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Shooting his base

Well, Massachusetts' new governor, Deval Patrick, is once again proving that whatever else you might say about him, he'd fit right in with the Texas Legislature. After all, as Molly Ivins famously quoted about them, "if you can't drink their whiskey, screw their women, take their money, and vote against 'em anyway, you don't belong in office."

Patrick first started showing signs of his ingratitude during the campaign. The Boston Globe got behind him fast, but that cut them no slack. He actually went out of his way to slam them a few times, and they didn't understand: they were carrying his water for him; why would he be trashing them?

And now that he's in hot water with his enemies, he's trying to throw them a bone. To take the limelight off his rather extravagant lifestyle (which he fully expects the state to pick up the tab for), he's turning on one of his staunchest supporters -- the illegal alien apologists.

Patrick was their darling for a long time. He advocated in-state tuition for illegal aliens. He canceled a program that would allow specially-trained Massachusetts State Troopers to arrest illegals. And he said, repeatedly, that illegal aliens were "not a priority" for him.

Well, now he's going after the wellspring of illegal alien issues -- money. He says that companies that hire illegal aliens to fulfill state contracts will face hefty fines.

Patrick apparently thinks that he can supplement his diminishing ranks of supporters by drawing on his opponents. I'm trying to recall the last time it worked, and the only example that comes to mind is Joe Lieberman's acceptance of Republican support in his last senate race.

It's a pity that Patrick doesn't have the Nutroots working against him, like they did Lieberman. That is pretty much the only way that strategy seems to work.

So, anyway, Mr. Patrick, thank you for taking this step. I'll be waiting to see what comes next, and see if you continue on the right path.

But I ain't holding my breath.

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As usual, Ivins stole that ... (Below threshold)

As usual, Ivins stole that line too.

At least she didn't travel far from home to steal it.

The remark was made by U. S. Speak Sam Rayburn.

Typical Dim. They finally g... (Below threshold)

Typical Dim. They finally get the statehouse back and within a month blow it.






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