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Muqtada al-Sadr Critical of Surge

And he expressed his criticism from "an unknown location":

Az-Zaman reports that Muqtada al-Sadr made a statement from "an unknown location," his first since speculations started regarding his whereabouts. Muqtada's letter was read by a representative to thousands of Sadrist supporters in Baghdad. From his hideout (which some still think is in Iran) al-Sadr made the first direct attack on the security plan by a high-ranking Sadrist official, he criticized that the plan was executed by American forces, which he termed "the enemy." The Shi'a leader also called for an "Iraqi strategy," that is "neither sectarian not authoritarian." Finally, he called on his supporters to "distance themselves" from the security plan, "which is controlled by our occupying enemies."

I guess being forced to retreat to another country kind of put a crimp on things.

Hat tip: Instapundit

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Shorter quote from Mookie: ... (Below threshold)

Shorter quote from Mookie: "I'm getting my ASS kicked."

Gee. That "undisclosed loc... (Below threshold)

Gee. That "undisclosed location" wouldn't be Iran, would it?

Not that that proves Iran's support of the Shia/Shi'ite insurgency, at least not to the likes of Diane Sawyer.

That pansy Sadr has never h... (Below threshold)

That pansy Sadr has never had a hard day in his life. Remember when he first appeared on the scene? He's in his early 30s, and he had a belly like he was pregnant! He didn't miss too many meals during the sanctions, now, did he?

Not that that proves Ira... (Below threshold)

Not that that proves Iran's support of the Shia/Shi'ite insurgency, at least not to the likes of Diane Sawyer.

Most of the Iraqi politicians are regular visitors to Iran. Iraq's President Jalal Talabani (a Kurd and ally of the US) just visited there last November. I don't think that means he works for the Iranians.

The Badr Corps led by Abdul Aziz al-Hakim is much more in the Iranians pocket than Sadr and his Mahdi Army. Hakim is also an ally of ours in Iraq and has kept his Badr Corps out of any conflict with US forces. His militia is much more dangerous than Sadr's.

I find this fascination about Sadr's whereabouts amusing. One would think the deaths of Zarqawi and Saddam Hussein had demonstrated how lopping off the head of the snake doesn't really solve the problem. The snake just grows a new head.

That liberals would make as... (Below threshold)

That liberals would make as many jokes about his 'undisclosed location'...

"...the snake just grows a ... (Below threshold)

"...the snake just grows a new head." Can someone please explain how these Islamo-fascists keep springing up, zombie-like? To the left, there really is no way to win this war against the Islamo-zombies. Maybe that's why they all want to bug out. What a strange new enemy we face....






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