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Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™

It's Friday, which means it's time for the Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™. Enter your best caption for the following picture:

President Bush speaks to reporters while observing ethanol production during a tour of Novozymes North America, Inc., a biotechnology company which produces enzymes for industrial use, Thursday, Feb. 22, 2007, in Franklinton, N.C.. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)

Winners will be announced Sunday.

Update: Winners announced. Click on the link to read the winning entries. The contest is now closed.


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Comments (142)

"AT LAST, we found the WMD ... (Below threshold)
retired military:

"AT LAST, we found the WMD in Iraq"

"Novozymes stock plummetted... (Below threshold)
No One of Consequence:

"Novozymes stock plummetted to an all-time low last week. Analysts were baffled."


"Now boys, when pouring from a flask, remember: pinkies out!"


"It's true... Everyone loves the smell of their own brand"


"President Bush's smile faltered when the researchers triple-dog-dared him to drink the solution"

President Bush displays his... (Below threshold)
retired military:

President Bush displays his urine sample to be tested to prove conclusively to the leftist media that he does not smoke crack.


President Bush displays the latest source of renewable energy - Bottled and condensed hot air from the left. Scientists state that since they have found a way to bottle this vast resource the worlds energy crisis is now over.


President Bush displays the total amount of oil which Al Gore feels we can safely extract without causing harm to the ehnvironment. President Bush stated that if Mr Gore would double the length of his air than this amount would triple in volume.

bAH, typing on a laptop su... (Below threshold)
retired military:

bAH, typing on a laptop sucks. that last one should read

President Bush displays the total amount of oil which Al Gore feels we can safely extract without causing harm to the environment. President Bush stated that if Mr Gore would double the length of his hair than this amount would triple in volume.

Pump and oil man and ya get... (Below threshold)

Pump and oil man and ya get ....

Pump an oil man and ya get ... (Below threshold)

Pump an oil man and ya get ....


George displays the amount ... (Below threshold)

George displays the amount of venom recovered from the last Clinton/Obama tirade.

More botox Nancy?... (Below threshold)

More botox Nancy?

Bend over Murtha, I've got ... (Below threshold)

Bend over Murtha, I've got your surge right here.

GW. Hey Dick... (Below threshold)
Rob LA Ca.:


Hey Dick, Look! it's the cure for BDS.


That's great! but won't they be miserable not being miserable?

It's the secret ingredient ... (Below threshold)

It's the secret ingredient of the Clinton campaign, slime!

"Well we left the fangs int... (Below threshold)

"Well we left the fangs intact, but Helen Thomas won't be lethal again for at least a fortnight."

We've isolated the compound... (Below threshold)

We've isolated the compound that makes Al Gore tick. It's called "bullshit".

Hey, at least it aint a blu... (Below threshold)

Hey, at least it aint a blue bunny suit!

What it will take to get Ba... (Below threshold)

What it will take to get Barry Bonds' urine sample.

He he he , they are goin... (Below threshold)
Rob LA Ca.:

He he he , they are going to have a hard time drooling for power without this.

Once you take out the hype,... (Below threshold)

Once you take out the hype, that's all there is to this Obama feller.

This is why Helen Thom... (Below threshold)
Rob LA Ca.:

This is why Helen Thomas no longer sits in the front row.

It's my secret weapon. Puri... (Below threshold)

It's my secret weapon. Purified, industrial-strength Essence of Smirk.

President Bush working in c... (Below threshold)

President Bush working in chemistry lab to complete his Phoenix University degree before leaving office..His Yale degree was previously deemed meaningless by Democrats.

"This plant is a model for ... (Below threshold)

"This plant is a model for America's future. It produces some of the finest moonshine I have tasted."

Dr. Jekyll...Mr. President?... (Below threshold)

Dr. Jekyll...Mr. President?

Rodney's Helen Thomas fang ... (Below threshold)

Rodney's Helen Thomas fang comment is too good.

I'm not worthy.

Gentlemen, I have here the ... (Below threshold)

Gentlemen, I have here the distilled essence of the Democrat party. Ick.

Hey Dick, check out the coo... (Below threshold)

Hey Dick, check out the cool spitoon I found!

I'm here to tell ya'll that... (Below threshold)

I'm here to tell ya'll that Dick Cheney is the real father of Dannielynn. I've got his DNA sample right here if you don't believe me.

come on, you didn't think G... (Below threshold)

come on, you didn't think Gore is paranoid on pot about this whole global warming thing, look at the bong we found hidden under his desk at the White house...

I will release this toxin i... (Below threshold)

I will release this toxin into America's water supply, unless you pay me ... one meeeelion dollars.

"An almost flannel like tex... (Below threshold)

"An almost flannel like texture; full-bodied; nuggety; hockey bag bouquet accentuates a finish not unlike being trapped in a monkey house" says the President of the Pelosi Port he recently sampled.

& we have discovered that B... (Below threshold)

& we have discovered that Britney's urine sample can power a fleet of Humvee's for a month.

"I don't know who the hell ... (Below threshold)

"I don't know who the hell ever kissed you, Speaker Pelosi, but this stuff will turn you back into a toad."

"We've managed to isolate and distill the essence of the Kool-Aid the Hillary supporters have been drinking. It's a vile, nasty, toxic chemical that eats brain tissue."

"Ethanol? Heck, it's doesn't have half the kick or half the flavor of the Skull & Bones punch we used to make."

Oh doctor I have my sample.... (Below threshold)

Oh doctor I have my sample.

"Dub! Whuzzat?""Spi... (Below threshold)

"Dub! Whuzzat?"
"Spit cup. The decider loves his 'backy!"


"Mr. President, where did you get that?"
"Secret drawer we just found in the Oval Office desk. It was labeled "Bill & Monica Apr. 11 1996!"

"Eh, Whaddya mean its nucul... (Below threshold)

"Eh, Whaddya mean its nucular?"

"Yes, and we've been able t... (Below threshold)

"Yes, and we've been able to produce this much bio-diesal fuel from just 80 acres of corn."

Hey Hillary, direct from To... (Below threshold)

Hey Hillary, direct from Tora Bora, OBL!

I took my troubles down to ... (Below threshold)

I took my troubles down to Madame Rue.
You know that gypsy with the gold capped tooth
She?s got a pad down on 34th and Vine,
Selling little bottles of Love Potion #9.

I told her that I was a flop with chicks.
I?ve been disgraced since 1956.
She looked at my palm and she made a magic sign.
She said what you need is Love Potion number 9.

She bent down and turned around and gave me a wink.
She said I?m gonna make it up right here in the sink.
It smelled like turpentine, and looked like Indian ink.
I held my nose, I closed my eyes, I took a drink!

I didn?t know if it was day or night.
I started kissing everything in sight.
But when I kissed a cop down on 34th and Vine.
He broke my little bottle of Love Potion number 9.


I held my nose, I closed my eyes, I took a drink!

I didn?t know if it was day or night.
I started kissing everything in sight.
But when I kissed a cop down on 34th and Vine.
He broke my little bottle of Love Potion number 9.

Love Potion #9...
Love Potion #9...
Love Potion #9...

"I'm the President, and I s... (Below threshold)

"I'm the President, and I say it's "nucular"!"

When he heard Nancy Pelosi ... (Below threshold)

When he heard Nancy Pelosi wanted to talk to him about Cheney, President Bush decided to invite her to the White House for cocktails.

Oh, ha, you want me to "ret... (Below threshold)

Oh, ha, you want me to "retool the preamble." I thought you said something else.

In compliance with a court ... (Below threshold)

In compliance with a court order in the Anna Nicole case, President Bush will be submitting DNA scrapings taken from the old Oval Office rug.

Maybe this will help Mrs. P... (Below threshold)

Maybe this will help Mrs. Pelosi loosen up a little bit.

Luring his opponents to con... (Below threshold)

Luring his opponents to continually underestimate him and hide his genius level IQ, Bush prepares to down his "Will Ferrell Formula" prior to a press conference.

In a stunning expose', blog... (Below threshold)

In a stunning expose', bloggers reveal that in a Jekyll/Hyde scenario gone wrong George Bush and Al Gore are the same person.

"hmmm...it's a bit nutty...... (Below threshold)

"hmmm...it's a bit nutty..."

"So you say this potion wil... (Below threshold)

"So you say this potion will increase the load bearing capacity of the swallow?"

"Yes, sir, but mind you it's only been tested on the European swallow, not the non-migratory African variety."

Rove showed Bush how easily... (Below threshold)

Rove showed Bush how easily melanin can be extracted, leaving the Democratic Black Caucus to question if Obama is "black enough".

Sounds nice Colin...but...y... (Below threshold)

Sounds nice Colin...but...you first.

Boys, this is an old hangov... (Below threshold)

Boys, this is an old hangover remedy I learned at Yale. First, you start with a half a cup of bong water . . .


Where's the carb on this thing, Turd Blossom? And are you gonna load me a freshy or what?

Well Helen, I appreciate yo... (Below threshold)

Well Helen, I appreciate your daily senile criticism, but I think my administration has done a pretty fair job of identifying this sample down to the three possibilities of "Ted Kennedy's liver", "Hillary Clinton's soul", or the "Democratic party's commitment to winning the war on terror." It's hard to narrow it down further, Helen, because all three of those things look and smell just about the same and contain the same basic toxins. It's what we like to call a "recipe for disaster".
Now, go to the back of the room and shut up.

The way President Bush gove... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

The way President Bush governs:

"In a spirit of bipartisanship, let's do something different. Instead of me using the rubber glove on you, why don't I bend over and you can do it to me for a change."

Your moose is pregnant!... (Below threshold)

Your moose is pregnant!

"I don't know 'bout your he... (Below threshold)

"I don't know 'bout your head Britney, but it'll definitely put some on your chest."

This is the same formula I ... (Below threshold)

This is the same formula I used to wipe out New Orleans. How'd ya like a little 'Essence of Katrina'for your home district, Nancy? BWWWWAAAAAAAHHAAAAAHHAAAA!!!!

Dr. Pap-Schmear prepares fo... (Below threshold)
Roy Boy:

Dr. Pap-Schmear prepares for Mrs. Pelosi's examination

"That's right - Condi, Rove... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

"That's right - Condi, Rove, Cheney - they all drink it..."

David Geffen drank some of ... (Below threshold)

David Geffen drank some of this and started dissing Hillary and Bill. Who knows where this could lead?!

Y'all watch, I can make mor... (Below threshold)

Y'all watch, I can make more Dick Cheney's if ya don't back off... this is the stuff we made him from.

"Heh, look at Beaker run!"<... (Below threshold)

"Heh, look at Beaker run!"

Bo...for the second week in a row, I have to clean my monitor because of your caption...

With the efforts of hard wo... (Below threshold)

With the efforts of hard working political scientists like this one carefully examining a small sample, we hope someday to find a cure for liberal BS. Please make your donations today.


After Nancy's last speech, this was all that we could squeeze out of her. Maybe we should try Murtha so we can get a bigger sample?

"At a <a href="http://www.f... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

"At a real cost of only $6.89 per gallon, it's quite a steal. Heh heh heh."

"Now don't be alarmed, it's... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

"Now don't be alarmed, it's actually quite stable..."

"Boil, Boil, Toil, and Trou... (Below threshold)

"Boil, Boil, Toil, and Trouble; Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble...ya'll didn't think I knowed Shakespeare, dijuh?"

We were finally able to pro... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

We were finally able to procure a sample of Ted Kennedy's urine.

This elixer is the secret o... (Below threshold)

This elixer is the secret of the BushHitler McChimpyHaliburton administration.

"So the surge won't work, e... (Below threshold)

"So the surge won't work, eh? Lookee here, our troops have already extracted Al-Sadr's mojo!"

Heh, this stuff'll put some... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Heh, this stuff'll put some tiger in your tank!

Bush happily reports that t... (Below threshold)

Bush happily reports that top-secret GOP research has produced a physical sample representing all that'll be left of the 'leading' Democrat candidates - Edwards, Hillary, and Obama - at their current rate of internal mud slinging and implosion.

"Wow! Y'all converted all ... (Below threshold)

"Wow! Y'all converted all this synthetic oil out of one flock of endangered owls! Full speed ahead!"

Hic hiccup... This is a hec... (Below threshold)

Hic hiccup... This is a heck of set up ya got here Edwards! hic hiccup?

Now hiccup..? wheres that cellar?

"Ha! You want nucular weapo... (Below threshold)

"Ha! You want nucular weapons, Ahmadinejad? That's so yesterday! Wait'll you see what we can do with these distilled Democrat ethics promises! You might want to start running."

Condeleeza Rice: "And to th... (Below threshold)

Condeleeza Rice: "And to think, all that time it was your cup that was poisoned."

George Bush: "They were both poisoned. I spent the last few years building up an immunity to iocane powder."

President Bush reveals his ... (Below threshold)

President Bush reveals his latest formula for a big steaming cup of, "Shut the fuck up and let us do our jobs."

The pool reports that POTUS... (Below threshold)

The pool reports that POTUS muttered, "Soylent Brown is made of what?" and refused to sample it, although he remained smiling throughout the photo-op.

Sorry Mister Bergler! When ... (Below threshold)

Sorry Mister Bergler! When You stole from the archives You missed the beaker with the blue stained dress evidence! Hee hee

"I could totally be the nex... (Below threshold)

"I could totally be the next Chemist Idol! Look! Nucular Kool-Aid!"

Heh...do you realize that t... (Below threshold)

Heh...do you realize that this tiny beaker contains enough compound to turn every liberal in this country conservative?!? MWUHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!

Heck, the last time I drunk... (Below threshold)

Heck, the last time I drunk out of one of these was at Jennas birthday bash!

Now I strongly suggest You ... (Below threshold)

Now I strongly suggest You all invest heavily in My plan for renewable buzzergy!

President George W. Bush sh... (Below threshold)

President George W. Bush shows scientific proof that the Democrat's ideas are complete sh**

Ive got enough pecker snot ... (Below threshold)

Ive got enough pecker snot in here to field an army of Hulks!!

Mahmoud here I come!

"I just knew all along that... (Below threshold)

"I just knew all along that that there Oil for Food program was a load of manure, I put some of this on my flapjacks and it tasted just like crap."

I liked the Zorro costume b... (Below threshold)

I liked the Zorro costume better, Laura.

Heh Heh, This here's my sec... (Below threshold)

Heh Heh, This here's my secret. Called "Decider Juice". I got the recipe from offa the internets. No you can't have none.

So, you've finally managed ... (Below threshold)

So, you've finally managed to synthesize the Democrat agenda. Hmmm, I've smelled something like this before...out on my ranch, I think....I can't quite place it though...

"A little bit of this in th... (Below threshold)

"A little bit of this in the Capital water supply and they'll do whatever I tell them."

Look! Here's a sample of wa... (Below threshold)

Look! Here's a sample of water from Obama's pool. Could he be melting?

"Well, wrap me in bananas a... (Below threshold)

"Well, wrap me in bananas and call me Chiquita -- liquid crack! I can't wait until the next PNAC party...."


There ya go, Nancy. Now yo... (Below threshold)
John in CA:

There ya go, Nancy. Now you're only 99% full of $#!+

Bush to Pelosi, "Here my Pr... (Below threshold)

Bush to Pelosi, "Here my Pretty, drink this potion, it will make you wise."

Even something as innocuous... (Below threshold)

Even something as innocuous as this photo of an anonymous scientist can be distorted by the paranoid mind of a BDS sufferer so that he is convinced he's seeing an image of the President cooking up evil.

"Got Poop?" ... (Below threshold)

"Got Poop?"

"After I get through saving... (Below threshold)

"After I get through saving the world as the United States President, I'm going to pop in the lab and find a cure for global warming. Take that, Gore baby!"

More Polonium Nancy?...... (Below threshold)

More Polonium Nancy?...

We'll use all of our... (Below threshold)

We'll use all of our corn to produce this crap, so none will be left to produce cow flatulence. Take that, Al Gore!

"Those newfangled amniotic ... (Below threshold)

"Those newfangled amniotic stem cells really work! This vial contains the makings of America's very first spine transplant. Who's first? Jack? Nancy?"

Bush: "This here's magic ju... (Below threshold)

Bush: "This here's magic juice. Drink some and you'll float right up to the ceiling. Here, Nancy, have a little sip. Makes you feel good. I ain't kiddin ya!"

Bush: "This here is horney ... (Below threshold)

Bush: "This here is horney juice. If you drink too much it will make you blind. I drank just enough to make Nancy look sexy and now I have to wear glasses."

"Uh, no. Sorry, Mr. Presid... (Below threshold)

"Uh, no. Sorry, Mr. President, but I'm afraid that's not what truck drivers usually wear, and it goes, 'Breaker, Breaker ....' "

Sceerew that switchgrass ju... (Below threshold)

Sceerew that switchgrass juice..! This stuff will grow hair on Obamas chest!

Guess y'all were wondering ... (Below threshold)

Guess y'all were wondering what we did with Karl... No we have the ability to steal, er, win in '08 too!

"... and here we have democ... (Below threshold)
retired military:

"... and here we have democrats' brains on drugs. What's that? A bigger sample? No this all we could put together from all the democrats combined."

"...just a little dab will ... (Below threshold)

"...just a little dab will do ya."

"What y'all keep calling me... (Below threshold)

"What y'all keep calling me Pinky for?"

It took over a thousand Dem... (Below threshold)

It took over a thousand Democrat brains to distill this amount of intelligence. The amazing part was none of them missed their brains!!!

Although my caption won't b... (Below threshold)

Although my caption won't be nearly as good as the one the New Zealanders came up with here, I'll go with: "Don't I look foolish at this worthless photo-op?"

Okay Michael J. I have your... (Below threshold)

Okay Michael J. I have your stem cells right here.....let's see what miracles I can perform!

"Drink this Ms. Pelosi and ... (Below threshold)

"Drink this Ms. Pelosi and repeat after me...We will not waver; we will not tire; we will not falter; and we will not fail...."

"This is the distillate of ... (Below threshold)

"This is the distillate of the pheromone that induces Bush Derangement Syndrome. I like to spread it around the Democrats to keep them off balance."
"Does it work, Mr President?"
"Ask Al Gore; which reminds me, he needs a booster before the Academy Awards."

I put just a few drops of t... (Below threshold)

I put just a few drops of this under Pelosi's chair and.. BOOM! You should have seen her jump!

I just whipped this up in t... (Below threshold)

I just whipped this up in the sink
ROP love potion number nine

Hell, I don't know what I'm... (Below threshold)

Hell, I don't know what I'm doing; Cheney just said to hold this bottle thingie and smile.

"Heh, heh. Those silly lef... (Below threshold)

"Heh, heh. Those silly lefties...this doesn't look like Kool-Aid at all!"

"George displays the amo... (Below threshold)

"George displays the amount of venom recovered from the last Clinton/Obama tirade."

Good one Rodney...that one gets my vote.

Intresting. My recipe for ... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

Intresting. My recipe for a Black Russian involves Clarence Thomas, Vladomir Putin, and forced copulation.

Nancy Pelosi, it's time to ... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

Nancy Pelosi, it's time to discuss presidential powers - I'm wearing the lab coat and rubber glove, you're wearing the open-backed paper smock. Now think warm thoughts!

No it's not a WMD, I asked ... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

No it's not a WMD, I asked Condi to visit with the troops in Iraq to see if they had anything they'd like to pass on to the folks who claim they support the troops but actively lobby for defeat..."

I'd be happier if my lab co... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

I'd be happier if my lab coat said "Dr. Jellyfinger".

Where do y'all keep the Oom... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

Where do y'all keep the Oompah Loompahs?

So Michael Waltrip still ha... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

So Michael Waltrip still has no idea it was you guys?

Here's mah spec'min, tho it... (Below threshold)

Here's mah spec'min, tho it's a might cloudy.

President Bush displays wha... (Below threshold)
retired military:

President Bush displays what is left of Iran after he decided that UN resolutions should be more than empty threats.

Yes sir Judge, the contents... (Below threshold)

Yes sir Judge, the contents of this beaker will prove that!

A) I am the father of Anna Nicoles child!

B)I killed Jon Benet Ramsey!

C) The Duke lacrosse team are innocent!

D)I indeed am responsible for global warming and natural disasters!

E)I caused the great depression and WW2!

F)I have every intention of sealing our southern border and I also killed Jimmy Hoffa!

G)I cheated in the 2000 elections! And on My college tests!

H)That I smell of sulfur!

I)That Me and Barney are more then soulmates!

Signed: The nutty professor


President Bush displays the... (Below threshold)
retired military:

President Bush displays the answer to the world energy crisis. "Scientists have discovered a way to harness the power of the bullshit of the democratic party. This energy source isnt very clean but it is inexhaustible and most importantly environmentally friendly."


President Bush displays the greatest source of global warming gasses - democratic hot air.

"... Dick said why dont we just put a bottle over Hillary's mouth and voila. "

Yeah, it's a real milest... (Below threshold)

Yeah, it's a real milestone - my 50th biopharmaceutical patent. But please keep this off the record. If Kerry or Gore find out it'll break their sorry little hearts.

Science. Is important for. ... (Below threshold)

Science. Is important for. America to Succeed. In the war on Terror.

Hey, Ahmadinejad. Try it, ... (Below threshold)

Hey, Ahmadinejad. Try it, you'll like it....heh, heh, heh.

David Gregory: Whats in the... (Below threshold)

David Gregory: Whats in the beaker George?
George: Emulsified spinach of viagra!

George: Got wood?

"Can you smelllllll what th... (Below threshold)

"Can you smelllllll what the POTUS is cookin'?"

"Strapoogery."... (Below threshold)


"All I need now is my Allud... (Below threshold)
retired military:

"All I need now is my Alludium Q38 Space Modulator"

"Internet nuthin', I've inv... (Below threshold)

"Internet nuthin', I've invented marmalade."

"...and this new potion wil... (Below threshold)

"...and this new potion will help Kevin judge caption contests 10 time faster."

...Care for a sip of Crude,... (Below threshold)

...Care for a sip of Crude, Black Gold, Texas tea?

"..I was working in the lab... (Below threshold)

"..I was working in the lab
late one night....."

With his popularity down, D... (Below threshold)

With his popularity down, Dubya invents Love Potion #10.......

..You're right..it's does t... (Below threshold)

..You're right..it's does taste like chicken.

I'm happy to report we got ... (Below threshold)

I'm happy to report we got bin Laden. See? Ain't cluster bombs great?

"C'mon, Snape will never kn... (Below threshold)

"C'mon, Snape will never know its missing."

I've been told that by anal... (Below threshold)

I've been told that by analyzing this bedpan specimen from a Cut and Run patient, you guys are going to devise a cure! Another fine example of our vibrant entrepreneurial free market economy spurred on by my tax cuts!

Despite media reports to th... (Below threshold)

Despite media reports to the contrary, Bush found that conclusive evidence that Obama has NOT given up that evil tobacco. Seems Barack's just chawing instead of smoking.

Update: <... (Below threshold)

Update: Winners announced. Click on the link to read the winning entries. The contest is now closed.






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