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Gmail Gone Wonky

In case you thought it was your browser or your computer, nope, gmail started going wonky about 12 hours ago and it has been spreading.

The number of users effected is still unknown but it's quite a bit. I have names and passwords for a half dozen or more accounts and only one works for me. YMMV.

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Paul, sounds like a new wor... (Below threshold)

Paul, sounds like a new worm or virus. Internet security services are now warning of a new worm going around that is a variant of the Storm Worm that is especially infecting some blogs. You need either constant updates of a good security service like Norton or AVG. AVG offers a great free internet security shield, absolutely free of charge or strings if you don't want to pay for the higher priced Norton. Juno offers free Norton service each month you subscribe as well.

Don't open any Email attachments unless you know the sender is always good advice as well.

But you should run a system scan with your antivirus software and see if anything is out there.

Rrrrrgh........ (Below threshold)


It has worked fine for me a... (Below threshold)

It has worked fine for me all day.

I blame Bush!... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:

I blame Bush!

Don't open any Email att... (Below threshold)

Don't open any Email attachments unless you know the sender is always good advice as well.

But what about those viruses that automatically will send out copies itself from the infected users address book?

Word of advice, don't open attachments.

Just logged into my gmail a... (Below threshold)

Just logged into my gmail account and it worked fine. As previously stated, must be a worm or virus that you computer has, Paul. I have a Mac so I would not be getting those nasties anyway.

Stan, do me a favor and lea... (Below threshold)

Stan, do me a favor and learn to follow links and READ.

The link sent you to a guy from google announcing the problem.

The best rule is: Don't ope... (Below threshold)

The best rule is: Don't open email attachments - ESPECIALLY if you know and trust the sender.

I sure hope Gmail is able to "E"ffect a change so that the number of people "A"ffected is kept to a minimum.

Paul,Stan was just... (Below threshold)


Stan was just trying to start one of those Mac vs. Oozer wars that you love so well.

It's been a while, what do you say?

I've always been a little w... (Below threshold)

I've always been a little wary of Gmail, though I use it nearly everyday. The way they put up relevant ads when you read emails from others lets you know that Gmail 'reads' your mail to provide content relevant to the email.

Then there's the new feature they have that let's you retrieve email from other accounts you may have with other providers. This requires you to provide the email username and password for the other account.

Add to this Gmail's apparent friendliness with China and that nation's propensity for censureship and general untrustworthyness(sp?) and you've got what could potentially be a rather incendiary security risk for many Americans who may not know that their email accounts may have potentially been hacked.

Mheh... it could just be an over-reaction to nothing on my part, but I always ensure that I never put anything personal into an email I send out on Gmail.


I think Google is evil, and... (Below threshold)
tom c:

I think Google is evil, and I don't use it.






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