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Someone Should Have Stayed In Rehab...


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14:5614:5714:... (Below threshold)

* buzz *

Her 15 minutes of fame are up. I hope.

I predict with in six month... (Below threshold)
U.P. Man:

I predict with in six months she releases a album that will be praised by the left.

The same group that voted for the Dixie Chicks.

Britney who?Yawn!<... (Below threshold)
Bob Jones:

Britney who?


I predict she'll be swappin... (Below threshold)

I predict she'll be swapping spit and rubbing fuzz with Sinéad O'Connor in their next duet debut.

Where'd you get the picture... (Below threshold)

Where'd you get the picture of Lieutenant Ilya?

I thought V'ger still had her.

Lee, I was thought she look... (Below threshold)

Lee, I was thought she looked more like Boy George than Sinead.

What is/was this girl thinking?

At least now the curtains m... (Below threshold)

At least now the curtains match the carpet...

Gack.... (Below threshold)


If... if a person were faci... (Below threshold)

If... if a person were facing a custody battle and was worried about a drug use history, what better way to dispose of the evidence than by cutting off the forensic evidence of drug abuse history?

Just asking...

(edited)If... if a... (Below threshold)


If... if a person were facing a custody battle and was worried about a drug use history, what better way to dispose of the evidence than by cutting it off? (hair contains the forensic evidence of a drug abuse history)

Just asking...

Jesus God. It's Anna Nicol... (Below threshold)

Jesus God. It's Anna Nicole II.

Britney Spears and Anna Nic... (Below threshold)

Britney Spears and Anna Nicole Smith are perfect examples of what happens when poor white trash is suddenly given a bunch of money.

This monster was made. By ... (Below threshold)

This monster was made. By that I mean she was turned into what she is in part by her mother and in part by a fans & media that encouraged a 16 year girl to act like a partygirl stripper with no consequences (at least when she was still relatively hot).

jpm100, the fans and media ... (Below threshold)

jpm100, the fans and media didn't "force" her to do anything. If you go back and read some of her comments from early on in her career, you'll see this was in her from the beginning. The record company tried to downplay it for a while.

Anyway, this is sad to see. We are watching a human being self destruct right before our eyes. All this is a cry for help (whether she realizes it or not). Someone close to her needs to drag her into rehab for her own good, before this woman is dead. And that won't be very long the way things are going.

Bald on both ends. What's ... (Below threshold)
La Mano:

Bald on both ends. What's up next to stay in the headlines? We know what Anna Nicole had to do.

Are those Her dark roots... (Below threshold)

Are those Her dark roots showing? Or Her nutroots?

Spears couldn't stand it wh... (Below threshold)

Spears couldn't stand it when the spotlight shifted onto Anna Nicole Smith. So since she didn't have the nerve to die in spectacular fashion, she though long and hard about what she could do to have the spotlight brought back upon her presence.

Release a new hit album? Nah...can't get that.
Star in new crappy movie playing a cheesy t&a character? Nah...that didn't work before.
Flash her privates at waiting paparazzi? Done that.
Shave her head like a hare krishna/Sinead O'Connor wanna be and hang out in a tatoo parlor for almost 2 hours while local law enforcement arrive to handle crowd control? BRILLIANT!!!!

She's definitely trying to outdo Anna Nicole Smith.

Carl, I would agree with yo... (Below threshold)

Carl, I would agree with you except for the past irratic behavior of hers. I just think this is another episode in a progression of events that leds me to believe she is completely out of her head right now. Mariah Carey went thru something similar a few years back and was thankfully able to get some help and pull out of it.

Right now I don't see that happening here.

And another question I have is this: has the Social Services taken her children out of her custody. They need to if they haven't done so already.

I honestly don't know which is scarier anymore: Britney Spears with her children of Michael jackson with his kids (dangling them over a balcony no less).

How's this:I predi... (Below threshold)

How's this:

I predict that within six months, she's a born again Christian.

Proving once again the existence of a forgiving and all powerful God.

Unfortunately, wave, I susp... (Below threshold)

Unfortunately, wave, I suspect she'd more likely to be another dead pop star. I think the demons have a pretty good hold onto her and her "friends."

eps, while I would be with ... (Below threshold)

eps, while I would be with you if I was an oddsman, I am not -- gambling is a vice I do not enjoy -- but all the more reason for putting faith in the proof!

I thought Susan Atkins was... (Below threshold)

I thought Susan Atkins was in jail.

Expert observation: if you... (Below threshold)

Expert observation: if you're a woman and you don't have any neck to speak of, it's best not to shave your head.

Hey, she was in rehab a WHO... (Below threshold)

Hey, she was in rehab a WHOLE DAY, man. Like, they wouldn't even let her use her cell phone, or surf the internet, or drop Ecstasy. It was some kind of like boot camp thing, man, with a bunch of losers sitting around talking about their feelings, and soooo not into Lindsay Lohan's crotch, dude.

And she didn't just like cut it off, you know, she is like donating it to buy thongs for girls in Africa who have to go around, you know, with their bidness hanging out.

Anna Nicole Smith made a go... (Below threshold)
John S.:

Anna Nicole Smith made a good career move. Britney should take notice.

What is/was this girl th... (Below threshold)
Bill M:

What is/was this girl thinking?

Posted by: taz at February 17, 2007 09:46 AM

Assumption. No evidence exists indicating there is any rational thought process taking place anywhere near this young la....person.






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