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Tornadoes Ravage New Orleans - Again

I'm beginning to think we ticked somebody off....


First the Corps of Engineers destroyed 85% of the city - with an assist going to Katrina in the box score. Then we had The Fires... Then came the Tornadoes ripping up things all over town. All that was followed by KILLER BEES.

Now MORE tornado(es) have touched down in New Orleans cutting a 4-5 mile swath through the already hurting city.

(Early reports indicate...)
One woman was killed and her daughter severely injured when their FEMA trailer was picked up and thrown hundreds of feet. A hotel in Westwego had the roof torn off and the walls collapsed. - Amazingly no one in the hotel was reported killed.


The tornado(es) started on the Westbank of the Mississippi River then crossed the river, going through the Carrollton area, thru Gentilly and to the lake. Dozens of schools are closed, apparently (still early reports) hundreds of homes where damaged or destroyed and 22,000 are without power.

Injury counts are harder to get because we lost 6 (or was it 8?) hospitals in Katrina so people have to be transported to outlying areas for medical attention.

WWL TV has more including video.

Just another day in paradise.

Comments (25)

Jesus, what's next, locusts... (Below threshold)

Jesus, what's next, locusts?

I'm scared of the day when ... (Below threshold)

I'm scared of the day when frogs start coming out of the lake towards my house. We're (our church along with Teams here to help with Katrina recovery) going down to Gentilly in a few minutes to see if we can help and possibly start feeding people. At least it's not twelve feet of snow!

That weather machine that H... (Below threshold)

That weather machine that Halliburton built is working nicely!

I think it might be time to... (Below threshold)

I think it might be time to move the city to the outskirts of Chicago. You wont get tornados, floods, killer bees or hurricanes when it's 30 below.

What did you expect? The fe... (Below threshold)

What did you expect? The feds moved a bunch of trailers into the area!!
Trailers = tornado magnets
Therefore, it was a bush plan to further punish NO!!

Bush: Time to send the 10 p... (Below threshold)

Bush: Time to send the 10 pound hail stones and kill the first born of New Orleans.

Cheney: Yes master.

I heard from the Middle Eas... (Below threshold)

I heard from the Middle East news sources that Allah sent the hurricane.

But then Jesus sent that earthquake with a "right back at ya".

I can't wait for the next return volley.

Think I'm kidding?......just wait........

Voodoo.... (Below threshold)


This tornado and the ones t... (Below threshold)

This tornado and the ones that hit Florida both happened at night, true? Isn't that unusual - that they would hit at night?

Not sure. In 1986 three to... (Below threshold)

Not sure. In 1986 three tornados ripped through Tyngsboro Massachusetts, where I grew up, at night.

It may be unsual, but not unprecidented.

Isn't that unusual - tha... (Below threshold)

Isn't that unusual - that they would hit at night?

No. What makes you think that is unusual?

"No. What makes you thin... (Below threshold)

"No. What makes you think that is unusual?"

A mistaken perception, I guess.

Lee, "This tornado and the ... (Below threshold)

Lee, "This tornado and the ones that hit Florida both happened at night, true? Isn't that unusual - that they would hit at night?".....Living in tornado alley off and on for 30 years, it's VERY unusual. Though the last big one we had came just before sunset which was odd. Then the Kansas-Oklahoma tornado belt became mostly quiescent. It's moved east with meaner and bigger twisters. And more unpredictable.

So if JR is saying their no... (Below threshold)

So if JR is saying their not unusual for the past decade, he's right, but before then it would be an afternoon occurrance.

I'm sorry bryanD, but there... (Below threshold)

I'm sorry bryanD, but there is nothing to suggest that tornadoes at night are unusual.

So if JR is saying their not unusual for the past decade, he's right

Of course you could go back to April of 1974 when the "super outbreak" occured across the midwest. 18 hours of continuous tornadic activity starting at 1PM ending at 7AM. I guess the sun was shining all night long back then.

I'm shocked that a person from tornado alley would forget such a thing.

Different areas have differ... (Below threshold)

Different areas have different "normal hours" for tornados. In southern NJ and eastern PA, when we get them, they come with the violent thunder storms that hit us in the summer evenings.

DO I have you aqttention no... (Below threshold)

DO I have you aqttention now? Can you hear me?


Because let me tell you, I am sick and tired of trying to get through to you idiots. I mean, I tried being nice. You really don't think the Saints were THAT good do you?

SO here are my demands:
1. If you re-elect that imbecile Nagin again, be prepared for more of the same. The man is not smart enough to pour piss/American beer out of a boot.

2. Drop the price of Hurricanes to $1 during Mardi Gras is all it is going to have 35 alcohol molecules in it. You can raise the price if you actually put undiluted rum in, you cheap bastards.

3. Hooter and Pooter flashing are okie-dokie. New dispansation. But remember guys, look, don't touch.

4. Beware of women with the initials "AM". I know diseases you don't even have names for yet, and she might have a couple.

5. Would it kill you to send a prayer that doesn't start with "Help!"

Jesus, what's next, locu... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Jesus, what's next, locusts?

You're addressing the Lord? Hmmm, and here I thought you were an atheiest.

The proper atheiest remark would be: "Geezus, what's next, locust?"

(Relax. I'm kidding...)

Actually, I think the sun turning black is next on the "seven seals" list after tornadoes...

Can we save the "humor" for... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

Can we save the "humor" for another post?
Sorry...to me..there is nothing funny about loss of life, injuries, loss of property....and the fear that takes place during a tornado...

Nogo postal, Tha... (Below threshold)

Nogo postal,
Thank you for your post. I really appreciate it. As for Yahweh, Paul - I will leave him up to you.

Heralder wrote:... (Below threshold)

Heralder wrote:

You wont get tornados, floods, killer bees or hurricanes when it's 30 below.

I can attest that from 1965 to 1983 (perhaps except during Hurricane Betsy, which I was all of 9 days old when it hit NOLA on 9 Sept 1965) there was only one tornado that I knew of to touch down in the local area, about a half mile away from our place in lower St. Bernard Parish in 1982 (near the old PGT Beauregard HS). It touched down around 10am, and I managed to sleep through it.

That being said, though, I was honestly shocked to learn that there is an actual weather condtion called thundersnow. The Weather Channel reported that condition in the US Midwest during the winter of 1992, which is where I first heard of it. Given that "normal" thunderstorms require a lot of heat for lightning, along with heavy precipitation, atmospheric conditions for lightning discharges from cloud to ground almost always occur during a "summer" storm.

But with thundersnow, you get lightning in the middle of a snowstorm.


Imagine playing in a nice, innocent looking snow storm, then suddenly getting your a$$ fried by a lightning bolt. Who needs frogs or locusts?

That being said, NOLA doesn't need a plague of frogs or locusts. We already have Formosan termites, which will eventually eat every structure from the inside out. It's just a matter of time. When I attended grad school at Tulane ten years ago, someone was nearly killed when a large branch of a Live Oak tree on St. Charles Street fell onto the roof of their car without warning. The branch fell because it was eaten up from the inside by the termites. And the largest infestation of Formosan termites in NOLA back in 1998 was at the Algiers Library on the Westbank, at an estimated 70 million termites in the single structure.

What the hurricanes and tornadoes don't destroy, the Formosan termites will eat. The remainder will be left for the looters. Thundersnow will strike the refugees as they head to Ohio and Kentucky.

Come to think of it, frogs and locusts might not be so bad after all...

You're addressing the Lo... (Below threshold)

You're addressing the Lord? Hmmm, and here I thought you were an atheiest.

Irony is my god.

Or maybe I was talking about this guy.

'Tornados' not 'tornado's' ... (Below threshold)

'Tornados' not 'tornado's' - that possessive will get you, or so it seems.

Not complaining, just noting. not a troll, not upset, just...

feel like an old english teacher. Where the hell are these people learning their grammar these days?


Awh crap Brian....... (Below threshold)

Awh crap Brian....

That stings. That double stings. Improper apostrophe use is one of my personal pet peeves in life so that really hurts.

That and your/you're. Seeing people do it wrong just makes me crazy.

In my defense, I was running out the door as I hit publish and I must have "known" something was wrong because I called Kevin voice and asked him to proofread it for me.

So it's really his fault. lol


mantis:Former Menudo... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Former Menudo member? Now a NASCAR driver? What a career!


I always find it handy to blame/make a scapegoat out of the proofreader for my mistakes in my job. I applaud you for the deflection. lol (My pet peeve: ellipses.)

To those who think the use of humor is inappropriate:

While the tornadoes and the loss of life were no doubt tragic (especially in the wake of Katrina), having sense of humor in a time of tragedy is often the best and only way to keep one's sanity in tact.






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