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Ann Coulter Doesn't Speak For Me

Ann Coulter has a brilliant mind. In her books and columns she makes excellent observations, often using humor to bring a point home. The fact that she is brilliant and has been such a forceful voice for conservatism in the past makes it all the more tragic, in the true sense of the word, when she makes stupid and outrageous statements like she did at CPAC this weekend.

In her speech to what was reportedly an enthusiastic crowd, Coulter made the following statement.

"I'd say something about John Edwards, but if you say 'faggot' you have to go to rehab."
That is a stupid, not even funny, excuse for a joke and it isn't the first time Coulter has made an outrageous and inappropriate comment. Last year at CPAC it was a comment about "ragheads" from Coulter that made news. From her last book, it was a comment about the 9/11 widows enjoying their husbands' deaths that got lots of attention from the mainstream media.

My friend Bruce at Gay Patriot makes the following observation.

But let me offer this observation: I have no doubt that Ann's remarks will make all of the national news networks and will be endlessly repeated. Fine. They should be assailed.

But why the complete silence by the same networks on the Leftist Bloggers cheering the attempted assassination of the Vice President of the United States?

I know, I know....consistency and ethics are too much to ask for from our news media these days. Meanwhile, Ann Coulter can go away.

Bruce is completely correct about the double standard, and that makes it all the more infuriating when Coulter makes outrageous and inappropriate statements. She certainly has the right to say what she did. Those of us on the right who disagree with her comments have not only the right, but the responsibility to speak out as well.

For all the good Ann Coulter has done in the past, I fear her recent comments have already negated much of it, and risk doing damage to the conservative movement that will take years to undo. Ann Coulter is one of the most recognizable faces of the conservative movement and when she says something that plays into the stereotype of conservatives as nasty bigots and homophobes, she gives invaluable ammunition to those on the left.

I have cheered Ann Coulter in the past when I have agreed with her. I have also spoken out when I have disagreed with her. Any conservative who does not agree with her recent comments should speak out now, as loudly and forcefully as possible. Ann Coulter knows the power of words and she knows how closely all of her words are scrutinized. Those of us who have any kind of forum to speak on behalf of the conservative movement need to realize that our agreement, disagreement or silence will be scrutinized as well.

One of the biggest differences I notice between those on the left and right is how they treat those in their ranks when they step out of line. I was critical of John Edwards' campaign recently for hiring bloggers Amanda Marcotte and Melissa McEwan. Most of the reaction from the left blogosphere to the Edwards' blogger story was to defend Marcotte and McEwan, rather than to understand a need to distance themselves from the anti-religious rhetoric many associate with those on the left.

As hard as conservatives and Republicans have worked to convince the public that the negative stereotypes they have been fed by the media are wrong, it is devastating to have someone in the conservative movement as well known as Ann Coulter throw out a one liner that reinforces those stereotypes.

The "faggot" comment from Ann Coulter is sure to get lots of play in the left blogosphere and in the mainstream media. I wish she had never said it. She is smart and knows better. She did say it though, so now conservatives have a decision to make. We can ignore it and pretend it never happened and let ourselves be associated with the comment and with those Coulter has made in the past. Or we can seize the opportunity to vigorously denounce it. We can make it known loud and clear, in no uncertain terms, that we do not agree with such language or sentiments.

So, as loudly and clearly as I can say it -- Ann Coulter does not speak for me.

Update: John Edwards could have taken the high road, or simply played the victim card as so many Democrats do, but instead he used the Coulter comment to raise campaign cash. He would have a hard enough time getting terribly indignant after refusing to fire two bloggers with extensive histories of making anti-religious statements. By using the incident to raise money, he could have actually succeeded in turning it into a negative for his campaign.

Update II: Jay Tea has written a post (somewhat) in defense of Ann Coulter. I just read Jay's piece and agree with most of what he says. If you have not already read his piece, please do. I completely understand the role of bombthrowers in politics -- who will say things no one else will say and stir the pot and challenge people's comfort zone. I just don't think those people need to be the most recognized faces of conservatism and constantly paraded on television as speaking for conservatives. When it comes to making "edgy" comments, there are some issues (race and homosexuality for example) about which conservatives don't need bombthrowers pitching out quotes that will reinforce negative stereotypes. Those negative comments will be identified with conservatives for who knows how long regardless of how hard we try to put forward a positive image.

Ann Coulter has done much good for the conservative movement, but conservatives have also done a lot for her personally. I believe that with the high profile she has achieved, comes a responsibility, when speaking at a conservative event, to do better than a throw away line about "faggots" that we will all be stuck with for years to come.

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Emperor Misha disagrees with me and other conservatives denouncing Coulter's comment, then makes the following comment and links to my favorite John Edwards video: "There was absolutely NO reason to insult homosexuals like that, Ann. I know and have known quite a few gays in my life, and I have yet to meet one as effeminate as My Little Pony Edwards. Heck, I've yet to meet any women as effeminate as The Breck Girl."
John Hawkins says Coulter's comment was selfish and that she should apologize.
Kirsten Powers makes the Marcotte/McEwan comparison also.
Rick Moran has written, and suggests others write, to television networks asking they no longer book Coulter.
Bull Dog Pundit says politicians were right to distance themselves from her and that anyone defending her comments is foolish.
Laura Lee Donoho


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Comments (45)

Yawn. Who cares?... (Below threshold)

Yawn. Who cares?

I think you have it just ab... (Below threshold)

I think you have it just about right, Lorie. Ann Coulter calls herself a historian.

But she is, obviously, first and foremost, a showman. Er... showwoman. Or, showperson, maybe.

Aw, hell. Given her remark about Edwards, I'll just stick with "showman".

She likes to push the envelope and see how far it'll go. Well, sometimes when you push you'll push too far. And Ann has done a masterful job lately of pushing it too far.

Ann, sweetie, we luv ya. But cut the crud already. With yer wit and wisdom you could be such sugar. In stead, you insist on being vinegar. The guilty pleasure, as it were.

But if you want to be the guilty pleasure then that's all you'll ever be. And all yer effort will go to waste.

In my opinion, Ann, you have become the known quantity that you are because the MSM made you that. Why did they give you so much airtime, Ann? Hmmm?

Could it be that it's because they expect you to be the quantity that yer known to be? And to, then, hold you up as the face of conservatism?

Did you think that you got to where you are soley on the merits of yer oh so logical argumentation?


This is when pride meets kharma.

I'll stil read her columns, though. She's a guilty pleasure.

Even if she is a dyke.

Not that there's anything wrong with that...

I dunno, she speaks for eff... (Below threshold)

I dunno, she speaks for effect and she is calculating. she did NOT say it accidentally.

Edwards is all the things many associate with 'faggot'. Weak, effeminate, cowardly, unreasonable, stupid, materialistic ...

Sometimes calling a spade an effing shovel works. It shocks and breaks down mental barriers. The left often uses shocking language and images with great effect. We should pay attention.

Open questions: is Edwards a 'faggot'? What is a 'faggot'? Can one be homosexual but not a faggot? I think so.

Plenty of attention to Ann'... (Below threshold)
tom c:

Plenty of attention to Ann's slight slur, but all this blogging and commentary is doing nothing but putting more reservations on her next book.

Good for Ann. Bad for the state of political discourse in America. If I had to score comments in poor taste, I would have to say the Dems are leading about 1,000 to one.

We need to stop with the defensive posture and get on with winning.

I understand the need to so... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

I understand the need to sometimes be shocking to make a point or to draw attention to a subject, but this is just unnecessary. It was a dumb one liner that reinforced a negative stereotype of conservatives.

One reason I said this was tragic in the true sense of the word is because Ann Coulter made her name by using edgy humor to make important points. It appears that she has gone off the deep end, though, and that the "edgy" humor might just be her undoing. Actually it will most likely not be "her" undoing, but rather the undoing of the conservative cause. She will likely sell more books than ever, but the damage some of her comments have done to the ability to spread the conservative message, in my opinion, is indisputable.

The undoing of the conserva... (Below threshold)
tom c:

The undoing of the conservative cause will not be anything Ann Coulter does or says. It will be because we compromised our conservative principles.

Anytime we lose, it is because we move too close to the mushy middle.

She speaks, writes, and evi... (Below threshold)

She speaks, writes, and evidently thinks only in punchlines. Conservatism is better than that.

tom c --Are you sa... (Below threshold)

tom c --

Are you saying that conservative principles are compromised when we disapprove of the use of the word "faggot" to describe a liberal presidential candidate?

Do our "representatives" (and that's what Coulter is, whether we like it or not) help us draw folks from the Mighty Middle by employing such language?

Oh yes, some people think i... (Below threshold)

Oh yes, some people think it was ok for her to say that. Some people think calling people "chickenhawks" is ok. For christ sake, can't any lefty or righty make statements with out the malice?

I don't agree with a lot of the crap the lefties spew, and same for the righty's. But each side is using President Bush's "either with or against us".

Both sides need to sit back, take a honest look at the mudslinging going on against each party. What does that accomplish? We are, first and foremost,Americans, and we are in a war. Some are for it, some are against it. But damn it, Coulter has been, and always will be for herself, and it's very convient for her to make egregious statements, ie more books sold, more speaking money.

I, and like most American voters, want to know what exactly our elected employees are going to do for the majority of Americans. Both parties have some good, and some bad ideas. Quit the party line BS, mudslinging, etc, and see exactly what each possible wantabe has to offer.

So Edwards is or is not a faggot. So there is or is not faggots now serving in our military, or in Congress, or the White House; who gives a f--K?

So someone got a BJ in the WH, BFD. You jealous? you didn't get one? We have more problems right now with the war on terrorists, the medical care of our wounded GI's, etc.

What is more important? Clinton's BJ, or the care of our wounded GI's? Wake up, every politican lies, some more so than others. What is the difference between the Republicans and Democratic s? One tax and spends, one borrows and spends.

I think the last honest President we had was Ike, and since then it gone down hell in a hand basket.Kennedy was't President long enough to be one way or the other, but since then, nothing but BS from all of them.

Can't the BS quit, and everyone start asking some honest, hard questions of each and every one that is running for President?

Looks like the GOP candidat... (Below threshold)

Looks like the GOP candidates have denounced her.

Compare that to someone like Michael Moore, who called guys that kill our soldiers "Minutemen", who said more of our troops need to die so the country would get behind whatever Moore's agenda is, etc. etc. And then got those VIP seats next to Carter at the Democrat convention.

The difference? Immeasurable.

Bill Maher said on his show... (Below threshold)

Bill Maher said on his show the other day that it would have been better if Dick Cheney had died.

What do you want to bet that Howard Dean (who's demanding the GOP distance themselves from Ann) and every democrat candidate for 2008 appear on his show sometime between now and the election? Of course they will.

And one more thing. Ann wa... (Below threshold)

And one more thing. Ann was kidding, and Bill was not.

Nor were those Edwards bloggers kidding about what they wrote.

What will be interesting is if Elizabeth Edwards complains. If she did, it would be ridiculously hypocritical, after her big association with the nasty, hateful nutbags at democrat underground.

YPersonally, I don't... (Below threshold)

Personally, I don't want to shut her up. I hope the conservative id gets her own show on CNN that is broadcast into my parents home on a nightly basis.
That'll do wonders for the democratic party in '08.
Nice job, wingnuts!

Since our VP's daughter is ... (Below threshold)

Since our VP's daughter is also a "faggot", has he gave support to Ann's comments, or did he come out against her comments? Just wondering. Or is he now in a secluded place, unavailable for comments?

John Edward's prepares to r... (Below threshold)
Village Idiot:

John Edward's prepares to respond to Ann Coulter's "FAGGOT" accusation... This video will definitely cheer you up.


No, Ann doesn't speak for y... (Below threshold)

No, Ann doesn't speak for you. She speaks for Mit Romney! Boy, it's going to be fun to watch the wingnut implosion between now and next spring.

Ann really isn't the sharpe... (Below threshold)
Minor Ripper:

Ann really isn't the sharpest knife in the shed, either...(see video)

Lori, your fake indignation... (Below threshold)

Lori, your fake indignation does not impress me. You talk about the Edwards "blogger" scandal. That is all fine and good, but did you protest Ann's appearance before her speech?

Of course you didn't even-though you know that Ann has called for the deaths of liberals and muslims on several occasions.

You can't say that it was wrong for Edwards to hire persons that spoke hate in the past, when you endorse hate speech from Ann Coulter.

Personally, I think if we w... (Below threshold)

Personally, I think if we would all support stem cell research, perhaps a cure could be found someday for the affliction of homosexuality, and then this would a be a moot point.

Is the entirety of what Cou... (Below threshold)

Is the entirety of what Coulter said so egregious that we cannot even acknowledge what she was really saying? And isn't all this righteous indignation just playing even further into the Politically Correct idiocy?

"Is the entirety of what Co... (Below threshold)

"Is the entirety of what Coulter said so egregious that we cannot even acknowledge what she was really saying?" by Lisa

And what was she saying? That John Edwards is a closet homosexual? Would it be Ok if she said Obama was a niger because he is black? Maybe, Clinton is a cunt?

Lisa, are saying that hate speech is perfectly acceptable if you are making a point?

You prove my point, Barey. ... (Below threshold)

You prove my point, Barey. Everyone is so hung up on the dreaded F-word that the real message is being ignored. Of course, I do realize your intellectual limitations here, Baney ... the idiocy of your last sentence is proof positive.

Notice that she said 'faggo... (Below threshold)

Notice that she said 'faggot' and is now in rehab?

I bemoan the impoverishment of the word. At one time it connoted service; it denoted the provider of energy.

When will we see an apology... (Below threshold)

When will we see an apology from the left wing politicians and media types for all the slanderout statements they have made about the President, and they are people with power, not a lone person making a statement to get the exact result she got? Coulter is a pundit and whe said about the Breck girl what half of America thinks about half of the other dhimmi's and are too chicken sh** to say. Using the same term to describe half or more of the dhimmi's might not be politically correct but would be close to true.
I don't know which is more dangeous, people ate up with BDS or those ate up with politically correctness. Both are letting their stupidity rule they're lives.

Lori, agree in part, disagr... (Below threshold)

Lori, agree in part, disagree in part (like all the Supreme Court justices do).

This was an unartful swipe at pretty John's Breck Girl hair-fussingly silly activities of the last 4 years.

I think the joke would have been better put without the "gay" reference; however, I'm not willing to get to worked up about it.

Faggot used to be a term I used as a kid to describe someone I genuinely detested, not for his sexuality, but for his odiousness.

That general sentiment still applies.

Sorry, Lorie, not "Lori." ... (Below threshold)

Sorry, Lorie, not "Lori." No offense intended.

Too worked up, not "to work... (Below threshold)

Too worked up, not "to worked up."

Damn, I'm posting like Barney.002IQ now. Sheesh.

OMG someone said the (other... (Below threshold)

OMG someone said the (other) F-word!!!!
and now WE all have to go to REHAB......please

And because it was a conservative, all the mindless ideological blank slates in the middle will not like ALL conservatives. oh nooooooooo Just like all the mindless ideological blank slates might not like a liberal if they say something or a hundred things bad.

Grow up people!!! The right will fight on, the left will fight on, and the middle will tread water and flip coins like always.

Actually, the ideological b... (Below threshold)

Actually, the ideological blank slates don't know what "faggot" means.

But they will cower in their hiding places, lest it mean they have not done enough to make the world neat, tidy, etc.

This is how John Edwards is... (Below threshold)

This is how John Edwards is playing it on his Prezwon'twin website:

"Friday afternoon, Republican mouthpiece Ann Coulter brought hate-speech politics to a new low.
This video shows Coulter addressing the American Conservative Union's Political Action Conference, March, 2, 2007 in Washington, D.C.

We must show that inflaming prejudice to attack progressive leaders will only backfire.

Can you help us raise $100,000 in "Coulter Cash" this week to keep this campaign charging ahead and fight back against the politics of bigotry?"

Pathetic on John's part, if not swell on Ann's. Wow, he's quite the victim, ain't he? For up to $4,600 or "other" in campaign contributions.

It's even weirder consideri... (Below threshold)

It's even weirder considering how vigorously the left defended Marcotte for making comments no less offensive.

Edwards --- unable to make a point without trying to scam cash out of you.

Ann Coulter does not speak ... (Below threshold)

Ann Coulter does not speak for me.

Try and distance youself all you want "practicing" journalist. You work for one of Coulter's former employers.

Byrds of a feather......

Please forgive me, but I am... (Below threshold)

Please forgive me, but I am at a lost to understand why all you stright people are so bent out of shape over her joke. I found it quite funny. I of course expect it from the nuts on the left, but you stright people should get a life, it was a joke. Get over your PC, for your information Gays use the term as a insult. And before any of you strights start ranting, I am gay and don't object to the joke. But I do object to all you strights joining the left wing nut jobs in your rants about this.

DAMMIT LORIE , QUIT TURNI... (Below threshold)
Rob LA Ca.:


"I'd say something about John Edwards, but if you say 'faggot' you have to go to rehab."

Why doesn't the left treat this just like everytime Hilary puts hoof in mouth? You know like the scores of "what Hilary meant to say was" defenders of the party of fraud.


I asked a nearby neighbors son who "is" gay to give me a short worded description of what he thought about John Edwards Primping Performance and this is what he said ..."Ha ha ha what a silly faggot"

"Logic. a form of reasoning in which one thing is inferred to be similar to another thing in a certain respect, on the basis of the known similarity between the things in other respects."

As in one person calls another person (who "is" gay) a faggot and now has to go to rehab.

Calling a person(John Edwards) and Criminal Fraud/Hypocrite which he is will earn her a stint in some PC Rehab.

Had she called Edwards a Phony or a Fraud , hypopcrite or a "girly man" (which he "IS") she would be getting the same flack as did that Actor did for calling his fellow "gay" actor a faggot. Then like I said ,she would then be compelled to do the latest PC Correct thing like and go to "REHAB".

Had she called his a sissy , pussy or girly man would it have made any difference to the right or the left?

Was this what Fraud Kerry wished he could have truely claimed as being a "Botched Joke".

Ann Coulter has been the best when it comes to exposing the left and shoving the shit back in their face as soon as they spew it.

"For all the good Ann Coulter has done in the past, I fear her recent comments have already negated much of it, and risk doing damage to the conservative movement that will take years to undo."

Lorie , that is such complete bulls#!t. The Conservative movement had nothing at all to do with my having condemned the party that I had voted for nearly 20 years(Ugh! Democrat-puke-ic).

"As hard as conservatives and Republicans have worked to convince the public that the negative stereotypes they have been fed by the media are wrong."

The word "CONVINCE" or the act of "CONVINCING is something I attribute to the Democrat Party of Fraud. You can't convince someone who knows the truth and lies anyway , or refuses to believe you especially when it involves them acknowledging they were were wrong. I am having a hell of lot better impact on my 83 year old Mother exposing the Democrat Media that has been lying to her for years than trying to convince that I am right and she is wrong. For years she told me why to vote Democrat , because Republicans raise taxes.

Actions speak louder than words.

"it is devastating to have someone in the conservative movement as well known as Ann Coulter throw out a one liner that reinforces those stereotypes."

Again, Actions speak louder than words.

Rather than crucify Coulter for over the top comments or botched jokes which is what it sounds like is happening to me. I believe we should attack those who are all talk and no action, complete criminal frauds ......

Like Al Gore energy consumption hypocrisy. He creates his own pennance which in itself is just another hypocrisy/crime/fraud called "Carbon Credits".

Rob, I have been add... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

I have been addressing those who are frauds like Al Gore (I wrote about the carbon offsets Friday here and at Townhall). Ann Coulter is very smart, but to throw out a line she had to know would be repeated over and over again and used against conservatives to "prove" that we are all homophobes was stupid. Maybe not for Coulter's book sales, but for those of us who don't want to be associated with that stereotype.

There is a double standard. Those on the right are not allowed to joke about certain things, while those on the left get a free pass. Not fair, but them's the facts of life. Ann Coulter knows that and she had to know what kind of publicity her "faggot" comment would receive and it is not good for conservatives. That is my take. Certainly everyone has their own opinion. That is mine.

Love it. Much ado about no... (Below threshold)

Love it. Much ado about nothing. Meanwhile America yawns.

P.S. As people hear more and more about Edwards 28,000 square foot mansion, I'm sure it makes 'em really want to open up those wallets to give the poor guy some cash, pronto.

Poor libs. They lose again.

The reasons Bruce's compari... (Below threshold)

The reasons Bruce's comparison is weak is because you have bloggers, against a star of the right who said somthing homophobic, while supporting him no less. Come on Bruce, you can do better.

Ann always knows what she i... (Below threshold)
Ron High:

Ann always knows what she is saying and why she is saying it. As conservatives we should all remember what comes around goes around. If you have a conservative bone in your body you'd know that what you say labels you for who you are.

someone explain something t... (Below threshold)

someone explain something to me. is it just me, or is supporting coulter here basically saying it's ok to call people faggots in a derogatory way? if you think that's fine, go ahead and support her. if not, call her out. it seems pretty basic- i am not sure any real parsing needs to be done. coulter knows what she's doing and so do we all. why make excuses for her? you either support this or you don't.

and before you accuse me of having double standards, i have always said the whole marcotte thing was bs. she said something offensive, publicly, and was hounded for it. granted, i think there was a lot of faux outrage there, but i didn't support her. it was patently offensive to religious people. just because you have first amendment rights doesn't mean that there are no consequences when you exercise them, it just means you don't go to jail.

but what coulter said was offensivem and offensive in an ofeensive way. let's be honest. she meant to do it. i don;t see how there can be any debate about this.

p.s. comparing marcotte and coulter is stupid, anyway. coulter is a very famous, supposed mouthpiece for the conservative movement. no one had even heard of marcotte until 2 weeks ago, and she will soon be forgotten. ann coulter, on the other hand, will probably be on more tv shows than ever now.

someone explain somethin... (Below threshold)

someone explain something to me. is it just me, or is supporting coulter here basically saying it's ok to call people faggots in a derogatory way?

Support of Coulter is where?

I suppose those who defended Marcotte meant it was OK to smear Christians and innocent white males, huh?

It's going to be hard for libs --- ESPECIALLY Edwards --- to churn out the righteous indignation considering his hiring choices very recently and the libs vigorous defense of that hiring choice.

i think there was a lot of faux outrage there

But not here, eh? Edwards milking this for campaign money doesn't seem a BIT sleazy?

comparing marcotte and coulter is stupid, anyway. coulter is a very famous, supposed mouthpiece for the conservative movement.

Except conservatives routinely denounce her and major publications like Nat'l Review fire her.

"Love it. Much ado about... (Below threshold)

"Love it. Much ado about nothing. Meanwhile America yawns."

Every American I talked to this weekend was appalled by Coulter's comment.

Wishing America didn't notice is one thing; claiming they didn't is just plain lying.

Lee, your circle of friends... (Below threshold)

Lee, your circle of friends, not to be mean, ain't all of America.
...my friends were pissed that the kid who is supposed to challenge for my alma mater's starting QB position was arrested again. But we don't reflect America, either...

LOL you really have your fi... (Below threshold)

LOL you really have your finger on the pulse, doncha lee.

Ah, the irony! Whe... (Below threshold)

Ah, the irony!

When I was a little girl and anti-war liberals and hippies were tearing up the country with their explitive-laced vitriol, conservatives were the ones who stood for decent, respectful speech.

Now I'm a big, grown-up lady and it is liberals who call for decent, respectful speech. Why? Because it is the conservative media, the conservative readership and the conservative politicos that have made Ann Coulter the movement's mouthpiece (and a millionaire, let's not forget!)

Ann Coulter may not speak for you personally, but she doesn't care. And as long as she continues to rake it in, it's not unfair to assume she speaks for somebody. A lot of somebodies. Who are they, then, if not the collective "you"? It's not like CPAC didn't know what she was like when they put her at the top of the bill last week.

And you know what? The shoe is on the other foot now. Now it is liberal America that can, with the '08 election just around the corner, say (quietly at first, and only to each other) "they must be insane - why are they just handing us the country like this?"

Well, I won't worry too long about that; I'll just laugh all the way to the voting booth!

Sleep well.

it is liberals who... (Below threshold)
it is liberals who call for decent, respectful speech

Sure, Eileen ... whatEVerrr!

Delusional much?






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