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Headline Of The Day - Pick Your Poison Edition

From WSJ.com: Hillary Clinton Picks Heather Mills as General Counsel

From a Wall Street Journal e-mail announcing this WSJ Washington Wire piece. It turns out that Hillary hasn't picked Sir Paul McCarthy's one legged, gold digging, porn star/call girl, Dancing With The Stars contestant, soon to be ex-wife; that was just a tip of the mind typo from a WSJ publicist. No Hillary picked Cheryl Mills, one of the White House lawyers who defended Bill Clinton at his Senate impeachment trial. As a Clinton/Gore insider she's not exactly squeaky clean.

A House committee referred Mills to the Department of Justice for an investigation of possible perjury and obstruction of the investigation into the creation of a White House donor database that was a Hillary pet project. More on those findings here. Cheryl Mills was intimately involved in the pardon of Marc Rich (after she left the White House), and in the shielding of millions of White House e-mails from legal discovery. You name the Clinton scandal, and chances are you'll find Mills knee deep in it.

Perhaps Hillary would be better served with Lady Macca (as the tabloids have dubbed her) instead of someone at the nexus of every major Clinton administration scandal...

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Why not?Hey, you "... (Below threshold)

Why not?

Hey, you "go with what you know." Mills has been a faithful and effective water-carrier and shield-bearer for the Clintons in the past.

It's tough breaking in new people for such positions. You never know how low they will go, how willing they will be to fall on their sword when it all hits the fan. Of course, Hillary wants someone tried, tested, and true for this role.

Not to mention she knows where many of the bodies are buried - figuratively speaking, naturally.

Ah yes. The Marc Rich pard... (Below threshold)
robert the original:

Ah yes. The Marc Rich pardon.

What a fine example of good government that was.

FBI top ten most wanted, illegal trader in arms, went on to star in Oil-for-food. Cash for pardons, Oil-for-food, what's the difference?

Give her credit - Hillary R... (Below threshold)

Give her credit - Hillary Rodham Clinton IS consistent!

I suppose Hillary's philoso... (Below threshold)

I suppose Hillary's philosophy is "better the cronies you know than the cronies you don't."

Perhaps Hillary would be be... (Below threshold)

Perhaps Hillary would be better served with Lady Macca (as the tabloids have dubbed her) instead of someone at the nexus of every major Clinton administration scandal...

At least she's not known as Lady Macaca.

My last warning on this: Th... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

My last warning on this: Those of you who fail to add an exclamation mark immediately after typing "Hillary" are gonna be in deep doo-doo when she takes over.

HILLARY!!!!!!!!!! Am I safe... (Below threshold)

HILLARY!!!!!!!!!! Am I safe now Old C' - LOL.

In addition to being a Clin... (Below threshold)

In addition to being a Clintonista, Cheryl Mills has also been on Oprah's payroll. Apparently, Oprah was so 'inspired' by Mills' congressional defense of Bill Clinton that she hired Mills to run her (at the time) new Oxygen network.

And we all know the stellar quality of programming at the "O" network.






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