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Bush Bashing Performance Art

Tom Elia is following the story of a moonbat performance artist.

According to Reuters, London 'performance artist' Mark McGowan, dressed in a suit and wearing a George Bush mask with a sign on his posterior reading, "Kick My Ass," will offer New Yorkers a chance to kick him during a 72-hour crawl across Manhattan, hoping "his performance proves therapeutic to the city's denizens."
McGowan is not new to moonbat "art." Reuters reports:
McGowan [who] said he does not have any particular political stance on the Republican president ... made his name in Britain with a series of controversial acts including a performance called "Dead Soldier" where he dressed up in army fatigues and lay in the streets for a week. He also crawled 60 miles from London to the town of Canterbury.
Maybe if he really has no particular political stance (I don't know if he does or not), his next project could be walking the streets wearing a Hillary mask and letting people slap him. I am not quite understanding how he could lay (or shouldn't it be "lie"?) in the streets for a week without ending up dead himself. Maybe it is a British street thing that I just don't understand. It will be interesting to see how McGowan does crawling the streets of New York.


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Comments (15)

Yawn. These "people" have ... (Below threshold)

Yawn. These "people" have become so boring and predictable.

However, they do help in furthering along the liberal's growing psycho reputation. So maybe it's a good thing.

so are those who kick McGow... (Below threshold)

so are those who kick McGowan doing so because they don't like Bush... or because they don't like the idea of idiots like McGowan insulting the President?

...or because McGowan is IN... (Below threshold)


This is New York after all.

Lorie: Nice post, ... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:


Nice post, but a word of caution: I believe that there is a federal law that requires at least one exclamation mark immediately following the word "Hillary". If the above is your first lapse, the punishment is an IRS audit, but there will be prison-time for any subsequent failures, so please be careful.

Obviously this McGowan guy ... (Below threshold)
Cousin Dave:

Obviously this McGowan guy is someone who won't stand up for his beliefs...

Could this douche maybe com... (Below threshold)

Could this douche maybe come down to Philly so I can give him a couple kicks? I won't even tell him I don't hate George Bush until I'm done.

That man's going to have on... (Below threshold)
civil behavior:

That man's going to have one sore ass.

He has no idea how much pent up frustration is out there.

too funny! i'll be glad to ... (Below threshold)

too funny! i'll be glad to do it!

"his next project could ... (Below threshold)

"his next project could be walking the streets wearing a Hillary mask and letting people slap him."

For what, Lorie?

Gloat, "slap" has been how ... (Below threshold)
John Irving:

Gloat, "slap" has been how many are referring to Geffen's recent takedown on Hillary.

Please note the right wing, or even the moderates, had nothing to do with this particular incident. It's all y'all.

"Performance Art" is a load... (Below threshold)

"Performance Art" is a load of crap anyway. Since when is wanting attention considered art?

Anyone got the schmuck's it... (Below threshold)

Anyone got the schmuck's itinerary? I'm always up for feeding my Doc Martin's into someone's face (because a proper NYC ass-kicking rarely involves "actual" ass-kicking).

And if his face is already that close to the floor....

If he has no particular pol... (Below threshold)

If he has no particular political stance then maybe he won't mind dressing up in a burka and having people stone stone him?

I wish he would come down h... (Below threshold)

I wish he would come down here. I'd like to kick his ass, hard, a few times.

"This one is for crawling around on the ground like a tool."

"This one is for being a Brit putting your two cents in about our President. We've already kicked your ass before, get over it."

"This one is for thinking you're funny."

"This one is for having no damned idea what 'art' truly is."

"This one is for mocking OUR president."

"This one is for being a moonbat."

"This one is for...."

I wonder if there's a limit...I could do this all day.

I just hope he doesn't wind... (Below threshold)

I just hope he doesn't wind up getting seriously injured. Some New Yorkers when kicking may not be able to restrain their intense indignation. The New Yorkers would really like to kick Osama Been Forgotten, but can't, because Bush gave up trying to find Mr. Been Forgotten, being (in The Chimp's own words) "truly not that concerned" about him.






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