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Rightosphere Temp Check

Check out John Hawkins' right blogosphere poll on key issues. The results are interesting and one question even got a 100 percent unanimous response. Some issues included are immigration, global warming, President Bush and Iraq.

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Poll. Did you say poll? Are... (Below threshold)

Poll. Did you say poll? Are you serious or just drunk. Wing-nuts don['t believe in polls. This is the funnies damn thing I've seen you post. Do you read comments from your wingnuts.

There are dozens and dozens of comments from the wingnuts on this site denying the accuracy and value of polls. I've said many times, and you just proved me right, wingnuts don't believe in polls unless they're your polls or favorable polls.

Holy cow, this is too funny. Can't wait to read the comments from the folks who don't believe in "polls."

Get a grip, Hugh. This is ... (Below threshold)

Get a grip, Hugh. This is what it is. It is a poll with simple straight forward questions which are disclosed in their entirety to the readers of Right Wing News. It is a poll of right bloggers, and not only are their names all disclosed, but their links are even provided. No mystery there about the wording of a question, or the identity of those polled. Take it or leave it, but to compare this poll to some of the polls some of us on the right are extremely leery of just shows how little you know about how many of those polls are manipulated and misreported.

Oh Lorie yes I do know how ... (Below threshold)

Oh Lorie yes I do know how they are manipulated because I've been told by the righties. The answer is - every time it's unfavoravble to a conservative position.

Hugh you sound a little mor... (Below threshold)

Hugh you sound a little more hysterical than usual. That time of the month?

Baby Hughy Wrote:</p... (Below threshold)
Rob LA Ca.:

Baby Hughy Wrote:

"Oh Lorie yes I do know how they are manipulated because I've been told by the righties."

No little dumby , they are manipulated because democrats are Criminal Frauds and because I told you so as a former Democrat Party line voter of 20 years. Now excuse me , I got to go puke.

Oh Lorie yes I do... (Below threshold)
Oh Lorie yes I do know how they are manipulated because I've been told by the righties. The answer is - every time it's unfavoravble to a conservative position

If a pollster asked me about immigration they would put me in the negative column concerning President Bush. However that does not mean I would remotely come near the liberal open boarders policies.

But a "lefty" would post that poll result to show how much distain there is for the President assuming then that the opposite percentage was swinging towards "the lefties" policy.

I'm just using immigration as an example, but this can be applied on any political topic of the day.

Compare and contrast what Lorie pointed out about the directness of the questions presented.

Hope this helps you slow learners. I can draw pictures later if some of you lefty dingbats still don't get it.

Wow Hugh, obsess much?... (Below threshold)

Wow Hugh, obsess much?






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