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Mitt Romney Wins CPAC Straw Poll

And pretty handily, too From the AP:

Mitt Romney won the most support for the Republican presidential nomination in a straw poll of GOP activists attending an annual conference.

Despite his record of inconsistency on some social issues, the former Massachusetts governor got 21 percent of the 1,705 votes cast by paid registrants to the three-day Conservative Political Action Conference. They were asked who their first choice would be for the Republican nomination.

Rudy Giuliani, the former New York City mayor whose moderate stances on social issues irks the party's right wing, was second with 17 percent.

Both were among the more than half-dozen White House hopefuls who spoke at the conference.

Sen. John McCain (news, bio, voting record), R-Ariz., who rounds out the top tier of serious GOP contenders, skipped the event -- and was punished for it. He got only 12 percent of the vote.

On a side note, John McCain won the South Carolina straw poll.


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Comments (13)

It must have been that endo... (Below threshold)

It must have been that endorsement of Ann Coulter that put him over the top.

Ha ha , I was right . I ... (Below threshold)
Rob LA Ca.:

Ha ha , I was right . I knew this pathetic dummy was going to the first to post and with his one track mind , be mentioning at least one of the following words.... Ann Coulter , John Edwards or faggot.


I'm an anti-abortion-lover,... (Below threshold)

I'm an anti-abortion-lover, pro-gun, anti-gay marriage Republican for Guliani. Mitt's 2nd on my list.

Hillary/Obama 08 is not.

Yes, Rob, you are correct. ... (Below threshold)

Yes, Rob, you are correct. Barney/Lee/Hugh are as one-track as their Bush Derangement compels.

Nasty little group, that.

i really have no rooting in... (Below threshold)

i really have no rooting interest in any of these candidates yet, except a rooting interest AGAINST mccain. mccain is a little media tool and i can't stand him. gang of 14 anyone? that judicial fillibuster rule should have been debated, but he was one of the 14 that stopped it...

I would be all for romney, but he essentially made everyone in massechussetts get health insurance...

Giuliani is a relatively honest guy, but i don't agree with some of his social issues.

bottom line, mccain is a tool and if i have to vote for him in 08 just to keep a democrat out, so be it, but i don't think he'll be much different than a dem...

Romney, the guy who was bef... (Below threshold)

Romney, the guy who was before something before he was against something after he changed his mind before he ran for governor but then was against all the things he was for when he decided to change his mind and be for things he was against after he said he was for what he was against? This is the guy the wingnuts love?

How much do you think Romney, McCain and Clinton sold their souls for?

Good god almighty it's delicious.

Lets all believe Romney "wo... (Below threshold)

Lets all believe Romney "won".

This vote is as meaningless as any MSM poll, designed for a result.

Romney stacked the conference. Was it smart? Yes. Is it smart for us to think this says anything meaningfull about his level of support? No.

Hugh, in contrast to your n... (Below threshold)

Hugh, in contrast to your nominee, John Kerry, for whom you voted in 2004?

The Republican candidates l... (Below threshold)

The Republican candidates look very very good compared to the democrat candidates.

Yes, the 'poll' is meaningl... (Below threshold)

Yes, the 'poll' is meaningless in the traditinal sense because it was stacked, but Romney set out to win to give himself some media visibility vs media darling McCain and the better known Rudy Guliani. Romney founded Bain Capital Management a venture capital firm that took over badly managed firms and replaced the management with a more effective team that increased the value of the acquired company. That experience and his running of the Olympics gives him operational experience most other chief exec of the US candidates lack. He and Guliani are guys who understand taxes and the economy.

I voted for McCain in 200 but would not do so again because of McCain-Feingold and the deal with Ted Kennedy on immigration.

Dave, if MacAss is the GOP ... (Below threshold)

Dave, if MacAss is the GOP nominee I will vote Kommiecrat. 4 years of hell, rather then 8.

Other then him the lineup isn't too bad, not great though...

Hillary can easily beat Rom... (Below threshold)
John S:

Hillary can easily beat Romney. Next candidate please...

Mitchell:Just like... (Below threshold)


Just like Kerry for whom I didn't vote. Just like mcCain and Clinton neither of whom I will vote for. And you Mitchell?






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