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Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™

It's Friday, which means it's time for the Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™. Enter your best caption for the following picture:

In fun, someone stood up this fake child's pants and sneakers in a tall snow drift after a heavy snowfall in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, Wednesday, Feb. 14, 2007. (AP Photo/Amy Sancetta)

Winners will be announced Sunday.

Update: Winners announced. Click on the link to read the winning entries. The contest is now closed.


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Comments (116)

Al Gore makes a dramatic en... (Below threshold)

Al Gore makes a dramatic entrance at another of his Global Warming rallies.

"I know the winner of last ... (Below threshold)
retired military:

"I know the winner of last weeks caption contest is in here somewhere, I just have to find them"

To get a different perspect... (Below threshold)

To get a different perspective on global warming,
Al Gore pulls his head out of his ass and tries sticking it up a snowman's ass. Sadly, however, he still can't see the truth for all of the snow.

Al Gore continues to bury h... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Al Gore continues to bury his head in the sand in reference to the realities of global warming.


A pictorial depiction of the democrats stand on winning in Iraq.


John Kerry again insisted that the Secret Service agent pushed him.

I got your global warming -... (Below threshold)

I got your global warming - right here!

I know Kevin's the one who ... (Below threshold)

I know Kevin's the one who picks the winners, but I have to say that the first two entries set one hell of a high standard for the rest. Those are BRILLIANT.
Bravo, guido and retired military.


Just like an ostrich, anoth... (Below threshold)

Just like an ostrich, another Global Warming denier sticking his head in the snow, avoiding the truth.

Asked to confirm or deny th... (Below threshold)

Asked to confirm or deny that he was the man in this 1982 photo taken from a party in the "Little Bogota" section of Chicago, Barack Obama replied with a stern "No comment."

DRUDGEBREAKING: Congressman... (Below threshold)

DRUDGEBREAKING: Congressman William Jefferson caught on tape on another fundraising junket. Developing...

Worst V-Day celebration ... (Below threshold)

Worst V-Day celebration ever.

John Kerry: "D-mn Secret Se... (Below threshold)

John Kerry: "D-mn Secret Service Agents!"

A Hillary Clinton campaign ... (Below threshold)

A Hillary Clinton campaign staffer looks for yet another way to 'explain' her vote supporting OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM.

Leads are beginning to come... (Below threshold)

Leads are beginning to come in on the Al Gore sexusl assault case. Police have 2 elk, 4 reindeer and a moose in custody.

New sequel movie starring B... (Below threshold)

New sequel movie starring Billy Crystal and Danny Devito.
Throw the Zombie from the Train.

A German 'boarder gives the... (Below threshold)

A German 'boarder gives the Frenchman who tripped him the European version of the finger.

Frosty the SnowLegs was a v... (Below threshold)

Frosty the SnowLegs was a very happy .........

Undeterred, John Edwards sc... (Below threshold)

Undeterred, John Edwards scans the resumes to fill his newly opened blogmaster position.

Trailer to the new 2007 Blo... (Below threshold)

Trailer to the new 2007 Blockbuster, starring Hillary Rodham Clinton, Throw Obama From The Train.

Surge!... (Below threshold)


The thawing of J. Howard Ma... (Below threshold)

The thawing of J. Howard Marshall begins to clear up exactly whom is the father of Anna Nicole's baby.

Red-Neck Snow Blower... (Below threshold)

Red-Neck Snow Blower

Red-Neck Snow Blower... (Below threshold)

Red-Neck Snow Blower

Jimmy Carter agrees to a de... (Below threshold)
gdb in central Texas:

Jimmy Carter agrees to a debate at Emory University.

Lacking mud, Senate Democra... (Below threshold)
Dave Mueller:

Lacking mud, Senate Democrats use the next best thing

Hillary Clinton gets caught... (Below threshold)

Hillary Clinton gets caught in an Obama-lanche

Page 47 of "Dreams of My Fa... (Below threshold)

Page 47 of "Dreams of My Father", Barack Obama admits to "dabbling" in cocaine...

"Cleveland rocks, Cleve-mmm... (Below threshold)

"Cleveland rocks, Cleve-mmmfff mmmfff!!!"

The Mac guy from the "I'm a... (Below threshold)

The Mac guy from the "I'm a Mac... and I'm a PC" commercials never envisioned the extremes to which the new Vista Defender program was capable.

"I never fall! That S.O.B.... (Below threshold)
Cousin Dave:

"I never fall! That S.O.B. mogul cut me off!"

February 2007: Using the AT... (Below threshold)

February 2007: Using the ATM in Buffalo, NY.

Al, figuring out that peopl... (Below threshold)

Al, figuring out that people didn't clearly hear him talking out of his ass, tried a new approach--and ran headlong into his biggest proof against global warming yet.

The Ski Patrol really hates... (Below threshold)

The Ski Patrol really hates the new "Avalanche Victim" gag gift.

"I....can't....<i... (Below threshold)



Amanda Marcotte finds herself on the "outs" with the John Edwards campaign.


There are no limits as to what Hillary Clinton will do for a campaign contribution.


FOUND: Shia cleric Moqtada al-Sadr's hiding place!

Yet another angry war prote... (Below threshold)

Yet another angry war protestor gets tossed from the "town hall meeting" by Hillary's secret service detail.

They told me this Gaia babe... (Below threshold)

They told me this Gaia babe was really hot and getting hotter. It turns out she's actually frigid. Just damn.

Global Warming Skeptic: "Th... (Below threshold)

Global Warming Skeptic: "They told me to take my head out of the sand, so I did. Now look where it is!"

Al Gore's latest public tal... (Below threshold)

Al Gore's latest public talk on global warming was cancelled today due to cocaine.

Ahhh, spring is nigh. <br /... (Below threshold)

Ahhh, spring is nigh.
Last season's moonbat crop is begining to sprout, brain first, through the snow.

HEY AL GORE WHERE ARE YOU T... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:


"That went well..."... (Below threshold)

"That went well..."

First, he lost his hat, the... (Below threshold)

First, he lost his hat, then the acting gigs dried up. Summer was a real bitch, and after the crack, heroin, and reforming with ordinary tap instead of distilled water it's clear he has really hit rock bottom. Next on "Where Are They Now? -- Frosty The Snowman."

Al Gore is seen responding ... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

Al Gore is seen responding to the real world in the only way he knows how.

A cold day in AL... (Below threshold)
Usful Ijit:

A cold day in AL

Unless you're a Hollywood s... (Below threshold)

Unless you're a Hollywood starlet, this is as close as you're going to get to the experience of kissing Hillary.

V for Victory in the Global... (Below threshold)

V for Victory in the Global Warming debate

High dive winner in the Esk... (Below threshold)
Usful Ijit:

High dive winner in the Eskimo Olympics

June 2007 in upstate New Yo... (Below threshold)

June 2007 in upstate New York. Talk about your inconvenient truths.

Hell's response to a Clinto... (Below threshold)

Hell's response to a Clinton victory.

Frosty's army retaliates fo... (Below threshold)

Frosty's army retaliates for the drubbing it received from the Koreans...

>(Extra points awa... (Below threshold)


(Extra points awarded if you avoid recycling slurs/slams from previous weeks contests.)

Amanda Marcotte; victim of ... (Below threshold)

Amanda Marcotte; victim of a "Right-Wing Snow Machine"

While enjoying a day on the... (Below threshold)

While enjoying a day on the slopes, John Murtha encounters a training squad from the 10th Mountain Division

Ever wonder what happened t... (Below threshold)
LCDR MacKay:

Ever wonder what happened to that Secret Service agent that knocked over Sen. Kerry on the ski slopes? Here's your answer!

An inconvenient snowbank...... (Below threshold)

An inconvenient snowbank...

I still can't find the Demo... (Below threshold)

I still can't find the Democratic plan!

The Minutemen fulfill their... (Below threshold)

The Minutemen fulfill their dream of the all white world.

Pretty tied up hanging upsi... (Below threshold)

Pretty tied up hanging upside down!

John Edwards shows that his... (Below threshold)

John Edwards shows that his feet are firmly planted in the clouds.

Gimme a V... (Below threshold)

Gimme a V

"All your [snow] base are b... (Below threshold)

"All your [snow] base are belong to us!"

(sorry Rance)

Barack Obama just after lig... (Below threshold)

Barack Obama just after lighting up in Nancy Pelosi's office

Gay people show that they a... (Below threshold)

Gay people show that they aren't that fond of Tim Hardaway as well.

"I swear I left that Standa... (Below threshold)

"I swear I left that Standard Form-180 in here someplace!"

John Kerry

"Ah, thank you, Ms. Pelosi.... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

"Ah, thank you, Ms. Pelosi. You've made it much easier for me to put your non-binding resolution in its proper place."

Another Kennedy ski outing ... (Below threshold)

Another Kennedy ski outing saves a babysitter or two, or three...

American taxpayer positioni... (Below threshold)
Vegas Vic:

American taxpayer positioning himself for a Democratic screwing! Line starts in the Back!

Try as he might, Al Gore ca... (Below threshold)

Try as he might, Al Gore can't extricate himself from the truth about global cooling.

When The Village People sta... (Below threshold)

When The Village People started singing "Y.M.C.A.", Tim Hardaway grabbed the "Y" and gave him a pounding that won't soon be forgotten.

It will be a cold day in he... (Below threshold)

It will be a cold day in hell before Democrats call for nothing less than VICTORY IN IRAQ.

Picture procure immediately... (Below threshold)

Picture procure immediately after the Karnak prognostication -- "What do you get when you cross dwarf tossing with Jarts."

"No, no...peace! P-E... (Below threshold)

"No, no...peace! P-E-A-C-E! Ahhh forget it!"

Global Warming has caused t... (Below threshold)
Dave G.:

Global Warming has caused the A-holes to bloom early in our nations capital.

Amanda Marcotte buried in a... (Below threshold)

Amanda Marcotte buried in a snowstorm

"Once again, I'm a victim of the patriarchy"

See Franken!See Fran... (Below threshold)

See Franken!
See Franken Run!
See Franken Crater!
See Franken withdraw.....

Main Stream Media: Murtha g... (Below threshold)
First Alaskan Man:

Main Stream Media: Murtha gives stirring rendition of God Bless America

"See?! I'm still Qu... (Below threshold)

"See?! I'm still Queen C--- of F--- Mountain!!!"

"OK, I'm ready. Just try <... (Below threshold)

"OK, I'm ready. Just try not to hit the crossbar this time."

"Alright...now just attach ... (Below threshold)

"Alright...now just attach those rubber bands to my ankles..."

"I shot my eye out!"... (Below threshold)

"I shot my eye out!"

"Seriously, light the match... (Below threshold)

"Seriously, light the match and I'll show you what happens..."

"The brakes on this sled ar... (Below threshold)

"The brakes on this sled are a bit touchy."

"How many times have I told... (Below threshold)

"How many times have I told you to check the water before diving into the pool?"

The winter quarter meeting ... (Below threshold)

The winter quarter meeting of the 'Make A Wish' Foundation is off to a good start.

After Israel nukes Iran cre... (Below threshold)

After Israel nukes Iran creating a 'Nuclear Winter', the 12th Iman appears.

Just remember. Global warmi... (Below threshold)

Just remember. Global warming causes global cooling. SEE! Just look at this warming all over the place!

With aspirations of winning... (Below threshold)
retired military:

With aspirations of winning the Presidency and snowball in hand John Edwards attempts to find hell.

First, he forgets his Snowb... (Below threshold)

First, he forgets his Snowboard. Second, he can't understand simple ski-lift safety rules. Speedy..... you're a real "Captain Thought Process".

The Democrats' plan to make... (Below threshold)

The Democrats' plan to make the problem in Iraq "go away"

OJ Simpson continues his ne... (Below threshold)

OJ Simpson continues his never-ending search for the 'real killer'

Trying out for a Congressio... (Below threshold)

Trying out for a Congressional Page. . .

(Sorry, that was horribly inappropriate)

A funny thing happened on t... (Below threshold)

A funny thing happened on the way to the Global Warming Hearings...

"...in other news, Britney ... (Below threshold)

"...in other news, Britney Spears lost all her hair in this freak accident today..."

Clintonese for Hummidor.</p... (Below threshold)

Clintonese for Hummidor.

Confucius say, woman who sn... (Below threshold)

Confucius say, woman who snowboard upside down, have crack up.

In spite of catastrophic gl... (Below threshold)

In spite of catastrophic global warming, a moonbat liberal Democrat must dig through several inches of snow to stick his head in the sand....

"I'm gonna kill that ground... (Below threshold)

"I'm gonna kill that groundhog when I find him!"

OJ Simpson continues his... (Below threshold)

OJ Simpson continues his never-ending search for the 'real killer'

LOL Logan!

Roger congratulated himself... (Below threshold)
Steven L.:

Roger congratulated himself on avoiding the Cheney hunting trip, but belatededly realized he had accepted the ski invitation . . .


With his refridgerator confiscated by the FBI, William Jefferson had to continually find new ways of hiding cash.

The first day of the new Winter X Games competition, or, as Tony Hawke liked to call it, "Weeding-Out Day," had officially begun.

Snow Bank Deposit.... (Below threshold)

Snow Bank Deposit.

Reporters kept pondering Bi... (Below threshold)

Reporters kept pondering Bill's role in a new Clinton White House, but Hillary had her own plans for him.

Hey Al! Is this inconvenie... (Below threshold)

Hey Al! Is this inconvenient, or what?

Ted Kennedy carries the bal... (Below threshold)

Ted Kennedy carries the ball on the Iraq debate.

John Kerry prepares to give... (Below threshold)
Anon Y. Mous:

John Kerry prepares to give a speech in his native tongue.

Sound check. Sound check. I... (Below threshold)
Anon Y. Mous:

Sound check. Sound check. Is this thing on?

Frosty the Snowman gets a f... (Below threshold)

Frosty the Snowman gets a facial!

In the hopes of wooing rich... (Below threshold)
retired military:

In the hopes of wooing rich voters Sen HIillary Clinton demonstrates why there should be a "ski lift passenger Bill of Rights"

The future result of Al Fra... (Below threshold)

The future result of Al Franken's senatorial election bid.

Lake affect my ass!<... (Below threshold)

Lake affect my ass!

Typical Air America listene... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Typical Air America listener.

Al Gore showcases his scien... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Al Gore showcases his scientific evidence that global warming is real by comparing the ground temperature under the snow bank and the temperature on top of the snow bank.


Al Gore in his latest documentary

"Where The Artic Ice Packs Went"


Diane Sawyer -

"The following picture shows the remains of a PETA volunteer who attempted to save a polar bear stranded on melting ice flows. Once the polar bear had finished eating he swam to the nearest artic ice sheet which was 50 feet away and has not been seen since."

"Ms. Spears? Britney? Is th... (Below threshold)

"Ms. Spears? Britney? Is that you?"

Despite this police photo, ... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Despite this police photo, Mayor Marion Barry, who claimed entrapment, was reelected for another term as DC Mayor.

MArion Barry's re-election ... (Below threshold)
Steven L.:

MArion Barry's re-election campaign hit yet another small snag Monday . . . .

Drat. Beaten to it.... (Below threshold)
Steven L.:

Drat. Beaten to it.

San Francisco pet shop owne... (Below threshold)

San Francisco pet shop owners can earn up to $10 more per gerbil if they are properly trained. Mary, of "Gerbils R Us" demonstrates proper technique to his inventory of rodents.

Update: <... (Below threshold)

Update: Winners announced. Click on the link to read the winning entries. The contest is now closed.






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