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President Shrimp

George W. Bush is not a short man. In fact, he's a little above average height -- he's 6'2" tall. (Correction: as a couple of commenters have noted, he's 5'11" -- his father was 6'2".)

That' just to give a little perspective behind this photo...

There's an old bit of wisdom that when America elects a president, they tend to vote for the taller one. If that's true, then I think here we have President Bush with his possible successor...

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The President has said that... (Below threshold)

The President has said that he is 5 ft 11, which isn't short, but isn't as much as 6ft 2.

Attached is a link from wikipedia and if you scroll to Family Life, his height is listed


Height is not the only qual... (Below threshold)

Height is not the only qualification to be a "shrimp."

And Kobe can be Shaq's VP!<... (Below threshold)

And Kobe can be Shaq's VP!

Someone's Bushes are backwa... (Below threshold)

Someone's Bushes are backward:
George Bush is 6'2" (or at least was - no doubt less tall now @ 80 years old), whilst G.W. is listed at 5'11" ...

I'm sure Shaq would say the... (Below threshold)

I'm sure Shaq would say the White House and Presidency are "tainted" because it's been a position held by White People, just like his comment on the NBA MVP recently.

The racist undertone was certainly inferred in Shaq's comments.

I'd vote for Shaq over Obam... (Below threshold)

I'd vote for Shaq over Obama any day!

Hugh. Good Morning. Why don't you sit down and have a nice cup of shut the hell up.

Someone should tell the Whi... (Below threshold)
Frank Kessler:

Someone should tell the White House that Shaq and the MIAMI HEAT, not the Los Angeles Lakes were the NBA champs last year.

"Someone should tell the... (Below threshold)

"Someone should tell the White House that Shaq and the MIAMI HEAT, not the Los Angeles Lakes were the NBA champs last year."

And someone should look closer at the picture before making comments like the one above. Phil Jackson is not the coach of the Heat (standing next to President Bush) and Robert Horry is not a member of the Heat (back row).

So the photo was taken some... (Below threshold)
Dan Irving:

So the photo was taken sometime between 1999 and 2002 which is when the Lakers last won the NBA Championship

As for Shaq and his '<a hre... (Below threshold)
Dan Irving:

As for Shaq and his 'tainted' quote:

"That award's been kinda tainted the last four or five years, so I don't know what y'all vote for."

That would be back to say 2001 ... and the winner of the NBA MVP for that season? Tim Duncan (2001/2, 2002/3). Before Tim? Kevin Garnett (2003/4). The only white guy in the last 'four or five years' to win the NBA MVP is Steve Nash. Maybe Shaq is miffed because Steven is an actual African American rather than just a plain-jane American.

I don't really care ... don't watch b'ball.

Above should read:... (Below threshold)
Dan Irving:

Above should read:

... Tim Duncan (2001/2, 2002/3). AFTER Tim? Kevin Garnett ...

Kazaam for President!... (Below threshold)

Kazaam for President!

Just so I can run this thre... (Below threshold)
Dan Irving:

Just so I can run this thread to death ...

Just for the record - I don't endorse the 'Shaq as racist' meme presented by Taz. I endorse the 'Shaq as egoist' meme.

Shaq as Dubya's successor?... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Shaq as Dubya's successor? Unfortunately, I think Bush's succesor (and millstone will) be something else ending with 'aq'.

Matt:I had a nice ... (Below threshold)


I had a nice cup of the giggles this morning, thank you. You oiught to try searching for a sense of humor - you might find one under the bed. Oh no, I forgot. Commies and terrorists are probably under your bed.






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