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Mitt Romney - Don't Count Him Out

Lorie writes why Rudy Guiliani is a candidate you should consider for president in 2008. I like Rudy. I also like Mitt Romney and believe he's also a candidate you should consider. Terry Michael, a social and economic liberal, writing at The Politico believes the 2008 presidency is Mitt's to lose:

To experience why former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney may be a better than even bet for next Leader of the Free World, point your web browser toward "Mitt TV," the streaming video site of Mitt Romney's presidential exploratory committee.

"Experience" is key here, because you won't get an understanding of his appeal from the print journalism caricature of telegenic (but Mormon) family values conservative (but Mormon) elected in liberal Massachusetts (in spite of being Mormon).

No one else in either party's field of presidential wannabes comes close to Romney's communication skill and executive presence. He makes Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., look like just another charming candidate for high school class president.

For the past year, I have been haranguing the college political journalists I teach with the prediction that Romney is going to get the Republican nomination and will likely be the next president, because Democrats have no farm team of successful governors. And America almost never elects a sitting member of Congress president (only three times in our history, Garfield in 1880, Harding in 1920 and Kennedy in 1960) because voters intuitively know the difference between a legislator and a leader.

But I have been hedging that bet lately, after George Bush drove Republicans over an electoral cliff in November, and because the Talibanic wing of the Republican Party is so out of sync with the center of the electorate on social and cultural issues. Can anyone wearing an elephant label overcome those liabilities in 2008, even if Democrats can draw a presidential candidate only from their legislative bench?

All of that was before I had actually seen more than a still photo of Romney. But now, having viewed the Mormon (did I mention Mormon?) ex-governor of liberal Massachusetts in digital, virtual reality flesh, every bone in my libertarian Democrat body tells me the presidency is Mitt Romney's to lose.

The images and sounds of the "savior" of the Salt Lake City 2002 Winter Olympics bring to mind former White House press secretary Dee Dee Myers' observation about Bill Clinton: He seduces women, he seduces men, he seduces pets.

Mitt Romney is Bill Clinton with his pants up. And he'll very likely be cast in 2008 ("nominated," if you prefer the political science verb) against Clinton's wife, who has all the seductive qualities of John Kerry in a pants suit.

Intrigued? I was. So I clicked over to Mitt TV and watched Mitt give his speech announcing that he's running for president of the United States of America. I've always liked Mitt and watching him give his speech reinforces why I like him. If you are unfamiliar with Mitt Romney, I suggest you get to know him at Mitt TV.

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My mother in Maine knows re... (Below threshold)
K in RI:

My mother in Maine knows relatively little about Mitt Romney, but in speaking with her last evening...she said she saw his announcement and thought that he was someone she could really vote for in 2008. I've watched him from over the border in RI while he was governor of MA and liked what I saw.

Nice packaging, and a genui... (Below threshold)

Nice packaging, and a genuine article as a human being, for sure.

As a politician, I'm much less sure. I was one of his floor captains during the 1994 convention when we endorsed him for the Senate race against Kennedy. I'm not sure I'd do the same today.

Ask yourself why most of the (tiny band of) Republican legislators are not with him (they split between Giuliani and McCain). It's not him personally -- it's his political persona. There's something there you can't trust.

"The images and sounds o... (Below threshold)
Chris G:

"The images and sounds of the "savior" of the Salt Lake City 2002 Winter Olympics bring to mind former White House press secretary Dee Dee Myers' observation about Bill Clinton: He seduces women, he seduces men, he seduces pets.

Mitt Romney is Bill Clinton with his pants up. And he'll very likely be cast in 2008 ("nominated," if you prefer the political science verb) against Clinton's wife, who has all the seductive qualities of John Kerry in a pants suit."

The entire post is hillarious, especially this passage, but is also true. Romney is smooth. Not sexy like Clinton, just smooth. A Republican in Massachutsettes, is probaly more like a conservative Democrat (fiscal conservative, socially moderate), meaning NARAL and the AFL-CIO are not on the speed dial in the governor's office. But is open to leaving issues like abortion and gay marriage to the legislation, without strenuously advocating either side of the positions.

Congressman make bad presidential candidates because one person can be on record taking 10 differnt positions on the same issue. Especially in this congress where the first instinct is to cater to polls and grandstand for the cameras. This is true for both parties.

Bush got Republicans elected in '04 (while in a tough campaign himself) on tax reform, Soc. Sec. reform, cutting spending, and fighting the war on terror. They not only bailed on all issues, earmarks got even more outrageous, and Republicans took the attitude that lax ethics was an entitlement that was just the cost of doing business. Dems are no different. The entire congress is borderline worthless, and causes more problems than they resolve.

Good presidential stock coms from governors. You have to take a definitive stances on issues and be the CEO of the state. In congress, you can be a member of the armed services or intel committes who independently reviews the same documents as the president, but blame your vote for war because a chimp looking person, intellectually inferior to you, convinced/lied to you so well that you would ignore opposing evidence sitting in front of you.... if the opposing evidence even existed.

The race should be between Democrats Richardson, Vilsak, and Rommney. Maybe throw in Guliani and put him on the ticket as VP. ( A Mormon from Utah and an Italian from Brooklyn on the same ticket? I couldn't make this up if I tried). Any one of them would make good presidents. Send the rest of the clowns home.

As a MA refugee who moved t... (Below threshold)
Phil W:

As a MA refugee who moved to NH, I got to see Mitt in action. He failed to do much as MA governor but that was against a legislature 85% Democratic. Vetos got overidden, but at least, unlike Bush, he used the veto.

I'd happily vote for the guy as CEO of the USA.

The Boston Globe has made his Mormonism a repeated front page issue. Expect the MSM to dwell on his somewhat nutty religious heritage. Amazing the 180 they've taken since JFK ran as a Catholic.

I'll be one of the first he... (Below threshold)

I'll be one of the first here to say Mitt isn't as much of a shoe-in as some might think. Here is are my reasons:

1) Unless they are from the Northeast or are a political junkie the response I get when I talk to people and ask if they'd consider Mitt Romney is "Who?" I'd say that is the response 90%+ of the time.

2) The few who do know of him don't trust him because he is from the Northeast. Not saying that is fair, but he gets lumped into the same pool as Kerry and Kennedy in that respect from people outside that area. Back home (Louisiana for me, Ohio for the wife) this is the number one I've heard in my experience (granted it's a small sample set--but usually a good indicator in the past). Generally, the south and the mid-west folks I've talked just don't think someone from the Northeast has a clue about them or cares about them regardless of political party. You get the same reaction to politicians from the West Coast as well.

3) He needs something , some kind of issue, to get more people to know who he is and helps define him. My personal opinion, play up the religion issue. If he can come across as being witch-hunted because of his being Mormon he'll look like an underdog and a lot of the rest of the country will begin to pay attention to him.

4) I could see him on a ticket as VP with Rudy this time around and then he would have something to build on for a 2012 run.

Just my .02.

Well he's pretty. Other tha... (Below threshold)

Well he's pretty. Other than that i think he has to make up his mind what he stands for before he changes his mind about what he changed his mind about before the first two or three pandering, umm I mean, positions he took before he came out against what he believes he was before before he decided what he meant after he changed his mind.

Whewwww.....what a candidate. he has the best of Edwards - so pretty - and the worst of Kerry - I was before this before I was against it, or was it the other way around?. I'm sure the voters will
fall all over him.

Pro-abort Mormon. (= politi... (Below threshold)

Pro-abort Mormon. (= political whore) Wacky religion whose precepts have been disproven by the Human Genome Project, i.e., that Indians are lost Israelites turned brown by God. This is a clue that Mitt's an open border advocate in diguise. Mexican mestizos are sucessfully evangelized by the LDS by combining Israelitism with native la raza beliefs. A heady brew. Plus, the LDS are Head Counters. The more converts under one's belt, the bigger "god" you'll be in the next life. ps: I know Mitt TV is canned ham, but the guy can act: he looked genuinely touched when the trained seals gave an extra big "Arf!"

Hmmmm... and just when you ... (Below threshold)

Hmmmm... and just when you think that BryanD can't be more bigotted, he proves you wrong.

I do not think anyone from ... (Below threshold)

I do not think anyone from the east coast can win the GOP nomination.

But I will vote for any GOPer except senator MacAss from AZ. Indeed I will vote Kommiecrat is he is the nominee...

ohio voter: just the facts ... (Below threshold)

ohio voter: just the facts ma'am. (+/- 10% for technical errors) Maybe a Mormon could straighten me out, though as an outgrowth of freemasonry, they're usually pretty tight-lipped about doctrine. Known several: very nice people, the family togetherness thing is no schtick. And if you have a very common surname, they can trace the correct "Smith" to you with ease. (Of course, they might rustle your dead relatives to themselves too, but if you don't believe it, who cares!)

BryanD ....I am Mo... (Below threshold)

BryanD ....

I am Mormon.

Your comments about the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints beliefs are inaccurate to start. Since you made up the belief to start with, there is no reason for me to discuss your refuting of those beliefs.

..... they're usually pretty tight-lipped about doctrine

That was pretty funny though. When you have 50,000 missionaries in the field at any given time discussing doctrine in literally dozens and dozens of different languages, it's pretty funny to hear someone claim that you are "tight lipped about doctrine".

Hilarious.....A cult member... (Below threshold)

Hilarious.....A cult member will never be prez in this country. I can't wait to see the new "god" of scientology, tom cruise, campaigning for mitt. Mabey someone will ask mitt if when he dies he will become god of his own planet somewhere in the universe.

Can't believe Mrs. Christian, Kim Priestap would support a canidate from a cult religion. I forgot...what does the bible say about false idols?






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