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Quote Of The Day - Franken "Funnies" Edition

"It's not preppies, cause I'm a preppie myself. I just don't like homosexuals. If you ask me, they're all homosexuals in the Pudding. Hey, I was glad when that Pudding homosexual got killed in Philadelphia."

Al Franken, joking about the 1975 gay-bashing murder of Knight-Ridder newspapers heir John Shivery Knight III to the Harvard Crimson in 1976. Bonus: Franken begs the reporter to put the quote in The Crimson...

Via Inside the Beltway and Minnesota Democrats Exposed.

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Need to bookmark that for h... (Below threshold)

Need to bookmark that for his run for office.

Kevin, KevinThere ... (Below threshold)

Kevin, Kevin

There is this word... and if you have a book called a dictionary it is probably in there. The word you want to look up is "sarcasm". If you ask mom or dad they can help you do it.

If you have never been to Minnesota you may not know that there are a lot of really smart people there that understand big words like "sarcasm".

roflmao "If you have never... (Below threshold)

roflmao "If you have never been to Minnesota you may not know that there are a lot of really smart people..."

Zat so? Two words.

Jesse Ventura.

Liberal! Ah, you slay me:)

Lefties make irresponsible ... (Below threshold)

Lefties make irresponsible hate speech, they are sarcastic, or are satirical. Republicans say the same thing, they are hate mongers. The lefties are in there own world. ww

So, it appears Mr. Franken ... (Below threshold)

So, it appears Mr. Franken is ugly both inside and out. Yuck.

If that is sarcasm, it is a... (Below threshold)

If that is sarcasm, it is at the sickest level.

Franken is sick no matter how you interpret it.

Some people are actually go... (Below threshold)

Some people are actually going to vote for him. That is disturbing on so many levels.

This is why comedians don't... (Below threshold)
Dan Irving:

This is why comedians don't make very good politicians (heck - neither do wrestlers) - you piss off too many people trying to be edgy and if you don't have an edge they make you host Late Night.

I'd love Carlos Mencia. I also love David Chappel. I'd vote for neither as POTUS.

I'm pretty sure he was tryi... (Below threshold)
John Irving:

I'm pretty sure he was trying, not so successfully, to be funny.

But at least he didn't say "macaca."

Lefties make irres... (Below threshold)
Lefties make irresponsible hate speech, they are sarcastic, or are satirical. Republicans say the same thing, they are hate mongers.

You bet. If Franken was conservative, this quote would have been dredged up the day he announced his candidacy, plastered over the front pages of the Washington Post and NY Times, debated back and forth for weeks in MSM punditland, and everywhere he went, Franken would have been dogged by reporters, demanding that he (a) explain himself, (b) apologize, (c) justify his existence, and (d) grovel before various msm-approved victims groups.

But Franken is a Democrat, so none of this will ever happen. The quote will get some play on talk radio, and maybe Fox News will do a story or two on it, but that will be about it.

The exiration date of that ... (Below threshold)

The exiration date of that quote happened when parachute pants were in fashion.

Cripes, think people might change a tad in 30 years?

Mundane, tell that to Strom... (Below threshold)

Mundane, tell that to Strom Thurmond, Clearance Thomas, GW Bush, etc. You proved my point exactly. Democrats change over the years but republicans are viewed the same by lefties. Hypocritical and pathetic. ww

Cripes, think peop... (Below threshold)
Cripes, think people might change a tad in 30 years?

And by people, you mean Democrats, right? Because, I don't remember many on the left making the same argument as the press dredged up one rumor after another about George W. Bush: cocaine use, fortunate son, drunk driving arrest, et cetera.

Cut him some slack!..He had... (Below threshold)

Cut him some slack!..He had an epiphany sitting beside Jeane G all those hours!..

Course, I'm SURE MunDane has some recent comments by Franken that shows his attitude has changed!

Why do I have a problem BELIEVING Minnesota gives a damn about his Gay hating anyway.

Al Franken needs to apologi... (Below threshold)
Mike N:

Al Franken needs to apologize, and publicly seek treatment for his homophobic remarks. This is lame that every preposterous thing he says is written off as a failed joke. "He's a comedian after all! This is Minnesota humor!"

Question for those who repl... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Question for those who replied "it's just sarcasm": then shouldn't it be funny?

I get the over the top bit. Blah, blah, blah. But joking about a real murder? Come on...

That said, I don't think he should apologize for something he said 32 years ago. If any of us had to apologize for off-color and stupid jokes we said 32 years ago, well, we'd all be singing a different tune. Chalk up Franken's lame, psuedo-intellectual and juvenile attempt to be humorously sarcastic as a miserable failure and let it go...

Well, there's the humor you... (Below threshold)

Well, there's the humor you find in magazines like "Highlights for Kids", and the humor you find in Hustler magazine. I would hope a politican would be able to tell one from the other...

I once heard that Al Franke... (Below threshold)

I once heard that Al Franken is really, really, REALLY resentful that he hasn't been given the "Hasty Pudding" award at Harvard (which lots of famous actors get, like Scarlett Johannsen this year).

What's wrong with disagreei... (Below threshold)

What's wrong with disagreeing with certain people's behavior? Just because some one does not like it makes them phobic?

What a crock of shit. Gays and their agenda to normalize their behavior when the laws of Nature dictate otherwise.

Sarcasm? Oh yeah, I guess ... (Below threshold)

Sarcasm? Oh yeah, I guess Michael Richards and Mel Gibson were being sarcastic too.

Good defense. lol.

Me thinks BillyBob's anger ... (Below threshold)

Me thinks BillyBob's anger management session conflicted with his KKK meeting this week..*smile*

So it's the Gay's AGENDA! That Franken hates!..ok

Wow. I think I may even ... (Below threshold)

Wow. I think I may even like Franken after that comment.

Now, that was sarcasm. Do I also get a pass from the left?

I'd read a bio about Rick N... (Below threshold)

I'd read a bio about Rick Nelson where the author claimed Franken wanted him to do a skit called "Ozzie's Dead" when Nelson hosted SNL,leading Nelson to threaten to A) kick Franke's ass andB) walk off the show.
Instead he a skit about being trapped in the Twilight Zone,going to the Andersen's,then the Ricardo's then the Cleaver's house attempting to find his own.
Ackroyd did his Rod Serling imitation.

yeeeeeee-haaaaaaa! So what... (Below threshold)

yeeeeeee-haaaaaaa! So what's all the whoo-eee? That all sounds pretty good to me! Heck I'm almost a sad I doin't live in Minnesota. I'd probabl vote fer the guy!

The quote in the Crimson is... (Below threshold)
Joe Black:

The quote in the Crimson is said to be "taken out of context" or is "edgy humor" but if you read the original article in the Crimson, you can see that there is no "context" to take the quote out of.

And no, I don't "get" the "joke," either.

And the murder was quite real. Franken was joking about the 1975 gay-bashing murder of Knight-Ridder newspapers heir John Shivery Knight III to the Harvard Crimson in 1976.

Oh, I get it now! Stabbing a Fag! Oh that IS funny! No, wait, it isn't!

Al Franken is homophobic, I am afraid. The idea that his comments "have to be taken in context" is nonsense. This isn't "edgy humor" it is gay-bashing, plain and simple.

And this one quote is not an isolated incident with him.

I remember one of his "Fraken & Davis" skits back in the late 1970's, when I was an impressionable youth.

The duo appear onstage in south seas outfits (complete with grass skirts and coconut bras) to do their "sketch". The "joke" was that Davis picks this time to "come out" on the air and express his love for Al, who spurns his advances.

The overall impression of the act was one of mockery of homosexual impulses, which in 1978, was considered an acceptable form of humor (Johnny Carson loved this form of joke, often at other's expense, such as his long runnin inneunedos about Wayne Newton).

Hey, it was the 1970's, and gay-bashing was all the rage, right?

That's all the "context" you need.

There is a pattern to Franken's behavior. His homophobia is now nicely masked, but still present.

It should be noted also that "SNL" has been unapologically homophobic over the years. Lorne Michaels never heard a gay joke he didn't like. Sketches and cartoons like:
"The Ambiguously Gay Duo"
"Bisexual Minute"
"Gays in Space"
"It's Pat"
"Lyle, the Effiminent Heterosexual"
"She's the Girl wtih No Gaydar!"
etc. etc. etc.
are all pretty typical of the genre.

If you work on a show like that, and you don't say anything or try to change it, then you are part of it. Franken was not only a writer on the show, but later a producer as well.

For a LIBERAL DEMOCRAT to act this way is shocking. Has Franken apologized or anything? NO! He just says "I guess they didn't like the gay joke" (which one?) and says it was "edgy humor" that was "taken out of context."

Al Franken is a dangerous man, because he thinks he is always right about everything, all the time, and he never needs to apologize or change his mind.

And everyone who disagrees with him is a demon or a monster, not someone you can work with in the Senate or draft compromise legislation.

He will be a disaster as a Senator. Even Hillary Clinton learned to get along with her adversaries in the Senate. Al? Forget it!

We don't need more like him in government.

Left-wing facists.






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