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The Candidate the Democrats Should Nominate but Won't

Bill Richardson is an economically conservative Democrat, which means he is an anathema to the far leftists who have taken over the party. From The Weekly Standard:

In July 2006 the Wall Street Journal touted New Mexico's governor Bill Richardson as a man who "embraced tax cutting and benefited politically." The Journal quoted Richardson approvingly for advising his party that "we have to be the party of growth and the American dream, not the party of redistribution." Which party is Richardson talking about? The Democrats.

Indeed, the former U.N. ambassador and secretary of energy stands out as the only Democratic presidential candidate who has successfully enacted tax cuts and other pro-growth economic policies. When asked about the importance of tax cuts, Richardson says: "Cutting taxes and creating tax credits can be essential to creating jobs and a strong economy." One of his first measures after he was elected governor in 2002 was to cut New Mexico's top income tax rate from 8.2 percent to 4.9 percent over five years. "This was our way of declaring to the world that New Mexico is open for business," Richardson told the Journal in 2005. Echoing what conservatives have been saying for decades, he explained: "After all, businesses move to states where taxes are falling, not rising." At the midpoint of his first term, Richardson earned a "B" rating on the CATO Institute's 2004 Fiscal Report Card on America's Governors. Two years later, CATO explained the rating this way: "His income tax cuts were indeed substantial. The top marginal income tax rate has dropped a remarkable 35 percent as a result of Richardson's actions and is still the largest income tax rate cut

in the nation over the past few years."

Richardson seems to relish his tax-cutting image. Reacting to a four-star rating for his pro-growth policies from Inc. magazine in October 2006, Richardson boasted in a press release: "New Mexico is a national leader in job growth, we have invested in better schools and improved access to health care and--most importantly for the business community--we have cut taxes year after year." In his 2007 state of the state address, Richardson continued to advertise his tax cutting credentials, declaring that New Mexico was a state "where tax rates go down, while salaries go up." Most recently, at the winter meeting of the Democratic National Committee, Richardson reminded his audience that he "first passed a specific tax credit for creating good paying jobs" and was responsible for a host of other tax cuts and credits that helped "local companies that showed great promise for success and job creation."

As advertised, Richardson's list of pro-growth measures did include a 10-percent tax credit on wages and benefits attached to each new job paying more than $40,000. As a result, high-skilled manufacturing work rose steadily in New Mexico, as did real wages--on average 2.4 percent a year between 2003 and 2006. Albuquerque, with an unemployment rate of just 4.9 percent, won first place on the 2006 Forbes Best Places for Business and Careers list.

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He's not the first good can... (Below threshold)

He's not the first good candidate the D's have turned their backs on. I remember Sam Nunn as a very good legislator and very clear, concise thinker and communicator. I am a Republican precinct chairman but I would have crossed over and voted for Nunn in the right situation.

Richardson is a late starte... (Below threshold)

Richardson is a late starter, and has potential. Democrats haven't "turned their back on him," he's just lost in the current din.

If he can't manage to rise above the noise and make himself known then he probably isn't worthy.

My prediction is that Bill ... (Below threshold)

My prediction is that Bill Richardson & Hillary have coordinated this "run" simply for him later to become her VP choice. I think it's all been planned long ago.

Richardson recently said Ir... (Below threshold)

Richardson recently said Iran is building nukes because we talk bad about them. Another Demnut

The demacrats will never ni... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

The demacrats will never niminate a conserative demacrat that oppose the tax and spend movit of all liberal politicians

I'm a democrat and I think ... (Below threshold)

I'm a democrat and I think Richardson is a good candidate. Of course, he has the disadvantage of not being well-known nationally...but sometimes the early leaders can cancel each other out, making room for a dark horse. It'll be interesting to watch.

Thread closed-"pucker puss"... (Below threshold)

Thread closed-"pucker puss" (lee lee) (RTP) (RM) just told eveyone else that they don't know what they are talking about. Sorry but p'p' is the know it all here.

Kim Priesthap, if this an ... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Kim Priesthap, if this an endorsement, you may have to reconsider? The Candidate the Democrats Should Nominate but Won't.
Bill Richardson may not be a shrill leftist, but he is all the things George Bush isn't: an environmentalist, an advocate for 'expanded state health care', an opponent of the war in Iraq, from the beginning in short ,Is Bill Richardson Al Gore II?

I'm curious what Richardson... (Below threshold)

I'm curious what Richardson's stand is on immigration and border control?

Same thing is going on with... (Below threshold)

Same thing is going on with the Republicans. Giuliani keeps coming in #1 in a bunch of cross-party polls, but he'll never get the Republican nod.

Aaron - Rudy has a great ch... (Below threshold)

Aaron - Rudy has a great chance to get the Rep nod. Reps want to win. They can be very pragmatic when they have to be and that means not nominating some acceptable "conservative" who will lose in the general electon.

He is also winning in Rep party polls.

I don't think you can concl... (Below threshold)

I don't think you can conclude that Richardson is a "conservative" simply because as Governor he's smart enough to do what's necessary to attract new residents and businesses. Good for him, but he certainly wasn't known as a conservative during his term in Congress. Not a flamer, farily moderate to liberal.

Here is his voting record on immigration issues.

Richardson has a choice to ... (Below threshold)

Richardson has a choice to make. He can be Hillary's VP choice if he attacks Obama (lack of experience, etc.). However, if Richardson really wants to be POTUS, he can authoritatively attack Hillary Clinton as a member of her husband's administration. He can claim that he knows where the proverbial bodies are buried. He can contradict any Hillary claim to be involved in any success that she was not involved in. He can contradict any Hillary denial that she was not involved in any fiasco in which she played a role. Moreover, if her husband steps up to defend her, Richardson can bring up that Clinton is an admitted liar. Furthermore, Richardson can assert that if Hillary isn't able to truthfully assert herself during the campaign, how will she ever be able to assert any moral authority as POTUS, and thereby persuade the American people to back her actions.

Richardson might wind up with the nomination if he is willing to battle for it. The choice is his.


Gee, jhow,With all... (Below threshold)

Gee, jhow,

With all this mention of Lee (lee lee) in EVERY post by you, he must really get under your skin. ;)






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