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Scooter Libby Trial Down to Eleven Jurors

According to reporting from Aldon Hynes at the Media Bloggers Association trial coverage feed, one juror in the Libby trial has now been dismissed due to something she saw in the media about the case over the weekend. The defense agreed to let the remaining eleven jurors continue to deliberate, rather than add an alternate and have to begin deliberations from the start.


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Comments (11)

Yee hah!=====... (Below threshold)

Yee hah!

Yahoo!!!!!... (Below threshold)


What was it that spokesman ... (Below threshold)

What was it that spokesman said about the last episode of unanimity at the last feast of Saint Valentine? Or was it un-unanimity? Was he referring to the tee shirts or to the gratefulness of the jurors for the court's considerations?

Is this trial still going o... (Below threshold)

Is this trial still going on? Why?

Thank you for the info...un... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

Thank you for the info...until your link I just kinda assumed they were sequestered. It is very political on all sides and being held within the "beltway." Both sides could have requested it..but neither did to my knowledge...

One thing it shows is that jury's like this are like us..We aim to do the right thing..this juror could have remained silent...
This speaks volumes about the importance of a jury.

Remember...this trial is simply about..When Scooter Libby gave acknowledged false information during his testimony before the grand jury:
Was it the result of a lapse of memory that we all can relate to?


Was it because he lied under oath for purposes unknown?

We also know..based on famous trials..it often comes down to the presentation by the lawyers and not the evidence itself that influences the jury.

"beyond a reasonable doubt"... (Below threshold)

"beyond a reasonable doubt"
This case had reasonable doubt as soon as Russert said oops. It really doesn't even matter if Libby lied or not. There is enough doubt for ANY self respecting juror.

Ooop's, Fitzfong will have ... (Below threshold)

Ooop's, Fitzfong will have to spend several million more of the taxpayers dollars. Someone poke him with a needle and deflate his ego, duck or you'll be covered with sewage. Polite word for BS.

The lady who refused to go ... (Below threshold)

The lady who refused to go along with the other jurors by wearing red on Valentine's Day is gone. Well, by removing the obstinate, we're more likely to get the unanimity required for a guilty verdict.

Scrapiron: Fitzfong?... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

Scrapiron: Fitzfong? I love that. OK if I borrow it every so often?

np, what 'acknowledged fals... (Below threshold)

np, what 'acknowledged false information' did you have in mind that Libby gave to the Grand Jury? Who has acknowledged it?

Let me guess. It's about t... (Below threshold)

Let me guess. It's about the Russert conversation. Do you know that Russert has testified that it would have been impossible for Plame to come up in his conversation with Libby, and that both defense and prosecution have stipulated to the fact that the original FBI notes, now missing, stated that Russert couldn't be sure that Plame had not come up. This is a fatal internal contradiction. This will reverse on appeal if the jurors don't find reasonable doubt.

NBC has jumped the shark, and Tim Russert's blood is in the water. Timmuh has perjured himself. Ask Don Imus.






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