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The Oscars

I didn't watch the Oscars, but read the Liberatas live-blogging and it was very enjoyable. Here are a few select quotes:

8:24 Jennifer Hudson needs to wail a lyric like, "Got me an Oscar! Skinny ho next to me don't! She treated me like crap on the set! Wouldn't let me in her trailer! Made pig noises at the craft services table! Who's laughing now you weave wearing no Oscar hoochie mama?"
7:37 - Jennifer Hudson totally blew Clooney off! Did you see that on the walk backstage? He's chasing after her... She barely looked at him. Bwa ha ha ha!!!
7:28 - Subtitles, black and white, accents, cigarettes... It's art!

7:27 - My bad. This is the Pretentious Pail Of Crap category. Stuff No One Sees category. Stuff People See To Impress People Who Treat Them Like Trash category.

7:25 - Is this the Hate America category? As if we could tell.

Sean Hackbarth is blogging about actors who act to change the world.

Hot Air has a good roundup with lots of video.

Check out the fashion roundup at Wizbang Pop, including a picture of Penelope Cruz's feather duster dress. It is actually a pretty cool looking dress, but it really does remind me of a feather duster.

Update: There was some talk of Al Gore possibly announcing a candidacy in light of all the publicity he has gotten lately, but as most predicted, Gore did not use his Oscar acceptance speech to announce a change of heart about a 2008 run.

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Not the very best Oscar eve... (Below threshold)

Not the very best Oscar event ever. But not many really great films came out this year. But there were a few very strong performances by individual actors that deserved praise, and were rewarded with a deserved Oscar.

Lorie: You wrote ...... (Below threshold)

Lorie: You wrote ...

7:37 - Jennifer Hudson totally blew Clooney off! Did you see that on the walk backstage? He's chasing after her... She barely looked at him. Bwa ha ha ha!!! Oh my g_d! My friend and I totally noticed that!

I love Jennifer Hudson: not just for being a South Side Chicago girl who "represents" beautifully for many young black women, but for holding true to her essential no-nonsense, midwestern sensibilities. George Clooney was practically chasing after her pleading "pay attention to me!," and Jennifer wasn't going to get caught up in his drama.

Question: Has anyone else gotten tired of Clooney's co-opted Cary Grant personna? It's getting really old.

"Oh my g_d! My friend and I... (Below threshold)

"Oh my g_d! My friend and I totally noticed that!"

Obviously, the addition was my comments and not Liberatas'.

Penelope Cruz dress isn't m... (Below threshold)

Penelope Cruz dress isn't made of feathers. That is dyed Wookie Fur, left over from the Star Wars set.

I didnt watch the awards sh... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

I didnt watch the awards shows their all rigged to award the most far left-wing propeganda

Clooney is gay. NTTAWWT....... (Below threshold)

Clooney is gay. NTTAWWT....

Watch the oscars? Yer kidd... (Below threshold)

Watch the oscars? Yer kidding, right? Actually watch left-wing nuts pat each other on the backs?There aren't enuff vomitoriums in Rome to hold my spew...






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