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If the Oscars are not for you

Check out Fox News Channel's special on the blogosphere. Fox News is airing show on Oscar night at 10:30pm featuring Kirsten Powers and Michelle Malkin who will discuss the blogosphere's "most explosive" blogs.

Who's being named?

What's being said?

Which secrets will rock politics?

This weekend, join hosts Kirsten Powers and Michelle Malkin as FOX News takes you inside the most explosive blogs on the Web!

We'll examine John Edwards' virtual campaign HQ and break down how candidates are using networking sites like Facebook and MySpace to reach young voters.

Hat tip: NewsBusters

Comments (7)

I can sum up my feelings fo... (Below threshold)

I can sum up my feelings for the Oscars in four simple words:

I couldn't care less.

Sounds like it might be a g... (Below threshold)

Sounds like it might be a good night to go to bed early.

While we're on the subject ... (Below threshold)

While we're on the subject of Kirsten Powers, a democrat, I will admit she is not so bad. She is frequently (and becoming more so lately) very embarrassed by her party. I love to hear the latest thing that has embarrassed her on O'Reilly's show every week.

Sounds like it might be ... (Below threshold)

Sounds like it might be a good night to go to bed early.

Posted by: epador at February 25,

Sounds good to me too, but only if KP's leading me by the hand.

Breaking News from Hollywood:

Hollywood Set to Release Documentary Claiming the World is Flat......

.......co-authors Al Gore, John Murtha, Nancy Pelosi, and Ted Kennedy all up for awards.

If only the wackos on the r... (Below threshold)

If only the wackos on the right would have openly advocated a boycott of the Oscars broadcast of the Oscar broadcast and its sponsors -- then the ratings would have skyrocketed! lol

Coming soon to ABC: "The Ro... (Below threshold)

Coming soon to ABC: "The Road to The Academy Awards", a docudrama loosely based on the Oscar presentations. Awards are redistributed and new scenes are added to create a more wholesome and palatable outcome for all Great Americans. Following the broadcast will be national call-in forum, the number is 1-800-WHINE.

These stupid ward shows are... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

These stupid ward shows are a wate of time all you have are a bunch of pompus over paid gang of antiamerican jerks GEORGE CLOONEY is the biggist jerk of them all and AL GOREs award nomination is just to boost his already over inflated ego i say we just BOYCOTT THE OSCARS






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