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Headline Of The Day - Get A First Life Edition

John Edwards goes for the critical flying penis vote

Fark, linking to Wonkette, who links to a ZDNet story about the John Edwards campaign outpost in the virtual world Second Life. The "flying penis" reference is to this interview with virtual world magnate Anshe Chung which was repeatedly interrupted by animated flying penises.

Bonus Quote: From the original source - Second Life New:

There are other issues that Rote and the Edwards campaign staff believe will translate well to the virtual world of SL. "Homelessness is another big [issue]," Rote commented. "We can use SL to bring attention to the problem of homelessness in America, maybe by giving away virtual homes to residents. It's a way to engage people and make them consider real problems in a fun way without making light of the seriousness of the problem."

Did I mention how much I'm looking forward to the primary season?

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I'm assuming your headline ... (Below threshold)

I'm assuming your headline is in reference to this site, which is hilarious.

It's a way to enga... (Below threshold)
It's a way to engage people and make them consider real problems in a fun way without making light of the seriousness of the problem."

Former Edwards campaign blogger Amanda Marcotte may not view flying peni as "fun"...but then, given her stated views on men, a penis flying at her is probably the last thing she needs to worry about.

Edwards is batting 0-2 in t... (Below threshold)

Edwards is batting 0-2 in the "new media" world. He's getting bad advice from somewhere...

I think the real news here ... (Below threshold)

I think the real news here is that Kevin is a Total Fark subscriber. :)

The left wing keep refering... (Below threshold)

The left wing keep refering to the 'homeless' in America. Does anyone know a homeless person in America?

There are quite a few Scapi... (Below threshold)

There are quite a few Scapiron.

"Giving away virtual homes"... (Below threshold)
Cousin Dave:

"Giving away virtual homes"? What for, to keep out of the virtual rain? Surely this isn't for real. But if it is, it's got to be the absolute pinnacle of liberal meaningless gestures.

I guess that would explain ... (Below threshold)

I guess that would explain why I keep getting arrested every time I go outside with my virtual clothes on.

Can I pay my bill with a vi... (Below threshold)

Can I pay my bill with a virtual ckeck?

Yes jhow66, but then we'll ... (Below threshold)

Yes jhow66, but then we'll have to put you in virtual jail.

a couple of points...... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

a couple of points...
1...young folks under 25 understand..even if we do not..outside of your local College Republicans..what are Republicans doing to woo young voters...
Obama kinda is with his my face outreach but his website is weak..other candidates will try to catch up where Edwards has already been..the under 25's had their highest participation in the last election..anyone writing them off..will lose..

2. ah Scrap..if we don't know a homeless person they don't exist? Are we awake walking through a dream life? Are we dreaming walking through this life?..
We may disagree on many things and yes trade barbs..however I respect your philosophical depth..

however I respect your p... (Below threshold)
John Irving:

however I respect your philosophical depth..


Nogo,It will only ... (Below threshold)


It will only help him if the folks on Second Life are superficial enough or dumb enough to think that a man who builds himself mansion that makes Hearst's Xanadu look understated is really that concerned about the homeless. He's made some virtual homes for the homeless that don't exist in Second Life (homeless don't have broadband)... but what has he done in the real world? If he had real world cred to back this up, it may work. It would work for someone like Carter who is well known for building homes and related out reach. The Brecht Girl? Not so much.

Maybe the Republicans in Co... (Below threshold)

Maybe the Republicans in Congress can help the homeless protect their virtual homes with that virtual fence they keep talking about.

Is he really advocating giv... (Below threshold)

Is he really advocating giving non-existent homes in a virtual world away to people who don't have real homes and can't access the virtual world see their new, non-real homes? If true it boggles the mind at just how shallow and and utterly stupid that is.

Is he really advocating ... (Below threshold)

Is he really advocating giving non-existent homes in a virtual world away to people who don't have real homes and can't access the virtual world see their new, non-real homes?

They may be that dumb, but I'm guessing it has more to do with people without homes in the SecondLife world. Real estate in SL costs real-life money (actually game currency is used, but you need to buy that with real money), and most "residents" don't own any land, and are therefore "homeless." Not that this matters, since you can't get cold, go hungry, or die, and if you logout you just disappear.

(No, I don't play SecondLife, but I have checked it out because I like to monitor the progress towards Stephenson's Metaverse)

Heralder: If you know someo... (Below threshold)

Heralder: If you know someone who is homeless the question is why don't you do something to help them? Evidently you are not a very good person yourself. My post was a trick question, I see some homeless on the streets but when they are offered a home they refuse and move on.

If I knew a homeless person they would no longer be homeless and no one in my family would allow someone they know to remain homeless. Several have taken in people until they got back on they're feet. Try it, you might like it. Of course there are few families that three brothers can claim over 50 years of volunteer military service, and on top of my 22 years I have been a volunteer firefighter for 12 years and was a volunteer EMT for 8 years.
People helping people would eleminate all but the volunteer homeless.

It's never been confirmed b... (Below threshold)

It's never been confirmed by an authoritative source, but I heard from several different sites that the push to hire these two may have come from Edwards' wife, who reportedly is a frequent web-surfer over the last couple of years.

One curiosity which inclines me to believe this possibility is that Edwards made no move to discipline or fire his "internet guy" after the cyber-gyno-warrioress-bloggers fiasco. We all wondered why no one bothered to check their archives. Perhaps the "I guy" DID check them, and advise the campaign, but Edwards decided to go with his wife's choice.

He would hardly be the first husband to go along with something his wife thought important, but to which he attached less significance.


Say, though - while we are about giving the homeless "virtual housing," why don't we also give virtual jobs to the unemployed, virtual food to the hungry, virtual love to the lonely - oops, we are doing that last one already, aren't we?

When they let me pay my taxes in virtual dollars, I'll become a believer!






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