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A shameful musical confession

I have to confess something.

I like Christina Aguilera.

Well, not personally. She turns me off, a little. Hell, one of my first caption contest winners was when I labelled her "The Bride Of Skankenstein."

But damn, the woman's got pipes.

I have a fondness for her type of voice. Strong women, with a bit of roughness to their tone, kick the crap out of the "pretty" voices. Aguilera, Pat Benatar, Joan Jett, Pink, Sheena Easton, Annie Lennox -- those are the singers I like to hear.

And now Aguilera's done it again, and this time she's hitting me where I live.

I've always been a World War II buff. It's my favorite era of history to read about.

Well, Aguilera's taken her own riff on that time, and answered the question no one ever even though t to ask:

"What would happen if Busby Berkeley were to put together a bit featuring a singer with a huge voice and an appetite for raunch?"

It might look a little bit like this.

(And yes, Aguilera is all three singers -- the blonde, brunette, and redhead.)

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Yeah, she had a good set of... (Below threshold)

Yeah, she had a good set of pipes and could have based a lifelong career on that. However, some combinations of herself, her parents, her manager(s) and handlers decided that making a quick buck by skanking her out was better.

Hope she saved some of that.

I believe she is playing tw... (Below threshold)

I believe she is playing two additional roles in that as well (the single dancer and the girl at the soda fountain (who looks like Lucille Ball sorta).

No foolin on the pipes, but why ruin a good piece of music with tacky lyrics.

It don't mean a thing if it... (Below threshold)

It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that schwing.

I believe she's actually tr... (Below threshold)

I believe she's actually tried to change her image over the last couple of years. Getting married, doing less of the trashy-slut stuff and more the old fashioned-Hollywood-glamour type of stuff and this song is in that vein. Unlike a lot of the other pop stars she does actually posses the talent for a long career if she can continue producing quality. Even with a bit of sexy thrown in as long as the line to slut isn't crossed she'll be OK.

Jay, side note, in regards to your WW2 interest--you have my email address and are welcome to contact me and I've got a ton of WW2 info, material etc. I'm former USAF (Vipers) but have also piloted a P-51, YaK-18, Texan T-6 and sat right seat on a B-25 for some flights. My coffee mug has the B-17 on it. I've even gotten to seat back seat in a Russian Po-2 once flown by the infamous "Nightwitches" (they were female Russian pilots who flew night bombing missions in WWI era biplanes against the Germans on the Eastern Front in WW2.) I'd be happy to share some stuff/info etc.

No foolin on the p... (Below threshold)
No foolin on the pipes, but why ruin a good piece of music with tacky lyrics.

Because Aguilera decided long ago to her career interests were best served by adopting the persona of a cheap slut.

But hoo boy, can she sing.

Annie Lennox did something like this on her "Diva" CD. She does a song called 'Keep Young and Beautiful' which she sings in the vocal style popular in the 1930s. The track even has clicks and pops scattered throughout as if you were listening to an old vinyl LP.

It don't mean a thing if... (Below threshold)
Dan Irving:

It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that schwing.


First thing I though when I saw Christina at the Grammys (only was watching for the Peppers, honest!) was "Christina! The 40's called and they want their hair back!"

Jay,Amy Lee of Eva... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:


Amy Lee of Evanescence is one of my favorite female singers.

You might like her also.


Um, no.... (Below threshold)
Richard Romano:

Um, no.

Christina was part of the S... (Below threshold)

Christina was part of the Super-Bowl halftime show a few years ago when "Genie in a Bottle" was still big. She embarrassed all the other pop singers in the show with how much better she was...hell I can't even remember any of them. I was very disappointed when she decided that she needed to try and out-skank Brittney instead of out-sing her.

Faith+1 nailed it--she's re... (Below threshold)

Faith+1 nailed it--she's re-worked herself over several times, from a cute little ex-Mousekateer with some serious pipes to a skank with some serious pipes (does anyone else remember the two weeks she called herself X-tina?) to someone trying to bring back 40's Hollywood/entertainment glamor with a serious set of pipes. And I, personally, think it's working.

Say what you want, she's ea... (Below threshold)

Say what you want, she's easy on the eyes as well (especially liked the redhead version)

You go Candy!

I like the new image and so... (Below threshold)
Chris G:

I like the new image and sound. I liked her first album (No, I'm not gay), and thought she had more talent than all of the pop-tarts that burst in the scene in the late 90's.

Faith+1, I am a former Aricraft Weapons Tech on the F-15 A-E series. The E carried bombs as well as the air to air configuration

I like her new image and so... (Below threshold)

I like her new image and some of her new music.

Though if it can be helped, it'd be nice to stop linking to youtube.

Also, I don't particularly ... (Below threshold)

Also, I don't particularly view this as a shameful musical confession...she's an excellent singer.

Now, if you said David Hasslehoff, that'd be shameful ;)

So what's wrong with Skanke... (Below threshold)

So what's wrong with Skankenstein?

Are there non-stop flights?

Package tours?

Discounts for frequent visitors?
And yes... da girl got pipes... and ass to match.

I don't think I've ever hea... (Below threshold)

I don't think I've ever heard Aguilera before, but what a great voice. I stopped listening to rock a couple of years ago as a complete waste of time and generally listen to other stuff.

But I liked this clip. Nice take on the Andrews Sisters.

I'm right with you on both ... (Below threshold)
Ken McCracken:

I'm right with you on both Pat Benatar and Aquilera.

I dig chicks that can actually sing!

My real confession is that skanks are underrated!

(sorry, OT) Faith+... (Below threshold)
Big Mo:

(sorry, OT)

Faith+1 - You've piloted a Mustang? Sweeeet.

Have you ever flown a Jug (P-47)? They're my favorite, thanks to Robert S. Johnson. I've always liked the Mitchells too, because of the Doolittle mission.

I am very jealous. :)

That's not a Lucy lookalike... (Below threshold)

That's not a Lucy lookalike for the character she plays at the lunch counter. Its a tribute to Rosie the Riveter, as shown in WWII era posters.
5 seconds from the end of the video, she strike the "muscle" pose from the poster:


While Christina did go thro... (Below threshold)

While Christina did go through some growing pains it now appears she had matured. And done so with grace. Unlike Spears..

I can't watch the video fro... (Below threshold)

I can't watch the video from work, but I agree with you, I love killer pipes and I have almost all of those female singers on my iPod. I think they kick serious butt compared to most of the pop tarts out there.

I don't find "skanky" particularly offensive. It's just another kind of sexy that either turns you on or makes your shrug and walk away.

Leader of the free world and we're still a bunch o' Puritans in so many ways.

pickens, you silly man, I o... (Below threshold)

pickens, you silly man, I only meant she sorta looked lucy-ish --

But thanks for pointing out the Rosie tribute -- I missed that!

Some of those lyrics are ce... (Below threshold)

Some of those lyrics are certainly not '40s-ish....

Faith+1: My Top Knife expe... (Below threshold)

Faith+1: My Top Knife experience convinced me I and my C-spine were better suited for slow movers. Superb Vintage experience you have: congratulations. BTW, when was your last flight physical?

Finally got to see the vide... (Below threshold)

Finally got to see the video.

I LOVE pinup gals for the 40s and 50s. That was HOT.

Janis Joplin.....sigh... (Below threshold)
Jim in Texas:

Janis Joplin.....sigh

Abbott and Costello are ver... (Below threshold)

Abbott and Costello are very depressed they were born in the wrong decade. Imagine their movies with this type of "Andrews sister".






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