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Have we entered the twilight zone?

A couple of days ago, Democrat Carl Levin said in an Armed Services committee meeting that we need to take action against Syria.

A day later, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice announces that we, the United States, along with Iraq, will sit down and have security talks with Iran and Syria.

Last night on David Letterman, not only did John McCain announce his intention to run for president of the United States, but he also claimed that the lives of our brave men and women has been wasted in Iraq. Quickly afterward, the DNC demanded that Senator McCain apologize for his comments.

What the hell is going on here? Everything is going topsy turvy.


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Comments (42)

Where is the outrage from t... (Below threshold)

Where is the outrage from the Right (see Obama and wasted comment)?

Disregarding BarneyG's usua... (Below threshold)
John Irving:

Disregarding BarneyG's usual firebreathing, I think this represents the different positions coming together and finding common agreement for our national security.

Nobody has a monopoly on good ideas.

I recommend the flat tax an... (Below threshold)

I recommend the flat tax and mandatory school prayer.

WOW - A republican finally ... (Below threshold)
Mark Blahut:

WOW - A republican finally telling the truth, how refreshing !
This is the kind of man we as a country need .
Now, if all of you wiznuts could wake up and follow the truth , just think how great this country could be . THE TRUTH - FROM A REPUBLICAN - WOW !!!!!!
Even my progressive ass could vote for a truth teller.

Here are two more recent ev... (Below threshold)

Here are two more recent events of the weird:

According to this in the NRO, the Bush administration just created a new democracy in the Middle East:

A diplomatic foul of the first order against a NATO ally, Secretary of State Rice refers to the border between Turkey and Iraq as the border between Turkey and Kurdistan.

I am sure that Turkey will be happy to hear this.

In other strange news, according to Sey Hersh's article in the New Yorker, the Bush administration is covertly aiding Sunni extremist groups with ties to al Qaeda?

The "Bush is Behind 9/11" conspiracy just got more interesting.

I'd say McCain has seen the... (Below threshold)

I'd say McCain has seen the writing on the wall regarding his Presidential run, so he's abandoning his efforts to attract conservatives and he's attempting to tap the moonbat base, hoping to get some crossover votes from there.

I blame it on Global Warmin... (Below threshold)

I blame it on Global Warming.

Oh yeah, and, I'm outraged.... (Below threshold)

Oh yeah, and, I'm outraged.

McCain has clarified his co... (Below threshold)

McCain has clarified his comments, see here. This correction is much like Obama's.

...and I thought it was jus... (Below threshold)

...and I thought it was just me. lol.

J.R., McCain clarified his ... (Below threshold)

J.R., McCain clarified his statement from "wasted" to "sacrificed" due to several mistakes in executing the war, and even the mistake of starting the war in the first place.

Under those conditions, I do not see the difference between sacrifice and wasted:

wasted |ˈwāstid| adjective 1 used or expended carelessly, extravagantly, or to no purpose : wasted fuel | a wasted opportunity.

It's the connotation that "... (Below threshold)

It's the connotation that "wasted" carries that makes the statement controversial.

Kind of like "brave" having a positive connotation yet Mahr using it to describe the 9/11 highjackers.

We have a plethora of words in the English language that can be to describe things in a fairly precise manner.

You are taking this well Ki... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

You are taking this well Kim, since you you were livid about Obama's similar comment to McCain's, two weeks ago. I guess you're mellowing.
But don't worry the: U.S. won't talk to Syria, Iran directly, according to the Whitehouse As always nothing is 'off the table' with Iran; nuking them, invading or attacking them is an option, but to actually talk with them, as they would like, is always 'off the table'.

Steve,Direct</i... (Below threshold)


Direct talks are on the table as well, if Iran stops it's enrichment and Iran and Syria stop supporting Hamas and Hezbollah.

I realize you must be a proponant of all carrot diplomacy, but obviously the U.S. likes to include a stick in the equation.

Heralder..of course if Syr... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Heralder..of course if Syria and Iran did all that, in their minds, they wouldn't have much to negotiate for, or much point to come to the table.

In another twilight zone mo... (Below threshold)

In another twilight zone moment George Soros bought 1.9 million shares of stock in...get this....



There are all sorts of craz... (Below threshold)

There are all sorts of crazy stuff in the news today that we never thought would happen. Like taking Bush's word that New Orleans will be rebuilt:

"And tonight I also offer this pledge of the American people: Throughout the area hit by the hurricane, we will do what it takes. We will stay as long as it takes to help citizens rebuild their communities and their lives. And all who question the future of the Crescent City need to know: There is no way to imagine America without New Orleans, and this great city will rise again."

"People's lives are improving. And there is hope."

So he went from "do what it takes" to "hope"?

Steve,True, and th... (Below threshold)


True, and there lies the problem...which is why we end up engaging in "Carrier Strike Group" diplomacy.

I see no excuse for McCain ... (Below threshold)

I see no excuse for McCain using the word "wasted". It's not as if others haven't already slimed themselves there. I have to suspect it was deliberate.
Maybe he's known all along that the only maverick people like is the other side's maverick. The one who sticks it to the opposition. So he's once again appealing to the people who find him appealing.

Barney,Yes, but "h... (Below threshold)


Yes, but "hope" as in "The afflicted now have hope" rather than "We sure hope we can help."

Did you actually miss the meaning or deliberately miscronstrue it?

YOUR ENTERING INTO ANOTHER ... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:


Kinda odd that two high pro... (Below threshold)

Kinda odd that two high profile politicians from opposite perspectives on Iraq can so easily make the same slip. And, as Barney points out, there isn't all that much difference between wasted and sacrificed. Plus now Bush is negotiating with Iran and Syria. Wow. He listened to Baker after all. It's a shame so many lives had to be ... sacrificed ... for him to arrive at this place of understandign. For the first time.

Kim:"Of course, the Dems wi... (Below threshold)

Kim:"Of course, the Dems will conveniently forget that it was Bill Clinton and Co. who bought Crazy Kim's no nuclear weapons promise. And the nutroots will insist that President Bush forced Crazy Kim into testing the nuke because he refused to sit down with him in bilateral talks."


Memories of less crazy times Kim...but your writing has always been consistent...ly wrong.

So I visited some of the bl... (Below threshold)

So I visited some of the blogs that took great offense (hates the troops, traitor..) of Obama using the term "wasted" to see if there is any outrage about McCain. Guess what I found? Nothing?

Go to B4B, Michelle M., Captain's, StTJ, Ankle B, nothing at all? Do I sniff hypocrisy?

Maybe they will get to it eventually like Wiz here and just bury the controversy, or explain it away as Rush L did on his show (he misspoke, I'll give him the benefit of a doubt).

I did find a discussion on InstaPud.

McCain should apologize, wi... (Below threshold)

McCain should apologize, without doubt.

I suspect it is just part of the mounting desperation to salvage his melting-down candidacy, but it is still inexcusable.

As with Obama, though, the bell cannot be "unrung" after the fact. Damage done is done.

Hate to agree with the moon... (Below threshold)

Hate to agree with the moonbats here but...you're coming off real hypocritical here Kim.

As with Obama, though, t... (Below threshold)

As with Obama, though, the bell cannot be "unrung" after the fact. Damage done is done.

Except Obama is taking the high road by saying that McCain just misspoke, and everyone should just get over it.

What the hell is going o... (Below threshold)

What the hell is going on here? Everything is going topsy turvy.

Kim, I'm sorry to hear that you're getting all frightened and confused by the world not fitting into your little pre-judged black and white boxes. It's given you a bad case of hypocrisy and inconsistency. Get well soon.

I enjoy Wizbang for having ... (Below threshold)

I enjoy Wizbang for having a varied sort of commenter, but what's going on in this thread guys? Is there only deception and insults to be had from the "left"? Or are these just trolls?

Now Barney? As Heralder aked: Did you actually miss the meaning or deliberately miscronstrue it?

Here's a hell of a big diff... (Below threshold)

Here's a hell of a big difference between "wasted" and "sacrificed". The latter applies whether you think the effort is in vain or not. The former applies only if you think it's all in wain or not worth it.

Isn't "wasted" what the maj... (Below threshold)

Isn't "wasted" what the majority of Kos commenters are -- at least by 9:30 am?

I could go on, but it would... (Below threshold)

I could go on, but it would be a waste of breath trying to get Sen. Obama to acknowledge the existence of countless soldiers and their families who reject his patronizing, infantilizing, and insulting view of all American troops as dupes/victims who have squandered their lives. Michelle Malkin on Obama's wasted qoute

Hey Michelle, anything on McCain? Anything? Anything at all?
(que the sounds of crickets)

Hey Kim, maybe you want comment?

The former applies only ... (Below threshold)

The former applies only if you think it's all in wain or not worth it.

Well, yeah. And a majority of the country believes it was all in wain. So McCain was appealing to both the left and the right with his comment.

As a family member of a fal... (Below threshold)

As a family member of a fallen soldier in Iraq, I can't imagine a presidential candidate saying anything more callous, more offensive, or more ignorant of the ultimate sacrifice that our brave troops have made for us and our country. By: Kim Priestap at 10:40 AM | Link | Filed under: Barack Obama | Technorati Links | | Trackbacks (3)

Kim, you got anything to add? How about an endorsement for Mc Cain?

If he wants to appeal to th... (Below threshold)

If he wants to appeal to that crowd, then he should openly appeal to it and not do it through "Freudian slips", right?

Is Kim on the "Mc Cain" campaign or something? Because the above comments seem to assume it. And when you assume...

You know, using the term To... (Below threshold)

You know, using the term Tospy-Turvey made me think of Gilbert and Sullivan, which made me think of Tom Lehrer, which led to the repetitious lyrics and melody of National Brotherhood Week spilling through my head. I think somehow a little update on the names and actions might nicely capture the current surrealistic state of politics in the US as you describe it Kim.

Now as far as Snuffy Smith's city slicker doofus friend, the assumptions and attempts at insults are soo off base I think its about time for Odin's Hammer, just to relieve comment threads from the miasma of incoherent verbiage he keeps spewing forth.

I recommend free mental hea... (Below threshold)

I recommend free mental health care for the 50% of the population that has let BDS drive the into insanity. Soon the suicide rate will explode, which might now be a bad thing considering what it will cost to get these people back to a minimum functional level. Every liberal I know is now totally whacked out. Worse than the 60's drug epidemic.
No, the majority of the American people do not think Iraq was in vain. You're listening to NBC/CNN polls again. The majority of the American people want the job finished and Iraq left as a country of free people.

What war was fought and how many died to gain freedom for your ancestors? Millions died, now matter which war freed them, but you are free to be patriotic to the givers of freedom, or an idiot that only wants freedom for yourself and the hell with everyone else, which is the majority dhimmi position.

"wasted"--as in wasted air ... (Below threshold)

"wasted"--as in wasted air that barneygoogle uses.
b'g'--what differance does it make what Osama Bama and Mc' said? Both have about as much a chance of being Prez as you.

Well said Scrap'.... (Below threshold)

Well said Scrap'.

McCain knows he will never ... (Below threshold)

McCain knows he will never win the conservative votes, so he tosses red meat to the moonbats. He is toast. Thankfully, the democrat candidates are horrible.

The majority of the Amer... (Below threshold)

The majority of the American people want the job finished and Iraq left as a country of free people.

Wow, you have only one post in this thread, and it's so pathetically wrong. Not a good batting average.

Fifty-six percent say U.S. forces should be withdrawn eventually even if civil order has not been restored in Iraq... Fifty-three percent support setting a date for withdrawing U.S. forces from Iraq
This just in: Mario Cuomo <... (Below threshold)

This just in: Mario Cuomo encourages Newt Gingrich to run for President.

Now I'm confused.






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