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Joyce Hatto - one of the greatest pianists Britain has ever produced - or not

This is an amazing story of fakery at a classical music record label. All of Joyce Hatto's recordings were copies of CD's made by other musicians.

Jessica Duchen has this under the headline OMG...was Joyce Hatto faked?:

Breaking news on Gramophone's website reveals one of the most extraordinary stories to have come our way, ever. ...

A few years ago, Gramophone's critics began to rave about an unknown British pianist, a lady named Joyce Hatto...

The engineer checking the waves thought the Godowsky, so glowingly reviewed, sounded a little odd. Sure enough, it turned out that the recording had been 'stretched' by 15.112 per cent ... When the 'stretch' was undone, the soundwaves proved identical with a recording by Carlo Grante. And her Rachmaninov piano concertos recordings? Yefim Bronfman on Sony.

From the Gramophone web site, :

Several days ago, another Gramophone critic decided to listen to a Hatto Liszt CD, of the 12 Transcendental Studies. He put the disc into his computer to listen, and something awfully strange happened. His computer's player identified the disc as, yes, the Liszts, but not a Hatto recording. Instead, his display suggested that the disc was one on BIS Records, by the pianist Lászlo Simon. Mystified, our critic checked his Hatto disc against the actual Simon recording, and to his amazement they sounded exactly the same.

Milli Vanilli redux?

Update: Hatto's husband & producer claims fake but accurate - not really, but he tells the Telegraph: My wife's virtuoso recordings are genuine

The classical music producer accused of releasing recordings by virtuoso pianists under his wife's name has insisted that they are authentic.

William Barrington-Coupe brought out more than 100 CDs of performances supposedly given by his wife, Joyce Hatto, many of which were hailed as masterpieces by critics....
James Inverne, the editor of Gramophone, said: "We stand by our evidence. We're not accusing anyone, we're just stating that these recordings are identical to others.

Let's see, "denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance." Step one is done.

Comments (5)

Smilin' Joe Biden might hav... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

Smilin' Joe Biden might have been the producer.

Holy fishpaste. This is to... (Below threshold)

Holy fishpaste. This is too weird by miles. Now I want to go through back issues of BBC Music Magazine to see if this "talent" was ever profiled.

Did she ever perform live? ... (Below threshold)

Did she ever perform live?

It is absolutely incredible... (Below threshold)

It is absolutely incredible they thought they could get away with it in today's world.

The con artist is successful because his mark WANTS to believe.

Must have gotten all that a... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

Must have gotten all that advice on how to fake it from AL GORE






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