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Day Seven of the Scooter LIbby Jury Deliberations

It is day seven of the deliberations and what have we learned? The jury is fond of Post-It products. The most recent reports from the trial can be found at ScotterLibbyTrial.com.

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Oops, dead link. I think i... (Below threshold)

Oops, dead link. I think it's supposed to be scooterlibbytrial.com, not scotterlibbytrial.com.

So just when will Karl Rove... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

So just when will Karl Rove be frog-marched out of the White House? Inquisitive moonbats want to know.

Fitzgerald has to be quakin... (Below threshold)

Fitzgerald has to be quaking in his oxfords: seven days is an interminable amount of time for a jury to be out on a case of this sort. It's not a complicated business issue.

It means that the jury is either unable to make a decision, or split in the favor of aquittal. Either way, this would seem to be bode better for Libby than Fitzgerald.

Chris Matthews and the staf... (Below threshold)
Eneils Bailey:

Chris Matthews and the staff at Truthout have put out the word that the jury is just trying to decide how long to fry one side before you flip him.

Predicting what juries will... (Below threshold)

Predicting what juries will do is like predicting what dice will do. If you can do it with accuracy, head to Vegas immediately.

The jury gave no indication of being deadlocked. There is a phenomenon in high-profile cases where the jury becomes enamored of their role. They sometimes seek to retry the entire case in deliberations. This may be the case here.

Their last request was for a dictionary, which the judge properly refused them, reminding them his instructions were their guide, and he would define any term therein if needed. Since they didn't come back with a request for him to clarify the definition of perjury or obstruction, we may surmise they were trying to parse testimony.

Readers of tea leaves may divine in that an advantage for one side or the other, but in reality, it's anybody's guess.

What a sham this whole thin... (Below threshold)

What a sham this whole thing has been.






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