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24 Thread -- Evil Papa Bauer

I am looking forward to Prison Break as much as I am to "24" tonight, but that is just because I am a sucker for that Wentworth Miller. Anyone who wants to comment on Prison Break, feel free to use this thread.

It looks like Jack Bauer is going to have a showdown with his evil father on tonight's episode of "24." The big question for me is whether or not Jack will find out that Josh is his son. We all know he has to be, right?

Update: Check out a new batch of 24isms.


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Comments (29)

A request... please don't p... (Below threshold)

A request... please don't put spoliers in the title of your 24-related posts. Those of us with TiVo may not quite be ready to learn of "evil papa".

Rush is the worst at that. ... (Below threshold)

Rush is the worst at that. He will start a segment, out of the blue, and blurt-out the biggest surprise of the evening without the common curtsy of a spoiler heads-up. But, what do you expect from Rush, it's all about him.

BarneyG2000Did Rush ... (Below threshold)

Did Rush ruin any 24 details today?

Did Rush ruin any 24 detail... (Below threshold)

Did Rush ruin any 24 details today? Hughs

1) Kind-of hard since it has not run yet (duh)
2) Rush was sick today, something to do with the 1/2 News Show I think.

Rush was not on the air tod... (Below threshold)
robert the original:

Rush was not on the air today, fools.

Now, clear off trolls. Back under the rock.

If Josh is Jack's kid would... (Below threshold)

If Josh is Jack's kid wouldn't that mean he was fooling around with Mrs. Romano while he was fooling around with Nina while he was separated from his wife? Lots of killing fills Jack's closet but I'm not sure about lots of adultery.

Brian,How is "evil p... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

How is "evil papa Bauer" a spoiler? That was not a spoiler unless you are talking about spoiling LAST WEEK's show. In a previous episode, Jack's dad killed Jack's brother, and in the last episode took Josh hostage and threatened his life. I am watching the show right now just like everyone else. Sorry, but I will not agree to not recounting last week's show. A spoiler is when you reveal facts not already known. I don't know anything anyone else who has watched the show doesn't already know.

Two chances to admit patern... (Below threshold)
robert the original:

Two chances to admit paternity, not yet.

The suspense continues to build.

I agree about not thinking ... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

I agree about not thinking Jack was fooling around with everyone. Maybe he and his wife were on a "break" or maybe the kid really isn't his, but there is something going on between Jack and Marilyn that is yet unspoken.

Phillip is really stupid. ... (Below threshold)

Phillip is really stupid. He's tipped his hand to Marilyn and now Josh. Jack knows too. The business that he thinks is so important is only worth something as long as he's alive. He'll be dead soon.

Uh oh. Is he falling off t... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

Uh oh. Is he falling off the wagon.

Does anyone over the age of... (Below threshold)

Does anyone over the age of 16 really believe Altoids work on booze breath?

Dare we hope that this mise... (Below threshold)
robert the original:

Dare we hope that this miserable excuse for a President will be taken out?

But alas I fear, Assad will save the day.

Okay, maybe Josh really isn... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

Okay, maybe Josh really isn't Jack's, but something is going on between Jack and Marilyn.

Joanne,I was thinkin... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

I was thinking the same thing. He certainly won't fool Chloe that easily.

Lorie,You were right... (Below threshold)

You were right. Chloe isn't fooled easily.

Third chance, no.... (Below threshold)
robert the original:

Third chance, no.

Former President Logan? Wha... (Below threshold)

Former President Logan? What the hell?!

No way!!!! They brought ba... (Below threshold)

No way!!!! They brought back Logan!

I never saw that coming!

{ jumping up and down yelling at TV }


Daddy dearest wimps out and gives Jack Logan's phone number?

My head is spinning ... 24 is back!

BTW -> I have no idea where... (Below threshold)

BTW -> I have no idea where Mr Buster came from ... not trying to hide ;)

great episode... (Below threshold)

great episode

That really was a great epi... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

That really was a great episode. I had to pause the DVR and finish watching 15 minutes later. I love DVR. Next week looks pretty good too. I am wanting to know where former First Lady Cleavage and Aaron are.

Lorie: I'll have the list o... (Below threshold)

Lorie: I'll have the list of tonight's 24isms up soon...

Remember, this episode is a... (Below threshold)

Remember, this episode is about 2-3 years LATER than last year's final episode. Logan could've served a couple years and maybe escaped or ended his (much too short) term, OR, maybe it's just the style of this great show - to let us figure out how he got out or where he's been for the last couple of years. I'm wondering when Bill Bucanan's wife is going to show up again. Probably the last episode, since this is just one day in time. I'm a little bit worried about Morris, but I really like him and hope he'll be okay.

What the hell, I thought Ed... (Below threshold)

What the hell, I thought Edgar was Jack's son.....

I think Jack was in China f... (Below threshold)

I think Jack was in China for 18 months so Logan must have cut a deal or perhaps got a pardon to save the country, blah , blah.

How come Marylin gave Jack the address of Redenko early, Jack called in a CTU team. The real address couldn't have been far from the house that was blown up. Yet, Jack had Marylin call his father and set up a meeting, went to the hotel, flirted, and the CTU team was just getting ready to hit Redenko's house. You think Phillip realizes that if he kills Jack, Josh, and with Graem dead that Kim will inherit everthing? Way to protect the company, moron!

What I didn't get was why t... (Below threshold)

What I didn't get was why there were two references to Graem that made it sound like he was still alive, and was killed in the bomb ambush. Can anyone explain that?

How is "evil papa Bauer"... (Below threshold)

How is "evil papa Bauer" a spoiler? That was not a spoiler unless you are talking about spoiling LAST WEEK's show.

I AM talking about last week's show. Do you know what TiVo is? Many people have several weeks of shows backed up. All I asked was you not put spoilers IN THE TITLE of your post, since that's what we read to determine whether to read the rest of the post. In the text of the post, put all the spoilers you want. It's just common courtesy to title them something like "24 this week: spoilers". I mean, it's not like this is "Wizbang 24" where I should EXPECT spoilers. Sheesh, just askin' you to do what the rest of the 'net does.

I do know what Tivo is, tho... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

I do know what Tivo is, though I don't have one. I do have DVR though and love it. I just didn't know that any "24" fan could wait more than a week to watch a recorded episode. I couldn't, but I am impatient. Since everyone else on the net doesn't post spoilers from previous weeks' shows I will consider following suit. Help me though, how many weeks does everyone else on the net not post spoilers? Is it is okay to note in a post title that Jack is back from China, for example? Or does it only apply to the past two or three weeks?






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