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Airline Security Down Under done in

A couple of Aussie wags managed to get plane tickets under suspicious-sounding names, which didn't even cause a blink at the last boarding call:

"Mr. Terrorist" will be right along, mate - he's probably just grabbing a Vegamite sandwich . . .

Thanks to My Pet Jawa for the link.

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Now if these fellas would h... (Below threshold)

Now if these fellas would have been 70 year old ladies, all hell would have broke loose.

That was actually hilarious... (Below threshold)

That was actually hilarious. I can't believe they got away with it though. They shouldn't try that at the Portland International Airport. The TSA there gave my son (who was seven) a hard time because I was carrying his boarding pass and he wasn't. I had taken it away after he dropped it twice on the way to the gate. I won;t go into massive details, but the TSA agent got more than ear full from me.

I didn't think it was that ... (Below threshold)

I didn't think it was that clever of a stunt. I'm sure the airline attendant merely thought that these people had unfortunate names which had been given bad connotations by recent world events.

Sorta like having your birthday on 9/11.






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