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Bush Bashing To Sell Pizza

Right Wing News has the story of the controversy over the billboard pictured below, which was used to sell Hell Pizza in New Zealand.

A complaint made against a Hell Pizza billboard featuring US President George Bush has been partially upheld by the Advertising Standards Complaints Board (ASCB).

The advertisement featured Mr Bush and the words "Hell. Too good for some evil bastards".

Objections were made to the use of slang in a public place, the alleged denigration of Mr Bush, and perceived blasphemy.

One of the complainants described the billboard as a vicious smear campaign against an openly Christian person.

But advertising agency Cinderella Ltd defended the billboard, saying that it tapped in to a growing sense of outrage about the invasion of Iraq.

The agency also said that use of the term "bastard" is widespread and can be considered a compliment.

Yeah, that word is especially complimentary when the word "evil" is used in front of it. Putting aside the President Bush ad, I would be scared to death of being struck by lightening if I worked for this company. (They even have a store in Christchurch.)

Comments (8)

Hell pizza? How B... (Below threshold)

Hell pizza?

How BAD does THAT pizza have to suck, to use that name. I could see maybe Heaven pizza because it's SO good, but wtf.

It takes all kinds..........I guess

Imagine what would have hap... (Below threshold)

Imagine what would have happened if it had had a picture of Jimmy Carter instead of Bush.

Only people who can't spell... (Below threshold)

Only people who can't spell lightning are afraid of getting hit by it. Karma is for intellectually lazy adults who still read fairy tales every Sunday morning.

Does no one have confidence... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Does no one have confidence in the free market anymore? Does the government really need to get involved? Is there anyone left who bothers to ask these questions?

And theose jerks put it out... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

And theose jerks put it out where kids could see it the pesons who made it should be ashamed of themselves

Is BDS really that strong i... (Below threshold)
John F Not Kerry:

Is BDS really that strong in New Zealand? I'm guessing that Hell Pizza must be close to going under for them to have to pull something like this. I mean, how about Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Castro, Lenin, or Saddam? And, how can you be an evil bastard and a chimp being led around by Cheney at the same time? I wish the left would choose one theme and stick with it.

The left can't choose one t... (Below threshold)

The left can't choose one theme and stick to it, because they have no belief system. Oh, except higher taxes, socialized medicine and class warfare....

Seems to me Bush is up with... (Below threshold)
John Gee:

Seems to me Bush is up with Hitler and the rest of the dictators. Good add considering it has everyone noticing them. Put is this way if I ever go OZ land I might even look them up if I fancy a Pizza.






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