improvement - I noticed it reading the full RSS feed in Safari too.

It also has an unintended c... (Below threshold)

It also has an unintended consequence that is good for site owners - it legitimately increases page views. :)

*MUCH* faster, BTW. Good call.

Yes, much faster load altho... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

Yes, much faster load altho I miss the convenience of the previous version.

Faster load, and I never ca... (Below threshold)

Faster load, and I never cared for the inline comments anyhow.

Good idea... (Below threshold)

Good idea

This is great! I often ski... (Below threshold)

This is great! I often skipped Wizbang when pressed for time; the first thing I noticed tonight was that it popped right up. Good decision.

Gold star.... (Below threshold)

Gold star.

It was a neat feature, but ... (Below threshold)

It was a neat feature, but the lack of it doesn't detract from the experience. I don't see any change in load time. Your page always loads in a blink.

Count me among the detracto... (Below threshold)
Anon Y. Mous:

Count me among the detractors:

Boo, hiss, boo!

Excellent. Now I won't be ... (Below threshold)

Excellent. Now I won't be so reluctant to link specific entries in emails or on my site.

Sorry Anon Y. Mous. It's j... (Below threshold)

Sorry Anon Y. Mous. It's just not possible to please everyone. All I can do it try to make things better for the maximum number of folks.

Count me amongst the detrac... (Below threshold)

Count me amongst the detractors as well. (BOO HISS)

It seems popular, but I, for one, will be reading far fewer comments now.

Ha! You know, Wizbang elimi... (Below threshold)
Uhm, not Lee - really:

Ha! You know, Wizbang eliminating the inline comments is just another typical, blatantly biased example of conservati... Huh? Stop? Why?


Hold on, don't interrupt me now -- Can't you see I'm in the middle of a rant?!?!

Why should I stop?

It is?

It doesn't?

Not at all?


I'm out of time right now, got to run...

Well, since bitchin' & moan... (Below threshold)
Anon Y. Mous:

Well, since bitchin' & moanin' didn't do the trick, I think I'll try some constructive criticism. How about if you have both: the main link would go to your current setup, with an alternate link for those who prefer the inline comments. I don't know how much trouble it would be to implement and maintain, but I would certainly be happy. :)

Everything is a trade-off. ... (Below threshold)

Everything is a trade-off. People want to raise the CAFE mileage standards on motor vehicles to save energy, but increased mileage has been largely achieved by reducing weight. Less weight in the engine and drive train is great, but when the body and frame becomes lighter, there are safety issues.

In this case, a very minor convenience (IMHO) has been sacrificed for major leap in loading speed.

Good choice!






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