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Aqua Net Offsets for All!

There has been a good deal of discussion lately of carbon offsets. They are the Gore defense to the excessive consumption of energy in both his mansions and private jet usage. In my column at Townhall today I explain why I think those using carbon offsets as a defense for their excessive energy consumption could wind up with a big political problem.

Putting aside for the moment whether or not anything man can do can affect global climate change, the concept of offsets presents some interesting political challenges for those promoting it.

One of those challenges is moral and ethical in nature. If global warming is truly a dire threat to the existence of life on earth as Gore and others claim, and if human activity contributes to the problem, what could possibly justify the excessive (I would even say obscene) energy consumption of Gore and other limousine liberals? If paying someone else to behave better than you do (through offsets) is a sufficient answer, I have to wonder just how real the problem is. I also wonder just how much bad behavior can be forgiven with the purchase of offsets.

Would Gore be as enthusiastic to embrace the use of offsets when it comes to other human activity that impacts the environment? The possibilities abound. How about a Litter Offset, for example? Could purchasing an offset make it okay to throw a fast food wrapper and aluminum can out of a car window? Let's say an individual could purchase an offset that would pay for a couple of people with those pointy sticks to pick up trash on the roadside for an hour. Since even that small clean up crew would certainly pick up more trash in an hour than the original fast food wrapper and aluminum can that were discarded, it would seem the environment would be in much better shape as a result of the Litter Offset. It sounds like a winning plan to me. Offsets for everyone!

How about a Toxic Waste Offset? Companies that dump toxic waste into the waterways could absolve themselves of any responsibility for the way they affect the environment by purchasing offsets. The offsets could go to clean up dumpsites and to incentives paid to companies that don't dump. How about Oil Spill Offsets for big oil polluters?

My personal favorite offset idea is one I call the Aqua Net Offset. This offset would allow chicks with big hair (and select male news reporters) to pay others not to use aerosol hairspray, thereby offsetting their own excessive consumption. Just consider the impact of the Donald Trump offset alone! It might reduce greenhouse gases more than all of Al Gore's carbon offsets combined. Follow me on this one. Last year it was reported that one result of efforts to reduce chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) was that some of the chemicals that replaced them in refrigerants and aerosols, while better for the ozone layer, "act as a reflective layer in the atmosphere that traps heat like a greenhouse." The fix for the ozone layer contributed to greenhouse gases, which many believe contribute to global warming. My Aqua Net Offset could have prevented all that and might just have kept Big Hair in style, as well. (Okay, admittedly that is a drawback.)

Another political problem for those using carbon offsets to defend their personal environmental practices is the wealthy elite factor. While some rich celebrities (and politicians) are telling us little guys how to conduct our lives, they are flying their private jets and then assuaging their guilt by purchasing offsets. I don't see that as a winning political message.

The Anchoress writes about the suppression of dissenting views on global warming and asks about how Gore is purchasing his offsets.
Al Gore says governments haven't done enough about Global warming because the media is too balanced, and that balance brings a bias.

Got that? He's telling the media they have to stop asking questions or reporting dissenting views and simply fall in line. He wants them to "report the consensus."

Except - once again - there is no consensus about global warming, or its causes, there are only people who won't allow the other side to be heard and then TELL you there is a consensus. And you're supposed to just believe it. Take it "on faith."
I still want to know how green are his two mines in Carthage. I want to know more about how he buys his "offsets" from his own company - is anyone following the money here? Is a single journalist going to look into what carbon offsets actually do or do not do and is anyone at all asking why we're supposed to just take all of this "on faith" when (as Gore admits - probably inadvertantly - in this piece) there is a dissenting view?

Gore would like that. He wants you to take it all "on faith." And he wants the press to just write what he tells them to (and some of them seem more than happy to do just that) and reap the whirlwind.

Dan Riehl has the story about where Gore is purchasing carbon offsets. It appears he is buying them from himself.

Update: Print your own carbon credits!


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How about a Rehab Offset? ... (Below threshold)

How about a Rehab Offset? Since I don't drink or do drugs, I could sell my Rehab points to a celebrity or politician that does. For an extra bonus, I'd even be willing to attend Rehab for them. As long as it was one of the nice ones that let you wander in and out.

Purchasing 'offsets' do not... (Below threshold)

Purchasing 'offsets' do nothing to reduce emissions. It's completely financial (i.e. not related to pollution, but rather to money).

In the same vein....
I don't smoke, so I'm willing to sell my 'lung cancer offsets' to anyone who does smoke. Just post here and I'll let you know where to send the cash.

Or what about this: Since ... (Below threshold)
Dave A.:

Or what about this: Since I seldom drink, can I sell blood alcohol content offsets to drunk drivers so they can get their BAC below the legal limit?

THE DEBATE IS OVER. GLOBAL... (Below threshold)
civil behavior:


You can remain part of the problem by denying it or be part of the solution by doing things to offset the damage.

As for "purchasing" offsets it's not the answer to a problem that will continue to get worse if America doesn't take the lead and start really pushing the need for carbon caps, and trades and sequestration and conservation much less alternatives for cleaner energy.

At least Gore is using his consumption I.e. jet fuel, for educating thousands of people as to the risks and the consequences of delay.

What are YOU doing personally (Lorie Byrd and others) other than trying to convert science into right wing fundie ideology opposing having people take responsibility for their waste and egregious lifestyle choices?

Why does the right wing hate for Americans to take repsonsibility for the filth, death and destruction they have unleashed on the world?

Why does the right wing ... (Below threshold)

Why does the right wing hate for Americans to take repsonsibility for the filth, death and destruction they have unleashed on the world?

Let me get some of that stuff you're smoking.

Here's Uncle Zeb's predicti... (Below threshold)

Here's Uncle Zeb's prediction....

These "offsets" are going to become expected and part of our daily lives. It is going to be an environmental tax on all of us as an extra cost of fuel, airfare etc. We are now seeing the initial drumbeat for this.

This is not going away people. Get ready we, the little people, are about to be hosed again while the elite continue their lifestyle with righteous indignation for all that do not worship at the feet of Earth Mother Gaia.

cbehavoir:<blockquot... (Below threshold)



Alright. Thanks for letting us know.

It's actually a two part question.
1) Is the Earth warming ?
2) If yes, what's the cause ?

And why does the left seem so convinced that man-made global warming is occurring but thinks non-sense like 'offsets' (and their counter part Kyoto) are the answer rather than obvious solutions such as nuclear power ?

Scenario:A highway... (Below threshold)


A highway patrol office follows Tipper and alGore down the highway, and watches as they toss food wrappers, bear cans and used Depends "undergarments" out the windows.

The officer them, but as he attempts to write them a ticket, alGore pulls out his "Litter Offset" CreditCard. This shows that alGore sends money to the State to pay for extra highway clean-up...thereby giving him the right to throw his shit wherever he wants, whenver he wants.

This is 100% analogous to his "Carbon Credits" crap...except the "litter" is emitted from his private jet and 10,000+ sq.ft. homes...versus BurgerKing wrappers!!

I don't litter. But if I DID litter, the LAST thing I would do would be to harangue others for littering!! Hypocrisy thy name is alGore!!

Civil behavior.No, t... (Below threshold)

Civil behavior.
No, the debate is not over.
Latest comes from National Geographic, not exactly
a far right publication.
See: http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2007/02/070228-mars-warming.html

As for Gore, there may be more to his motives than meets the eye. See:

Is it possible that the ear... (Below threshold)

Is it possible that the earth warms and cools in cycles and man can do absolutly NOTHING to prevent it?

Grade school science class explained that the earth rotates on its axis and that its not a perfect rotation. The earth wobbles. The change in the planets position is what gives us our seasons. It seems to me that a slight change in the angle of the plant in relation to the sun could impact the seasonality we experience, making some periods warmer/cooler than others. If this is even a remotly plausable possibility, what in the world would carbon offsets (or any other man made 'solution") do to change this fact?



civil behavior,You... (Below threshold)

civil behavior,

You mentioned in an earlier discussion that America should set a good example. What of Al Gore, should he not lead his crusade by example? you lambast the rest of us for living wasteful, egregious lifestyles...start at the top. Gore uses more energy and produces more waste in a month than you and I combined in a year. Tell me, why does he need a that energy vortex we call a mansion to educate people, unless he's educating people on how hypocritical he can be?

This offset issue is nothing more than a resurrection of the medieval Catholic church's practice of buying your family members out of purgatory and in to heaven.

For those of you who aren't... (Below threshold)

For those of you who aren't afraid to think for yourself (rather than have Lorie think for you) -- here's a link to one of the carbon offset companies - Terrapass

and another -- Carbonfund.org

I forgot to mention that bo... (Below threshold)

I forgot to mention that both of those companies are non-profit.

Any commerce in carbon offs... (Below threshold)

Any commerce in carbon offsets increases inefficiency in the delivery of energy thereby grinding the poor and embellishing the commerciants. In addition, it is morally inefficient.

Now what kind of prophet is the Gorebellied Fool?

Want the unified theory?</p... (Below threshold)

Want the unified theory?

Carbon's origin is vulcanic, it is virtually permanently sequestered in Hydrocarbons and Carbonates by the action of the Sun and biomass. Total Insolation, the amount of energy hitting the earth from the sun is very gradually increasing, as a function of the sun, as a reactor, gradually getting stronger. Total Insolation, while gradually rising, varies around that rising curve in Cycles, and a weak one, #25, is coming. Water, particularly at the interface between condensation/evaporation, acts as a positive or negative feedback mechanism depending upon need. So in the face of a gradually strengthening sun we are kept at the cusp of glaciation by the carbon cycle and the action of the sun on the biomass.

I think I've never heard so loud,
The quiet message of a cloud.

Lee,I already have... (Below threshold)


I already have a Terrapass, it's called a Metrocard and it gets me on the subway everyday for a month. Though instead of paying $49.95 for a year, I pay $74.00 a month.

Once you've got the unified... (Below threshold)

Once you've got the unified theory you can make a judgement. In my repeatedly humbled opinion, all this carbon dioxide we're releasing as if from a shaken champagne bottle, will have little long term effect, and far less short term effect than the hysterics imagine.

Pebble bed nuclear technology. That's the future, and the Chinese are MegaKiloWattYears ahead of us, or anyone for that matter.

Global warming is a routine... (Below threshold)

Global warming is a routine, cyclical event that occurs every 1500 years. And while the left does its utmost to muzzle anyone who doesn't agree (so much for freedom of speech), the fact is that there ARE many scientists who don't agree with Al Gore and his pals and their doomsday predictions. And I well remember some 35 years ago when the earth was supposed to FREEZE over completely by the year 2010! How's that coming along?

And if you want the antidot... (Below threshold)

And if you want the antidote to Gore's False Religion, go to climateaudit.org, the blog of Steve McIntyre, who revealed the Piltdown Mann's Crooked Hockey Stick.

from Hot Air's see-dubya:</... (Below threshold)

from Hot Air's see-dubya:

"I went out and beat up some minorities this morning. But I bought some racism offsets, so it's OK."

see-dubya on February 27, 2007 at 1:10 PM

Hypocrisy Defined.

I abused a fag last night b... (Below threshold)

I abused a fag last night but it felt OK with the homophobic offsets humped up in my pocket.

So if an inner city Dem mu... (Below threshold)

So if an inner city Dem murders someone, is that now OK because he can offset that with having yet another child out of wedlock?

"Global warming is a rou... (Below threshold)

"Global warming is a routine, cyclical event that occurs every 1500 years."

At last the right is starting to acknowledge the problem exists. We no longer have to argue IF it is happening.

The question that remains is what, if anything, we should we be doing to mitigate the problem. Funding the development of alternate energy production and research thought carbon credits seems like a no brainer - it's voluntary, and it helps reduce our dependence on foreign oil. What's the problem with that?

The only reason people like Lorie are fighting this isn't because of the voluntary alternate energy funding and the reduction of our dependence on oil -- it's because Al Gore is behind it.

Severe GDS there... Look, the problem is real - let's argue about solutions, not just attack the messenger.

Lee, if it is a routine cyc... (Below threshold)

Lee, if it is a routine cyclical event(I don't happen to agree) why should we do anything about it at all?

Lorie, and many on the right, object to the suppression of dissent, and the irrationality by which 'carbon' decisions are made. Kyoto is massively foolish and its victims are rife and mute.

g, cute, and you point out ... (Below threshold)

g, cute, and you point out that the mechanism of indulgences can justify any sin.

How can TerraPass be non-pr... (Below threshold)
Michael Evilcorn:

How can TerraPass be non-profit if it is owned by a publically traded company GreenShift? Maybe that's why their stock is so cheap. I don't know.

Give me $1000, and I'll plant 500 trees. I promise.

Lee,I have to admi... (Below threshold)


I have to admit I have a problem with the issue mostly because of who's giving it.

What happens when you as a parent tell your children not to drive drunk, then drive them to school while your drunk? What does that do to the credibility of your message?

Drinking an equal amount of coffee to alcohol while your on your way to inebriation, may water it down, but it won't cancel or balance the effect the alcohol is having on your system.

Yes, we should absolutely be looking for alternate and renewable energy sources for a myriad of reasons; not among them, in my opinion, is the danger of the world ending in the next 5 decades due to incremental warming.

"Look, the problem is re... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

"Look, the problem is real - let's argue about solutions"

First, yes global warming is real. Cycles of warming and cooling have been happening for about 4.5 billion years here on Earth.

Second, is it a problem? The neo-comms seem to think so. The reality is that most likely a lot more people will benefit from this current warming cycle than the handful that may be slightly incovenienced by it. I know it's benefited me. Before this current global warming trend stated about 15,00 years ago there was a mile of ice on top of where my house now stands.

Third, solutions? Typical leftist arogance there. Thinking thay can change the global climate. It's laughable. So far all they've come up with is socialist wealth distribution schemes (Kyoto) and "offsets" so the wealthy can buy their way out of doing anything. Typical leftists.

Despite the hysteria, it is... (Below threshold)

Despite the hysteria, it is not certain we are warming beyond the normal rebound from the Little Ice Age. Surface temperatures in the Northern Hemisphere are rising, possibly due to the error introduced by Urban Heat Islands, but not in the Southern Hemisphere, nor in the atmosphere or the oceans. If warming were from the greenhouse effect of a universally distributed gas, it should certainly be more uniform than just on the surface of the Northern Hemisphere.

"How can TerraPass be no... (Below threshold)

"How can TerraPass be non-profit if it is owned by a publically traded company GreenShift? "

Thanks, Michael. Looks like you're right - my bad. I looked up four companies this morning - two were non-profit and two were for-profit - and I grabbed the wrong link.

The other non-profit I meant to link to is gocarbonzero.org.

From terrapass:<bloc... (Below threshold)

From terrapass:

Methane gas is fuel produced naturally from biomass that if not combusted greatly adds to our global warming problem. Methane is has a greenhouse effect 22 times greater than carbon dioxide.

New bumper sticker:
Save the Planet - light a fart.

(/sophomoric humor)

FACT: More Coca-Cola is con... (Below threshold)

FACT: More Coca-Cola is consumed in New York City in the Summer than in other seasons

FACT: The murder rate in New York City is higher in the Summer than in other seasons

Inconvenient TRUTH: Coca-Cola is responsible for MURDERS in New York City!!

Where alGore when ya really need him??

Lee,Another <a hre... (Below threshold)


Another reason to shoot the messenger.

1. Al Gore consumes far mor... (Below threshold)

1. Al Gore consumes far more electricity and natural gas than the average TN homeowner.

2. Al Gore's lifestyle creates more carbons than his typical neighbor.

3. Al Gore 'buys' 'carbon credits' in a firm which he runs, that invests in 'alternative energy companies'.

It still doesn't matter if he does (3) because he still consumes more natural resources and produces more carbons...and there is no actually measurable proof that his 'investments' have offset his wasteful consumption, nor reduces carbons.

Take 20 lbs of carbons created by Gore...then have another 'GW-frendly' entity create 1 lb. That doesn't mean that the 20 lbs has been offset by the 1 lb. It means that there is 21 lbs.

Or put it another way: If Gore uses 10 kw of electricity produced from a coal-fired plant, and his wind farm produces 10 kw for his neighbor...It still means that 20 kw are being used...not that his 10kw of waste is negated by the other 10kw.

I just love this thread. T... (Below threshold)

I just love this thread. The general topic has been keeping the blogosphere and comedians rolling for days now.

Way I see it, the Jolly Green Gore is hypocritical. He has been imploring us to reduce our carbon foot print, use less fuels, go greener etc while living the opposite lifestyle himself. Kind of like an evangelical preacher telling us not to sin while he has affairs and does drugs. If Jolly Green Gore was serious he could find alternate means of getting the message out without having to produce mega-tons of carbon emissions to do it. Multi-media is a wonderful thing.

Finally, why is a warming of the earth a bad thing? More C02 in the atmosphere also equals more plant life which consumes C02 and produces oxygen. Melted ice means more water vapor overall which will be held in by the green house effect resulting in additional rain. Climate has been happening on earth for thousands, millions, or billions of years (take a pick based on your belief system) and the earth still exists. For at least multiple of thousands of years man has been adjusting and adapting to these changes. Instead of trying to fight it we should embrace it and learn to live in harmony with it.

Hark and Mark what Matthew ... (Below threshold)

Hark and Mark what Matthew says and Look at that John boy stand up and preach.

Wow, that's a mouthful, Kim... (Below threshold)

Wow, that's a mouthful, Kim. I stumbled just trying to read it correctly.

"Save the planet, light a f... (Below threshold)

"Save the planet, light a fart" makes more sense than 99 44/100% of the garbage put out by the educated elite (aka idiots). Send that to Algore and he'll use it. The man is an expert in everything he knows nothing about. He gives people from Tn. a bad name.

Everything else that the left thinks intrudes on others has been banned. When are you going to ban the $5 a gallon perfume that fills all of the stores and malls. A lot of females, and males?? for that matter will have to start taking a bath instead of using a coverup.

Uncle Zeb,Was that y... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

Uncle Zeb,
Was that your original comment or a quote? If it was yours then you just got quoted on Rush Limbaugh's show today. If I heard right, he just said the following:

"Get ready we, the little people, are about to be hosed again while the elite continue their lifestyle with righteous indignation for all that do not worship at the feet of Earth Mother Gaia."

Off-topic...kindaA... (Below threshold)


At the end of Rudy's speech this morning was this line:
"We don't have to be ashamed of acting in our own interests."

alGore and the Libs are CONSUMED with shame over America's success...and consistently trumpet tht we should NEVER act in our own interests!!

Kyota is one HUGE "Carbon Offset" scheme. The intent is to level the COMPETITIVE playing field economically, by shackling the UNITED STATES! "Developing" countries (i.e., those with the WORST environmental track records) are EXCLUDED from most measures...while we are PENALIZED!!

That is why a Congress did not pass this when a Democrat was in the White House with his trousers around his ankles!!

I think the Catholic Church... (Below threshold)

I think the Catholic Church tried this a few centuries ago. A German Priest became offended?

Everybody who says the deba... (Below threshold)

Everybody who says the debate is over is ignorant or lying. Mars (as a link above discusses), Europa, Triton, and Pluto are warmer than they were in the fifties. Another interesting and if I may say inconvienient truth is that the warmest year since the middle ages was 1998. Thats almost ten years ago. If the earth is warming why isn't every year warmer than the one before, I mean today we have put more carbon into the atmosphere than was there in 1998.

To another commenter, I am not sure what role the Earth's "wobble" (precession and nutation) has in warming and cooling cycles. On the other hand the sun is a variable star, producing more or energy on a rather long term cycle. It seems that the sun is producing more energy today than it was in 1970.

I also took a shot at going to gocarbon.org which is a front for Conservation Fund, a land buying conservation group. Now I have no problem with land buying organizations as I support several myself. If this is a carbon offset, yahoo I am buying a bus and touring the country carbon free by myself. The rest of you suckers need to reduce your footprint because, I am, well, to important to actually conserve myself (just ask me) and I can do this with clear conscience as I buy offsets. Eat my polution.

Oh and by the way I popped ... (Below threshold)

Oh and by the way I popped over to the generationim.com web site, Al Gore's personal offset company (which he is president of and is for profit). For the guy who invented the internet you would think he would have a better than butt ugly web site. But it is butt ugly.

Recenlty, it was global war... (Below threshold)

Recenlty, it was global warming. Now, it's global climate change. Next, Solar System Climate Change ?


Perhaps we should be looking at attaching some type of ignition system to rear ends of cows to burn off the expelled methane. Or perhaps, the Goracle could just go around the pasture with a Bic lighter, instead of buying 'offsets', as penance.

So... could offsets work f... (Below threshold)

So... could offsets work for other 'crimes'?

What good works could 'offset' murder? child molestation? being a (D)emocrat?

Gore's investment firm deal... (Below threshold)

Gore's investment firm deals in carbon credits, so he's self-dealing, and making money off these things. Seems like that conflict of interest should have been disclosed, huh?

Sheesh, what an idiot.

Not only that, but the 'val... (Below threshold)

Not only that, but the 'value' of the 'carbon offsets' is completely arbitrary. There is no market, no regulation, and no means to audit the transactions.

It's 'funny money', except that the average Joe has to 'sacrifice' for the 'common good' so that people like Gore can get wealthy without changing their ways one little bit.

If global warming is tru... (Below threshold)

If global warming is truly a dire threat to the existence of life on earth as Gore and others claim, and if human activity contributes to the problem, what could possibly justify the excessive energy consumption of Gore

If terrorism is truly a dire threat to the existence of America, and we're engaged in a war for civilization itself as Bush and others claim, what could possibly justify the inability of Bush to provide sufficient military resources and his opposition to a draft?

I would say the Bush question is the more serious one, since Al Gore could suddenly become Amish and have no individual effect on global warming, while Bush individually has the power to change the scope of the war in Iraq, and thus save all of civilization.

Oh goody, this discussion i... (Below threshold)

Oh goody, this discussion isn't going the way Brian wants it to go, so he wants us to at the shiny nickle he has.

Congress not Bush ccontrol the resources and the military doesn't want a draft. So of course, Bush should stop listening to the Generals, right?

Brian write your congressmen and women and ask them why they are not supplying the funds to finish the war.

And do you seriously think that Al Gore is going to do anything to limit his consuption. If GW is that critical, you need to get him to reduce his extravigancies. For me as a former stellar astrophysist, I believe our current problem is sun based. So AL can be any kind of hypocrite he wants to be.

Civil [mis]behavior<p... (Below threshold)

Civil [mis]behavior

At least Gore is using his consumption I.e. jet fuel, for educating thousands of people as to the risks and the consequences of delay.

Question CB: When The Goracle was jetting the globe pimping his movie (from the Middle East,
Philippines and all points in the States) wasn't he mis-educating people by using demonstrable lies that even the latest UN publication debunks? (i.e. 10-20 feet rise in oceans among others)

And would it have been much more "earth friendly" if he had made media buys to get his message out rather than jet the world and pollute the stratosphere? (NOTE: many of the speeches he made during the tour were paid speeches so he not only pimped his movie but gained financially doing it.)

This, also from Civil [mis]behavior:


Now, now, now CB you've been around long enough to know the use of all caps indicates your desire to SCREAM at the top of your lungs.

First of all lower your voice you sound like a 2 year old, not to mention attempting to drown out other voices.

Secondly, the debate isn't over no matter how much Goracle flavored Kool-Aid you've consumed.

Brian......... GO AWAY.... (Below threshold)

Brian......... GO AWAY.

Find an Iraq thread to air your disagreements over it.

Lorie, that was straight fr... (Below threshold)

Lorie, that was straight from the heart and my own thoughts. WOW are you serious the "Man" himself qouted me?

Wish I could hear it, I missed his show today.

Ah, I'm glad to see you all... (Below threshold)

Ah, I'm glad to see you all think my Iraq question was stupid, since it was designed to demonstrate how stupid Lorie's parallel question was.

And David, I'm not going to bother going down an Iraq rat hole here, but there's not one thing in your post that was factually accurate.

"Why does the right wing ha... (Below threshold)
Rob LA Ca.:

"Why does the right wing hate for Americans to take repsonsibility for the filth, death and destruction they have unleashed on the world?"

Are you kidding ? That would be great. I would love to see you and your Un-American criminal party of frauds , liars and traitors jump off a cliff. It would be the greatest contribution in history and the planet will have been saved.

Well Brian, if we're stupid... (Below threshold)

Well Brian, if we're stupid, why don't you spell it out to us then?

Lorie's question is whether or not the press is going to look into what these carbon offsets actually do. Seems pretty reasonable to me.

I see the issue as Gore trying to shoulder his way into politics. Saying that everyone needs to "do their part" to reduce CO2 emissions, but then having a house that emits 20x more than the average American tells me that he's not really eating his own crap.

I'm not even going to go into his "carbon credits" scam, but since he owns a stake in the company, you should be able to figure this out...

Come on Brian, Explain... (Below threshold)
Rob LA Ca.:

Come on Brian, Explain the Criminal Democrat Party of Perpetual Fraud for us. Or should I expect more of the same defending of your Masters at all cost?

Actually, I'm having some t... (Below threshold)

Actually, I'm having some thoughts about this.

So... how can the Average American benefit from "Carbon Credits" like the wise and mighty Al Gore?

Here's how. Trees pull Carbon from the If the woods get burned, or decays then it gets released back into the air as CO2.

If instead you build stuff using wood, you take the CO2 out of the cycle, and reduce Global Warming, and save the planet.

Now, if you recycle wood, you're making the problem worse, because the wood you don't use will make its way back into the atmosphere faster (either through a forest fire, or if the tree dies, and falls in the woods, and decays, biological processes in the tree will cause large amounts of CO2 to be released.)

So, those of you who own construction companies should be starting parallel "carbon credit" businesses and you should get credit for the weight of all of the carbon you "retire" from the carbon cycle... I'm thinking probably 25% by weight (or more) of wood is Carbon, and a house must weigh several tens of tons, so for the average new home, it seems to me that several tons of carbon are being "sinked"...

What we need are to cut down more old trees (make room for new trees), and build a lot more new homes - and you'll get healthy tax breaks from the libs for your new carbon credit businesses.

Thanks for helping make it clearer Al...

And here I thought that Sin... (Below threshold)

And here I thought that Sin Eating was an obsolete medieval concept...

It's about to become a cottage industry again.

Well I was stoked but now I... (Below threshold)

Well I was stoked but now I am bummed. Rush did use my quote but gave the Zebster no credit and made it look like his own. I am sending him a bill for violation of the rights to my intellectual property.

Oh well at least my quote is at the top of his page not something that happens everyday. But kinda like seeing behind the curtain, maybe all his material is not so original.

Lorie's question is whet... (Below threshold)

Lorie's question is whether or not the press is going to look into what these carbon offsets actually do

No, Lorie's question was, and I'll quote it (again) for you, since you obviously missed it the first time around:

If global warming is truly a dire threat to the existence of life on earth as Gore and others claim, and if human activity contributes to the problem, what could possibly justify the excessive energy consumption of Gore

During the Civil War when e... (Below threshold)

During the Civil War when everyone farmed organically those who were downwind of factories were blessed with what is now called pollution. The smoke stack residue promoted growth.

But I no longer farm; I ranch. The blessed fumes that now pollute our atmosphere make me money with less work.


Come on Brian, Explain t... (Below threshold)

Come on Brian, Explain the Criminal Democrat Party of Perpetual Fraud for us.

Oh, that's easy. It's a term thrown out by some sputtering blog commenters who don't have anything to say that is on topic, based on reality, or requires intelligence. It's also frequently used when they're shut down by other fact-based and evidence-substantiated comments, but they feel they have to say something to try to maintain their publicly shredded respectability.

Isn't it amazing how libera... (Below threshold)

Isn't it amazing how liberals scream about the USA "over consuming" the worlds resources, and yet excuse that very behaviour of their elite? Al Gore uses 20 times the electricity of the average American home! "Carbon offsets" do not excuse his conspicuous consumption.

Effects of "wobble" is wind... (Below threshold)

Effects of "wobble" is wind change. A one degree tilt, normal, means a shift in wind patter. I live in the shadow of Haleakala and that one degree makes a differance.

BRIAN you obviously are not an adult. The Kommiecrat party has determined that if you weren't in the military you can't talk about it. The draft just made the military less efficent. Todays military does a better job with less people with voluteers.

BRIAN you obviously are ... (Below threshold)

BRIAN you obviously are not an adult.

Followed by:

The Kommiecrat party...

You make me laugh.

are you people really this ... (Below threshold)

are you people really this stupid and petty? oh, right....

There is a longer and more ... (Below threshold)
civil behavior:

There is a longer and more closely scrutinised temperature record and new model estimates of variability. The warming over the past 100 years is very unlikely to be due to internal variability alone, as estimated by current models. Reconstructions of climate data for the past 1,000 years also indicate that this warming was unusual and is unlikely to be entirely natural in origin

For more read: http://www.greenfacts.org/studies/climate_change/l_3/climate_change_2.htm#3

Only idiots know as little as some on this thread. How can anyone be so ill informed and own a computer.

Gore can claim that his jet... (Below threshold)

Gore can claim that his jet setting is to spread awareness of his calling and that would be right I suppose. His blatant disregard of his own rhetoric when it comes to his personal life(style) is totally unacceptable. If you are going to talk the talk you have to walk the walk.
If you REALLY wish to sequester carbon then I would suggest buying stock in some profitable timber company. They plant way more trees than some little eco fad outfit.

Only idiots know as lit... (Below threshold)

Only idiots know as little as some on this thread. How can anyone be so ill informed and own a computer.Posted by: civil behavior at March 2, 2007 09:41 PM

Interesting thought CB. Just how can you be so stupid and still own a computer... like say,oh those that would use "computer models" to predict or "prove" global warming.

Garbage in garbage out comes to mind.

cb, are you still trying to... (Below threshold)

cb, are you still trying to show us Michael Mann's debunked hockey stick. How can anyone with a computer be so misinformed. Or are you merely dishonest?

Maybe President Bush, who h... (Below threshold)

Maybe President Bush, who has lived in a totally enviro friendly home for years, will sell the idiot Algore, one of the most wasteful people in America, some carbon credits.

I love it when the dhimmi's plan a big splash and it blows up in they're face. Well that's about everything they try to do because they never really have a plan. I guess the dhimmi's grew up playing cut thoat and never left the child stage. BDS has turned to insanity in several of them and not even the dhimmi's can deny it. Look at Hanoi John, Murtha, Peeeloshi and Fat Ted. They have became the most dangerous people in America to the American people.
God I love the comedy that has came out of the last election. Hundreds of dhimmi's elected and not one of them with the brains to get in out of the rain.

The global warming movement... (Below threshold)

The global warming movement is insanity and it is covered hour by hour at:


Al Gore is the craziest person to almost be a president. He has some serious issues to go around telling people to believe in something that is not only scientifically insane, but also economically threatening. Not to mention the individual freedoms it would take away.

"THE DEBATE IS OVER"... (Below threshold)
Rob LA Ca.:


The Democrat Party are indeed Criminal Frauds.

Ever notice how most articl... (Below threshold)

Ever notice how most articles on Global warming are located in the Politics section of most publications?

It might be a fleeting display of honesty in journalism.

In a geological context, temperature patterns over the past 100 years are about as important as a fart in a windstorm.

But I don't have to explain myself. All I have to do is call y'all idiots. The argument is settled. The Condescenti win again. Darn.

You are on to something the... (Below threshold)

You are on to something there, scrapiron. There is so much cognitive dissonance built into political correctedness and farce of liberalism modernity has made it that Democratic schemes can't help but blow up in their faces.

Look how they handle the war.

What are they gonna do about the Ponzi scheme retirement fantasy foisted on us.


Thanks, AP, for the excelle... (Below threshold)

Thanks, AP, for the excellent link. My only quarrel with that blogger is that he doesn't list Steve McIntyre's site, climateaudit.org, under the science part. Steve's site is thoroughly dominated by eloquent scientists, who actually use English in high level scientific discussions. The roots of my skepticism and insights are mostly from that blog.






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