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Vote For the Hot Conservative Vlog Newsbabe

Mary Katharine may kill me for this post title, but it fits. Vote for your favorite news vlogger here. I highly endorse my friend, Mary Katharine Ham, for her Ham Nation vlog at Townhall. I could tell you that she is one of those on the ballot who is not posing like a porn star, but since her name is listed under her picture, you should be able to figure it out even without that info.

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Per your link I visited her... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

Per your link I visited her site..some articles and opinions are better than others...however her top piece discounting global warming just because of Al Gore's minimal involvement..well that's fine if you reject the finding of over 2,000 established climatologists..tell ya what when the next big, important meeting of scientists with an established background in climatology..or if there has ever been one(link please)that present scientific data debunking global warming then it will be easier for her to establish herself with a wider spectrum..
In spite of our obvious differences...your opinions have alwysbeen better articulated than what I read there.....I will visit again as to not base my kinda final opinion on one visit...

Some of the women in the ot... (Below threshold)

Some of the women in the other categories scare me.

Where are the porn stars?</... (Below threshold)
Anon Y. Mous:

Where are the porn stars?

nogo:Thanks for th... (Below threshold)


Thanks for the dose of propaganda - just wouldn't be a blog without it.

The story here is that the High Prophet of Global Warming doesn't feel the need to curtail his own contributions to said Global Warming - which she does an admirable job telling in her post.

We're not here talking about how many Climatologists or other scientists or onboard one way or the other, or whether their paid for by oil, or by extremist enviromental groups (who, by the way outspend "big oil" by at least three to one), but nice try anyway.

Many of Mary Kay's Ham Nati... (Below threshold)

Many of Mary Kay's Ham Nation vlogs have been quite humorous, whether you agree with her persepective or not. Plus, she is a very cute girl.

Note on Gore---Though I am sure his desire to reduce global warming is heartfelt; I've always wondered if it was out of guilt for having so many kids, with so many vehicles, heating/cooling so many large homes, flushing so many commodes, etc. etc.

Ham is good because she's o... (Below threshold)

Ham is good because she's one of the few conservatives to come out of a liberal basket case--Durham, NC, home of Nifong and the Gang.

It's like when I go to Nicaragua, even most of the poor people are wary of Ortega, because they learned a lesson from the first go-round.

Not so the Dimocraps.

nogo postal, is that all yo... (Below threshold)

nogo postal, is that all you want is one link?


And here's a special added bonus for you.

Marc - your link don't meet... (Below threshold)

Marc - your link don't meet the standard set by nogo - read his request again.

p'p' who the h^%l cares wha... (Below threshold)

p'p' who the h^%l cares what nogo pissoff's standards are?

Get over there and vote.</p... (Below threshold)

Get over there and vote.

MKH is only 7 votes behind Amanda Congdon, 257-250.

Make it happen

I voted for MKH, but I want... (Below threshold)

I voted for MKH, but I want to make it very clear that this IN NO WAY means I would object to her "posing like a porn star."

Have camera, will travel.

No doubt the youngsters won... (Below threshold)

No doubt the youngsters won't get the "Paladin" reference.

Oh, well . . .

Hey..since al gore won an o... (Below threshold)

Hey..since al gore won an oscar, does that mean this global warning shit is for real?

Too bad Bethany at <a href=... (Below threshold)

Too bad Bethany at Realverse isn't in the running. Hope she comes back soon. . .






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