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Wizbang Podcast #56 is up

The 56th edition of the Wizbang Podcast is up for your listening pleasure. Here's what I thought you'd like to hear about today:

  1. Carl Levin - Neocon from Michigan
  2. Reconstruction in Iraq - An Ancient Land, but a New Country
  3. Not supporting our injured troops - Gates takes responsibility for Walter Reed conditions
  4. Does the Blogosphere need more censorship? - Eric Alterman advocates for a Blacklist for Bloggers
  5. Rudy on Abortion - It's about the Judges
  6. A Real Hero - Lieutenant Colonel Bruce Crandall - Medal of Honor

Listen to clips of Carl Levin advocating aggressive action against Iran and Syria, news about the reconstruction progress in Iraq from the man in charge, Gates taking responsibility for a failure to properly treat wounded soldiers, a liberal who advocates for censoring blogs, Rudy talk about judges, and President Bush wax poetic about a true hero.

Go and listen!

Note: Even if you don't use iTunes, a podcatcher, or any other fancy tech gizmo's, if you have speakers on your computer you can listen to a streaming version of the show via the Hipcast control at the top of the story.

Comments (4)

Hey Charlie - explain how w... (Below threshold)

Hey Charlie - explain how what Alterman is suggesting qualifies as "censorship"...?

That's an interesting choice of words you used -- censorship -- how does it apply here?

[crickets chirping softly]<... (Below threshold)

[crickets chirping softly]

Lee,What would you c... (Below threshold)

What would you call Alterman's ban on those who dare to write something that the "Blogging Council" finds inappropriate? He wants to create a censorship watchdog group that would have the power to restrict blog readership to those the council approves.

Is it a semantic problem? What definition of censorship do you prefer? While he is not saying publication would be prohibited, this first step towards that effort is so misguided that I must denounce it. First they come for the "liars", then they come for you.

While not technically "cens... (Below threshold)

While not technically "censorship" - in that it wouldn't prevent posting or be enforced by government - Alterman's whole purpose in the proposal is to replace the "lost" major media "gatekeepers" who decided what we should and should not be permitted to know.

I'm sure Lee and his pals can come up with a much better name for it, of course - something like, "GoodThink."






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