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Yet another salvo in the New Hampshire/Massachusetts war

I've spent a lot of time talking about how much better New Hampshire is than Massachusetts, and today I have absolute proof that, even at our worst, we're better than the Bay Staters.

Even our criminals are smarter than theirs.

In New Hampshire, a guy robbed a bank and fled. But he didn't have to worry about anyone getting his license plate, because he took off on a snowmobile. He's still at large.

Meanwhile, in Massachusetts, four teenaged gangstas were having fun robbing people on the subway. They were caught by police, however, through their MySpace pages.

I'm not sure that smarter crooks are something to brag about, but I'm going to do it anyway.

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Now if the MASSJUVS had tri... (Below threshold)

Now if the MASSJUVS had tried to use a snowmobile to run after they robbed someone in the subway, or the NH robber had tried to use a BMT trolley to escape, THEN you'd have a story.

Does anything happening in ... (Below threshold)

Does anything happening in mass surprise you anymore?

The Socialist Republic of Massachusetts!

A fed judge just ordered that school kids now be taught the gay agenda. ARE YOU KIDING ME? Does any elementary school child really need to hear about fudgepackers like Barney Flamin Frank?

The only problem with the B... (Below threshold)

The only problem with the Boston story is that, now that the police have done such a wonderful job of finding and charging these punk thugs, the Juvey Court in Roxbury will let them all back out on the street where they can all flash their latest badge of honor.






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