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Disqualifying factors

I've been doing some thinking about the next president, and I have come to a few conclusions. I don't know who it ought to be, but I've got a couple of ideas of who it shouldn't.

1) It shouldn't be someone black. Blacks are a minority of this nation, and not even the fastest-growing minority. If it's going to be someone non-white, let them be Latino.

2) It shouldn't be someone Jewish. The Jews have their own nation already (never mind that many times more Jews live in the United States than in Israel), and that's where their true loyalties just might end up.

3) It shouldn't be someone Catholic. Like the Jews, there is already an established nation-state for Catholics (Vatican City is an independent nation) and we need a president whose sole loyalty is right here.

4) It shouldn't be someone who's never served in the military. Only those who have properly demonstrated that they are willing to offer their own lives for their country have the moral standing to serve as commander in chief.

5) It shouldn't be a woman. As noted above, it takes someone with military experience to serve as commander-in-chief. Part and parcel of that is that they should at least have had the risk of being in combat, and women have never been allowed to serve in combat roles.

6) It shouldn't be someone who's never been divorced. Most marriages today end in divorce, and our Chief Executive should be someone who knows what it's like to have one's marriage crumble -- and still persevere. We need someone who's no stranger to that kind of adversity.

7) It shouldn't be someone who's not a Christian of some sort. Preferably, one of the more prominent Protestant denominations. That's the affiliation of a majority of Americans, and that's who should represent them.

I could go on, but I think I've made my point. Every single one of those qualifications is laughable at best, and repugnant at worst. It all devolves into that intellectually and morally bankrupt notion of "identity politics," where the least important aspect of an individual is, as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. put it, "the quality of their character."

It's dehumanizing. It takes an individual, a unique human being, and strips them down to the most superficial, meaningless aspects, while discarding what makes them the person they are.

Which is why I was surprised -- but not disappointed -- to see the Boston Globe publish a piece entitled "A Mormon President? I Don't Think So."

I have quite a few problems with Mitt Romney (for example, his "health care plan" in Massachusetts is already proving to be an utter disaster), but I'm starting to like him more and more, much like I found myself defending Ann Coulter over the weekend, and for the very same reason:

They piss off the right people.

Anyone who can drive the Boston Globe or the far left into such hysteria definitely deserves a bit more attention.


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Comments (20)

Those 7 qualifications soun... (Below threshold)

Those 7 qualifications sound pretty good to me, as I meet all of them.

Well all but one anyway.

Good post, Jay.But... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:

Good post, Jay.

But be prepared to be mis-quoted and taken out of context by our usual suspects from here to eternity.

It's dehumanizing. It ta... (Below threshold)

It's dehumanizing. It takes an individual, a unique human being, and strips them down to the most superficial, meaningless aspects, while discarding what makes them the person they are.

That's the collectivist's world view: there are no trees, only forests.

Small typo in the Glob link... (Below threshold)

Small typo in the Glob link.

I just want someone who wil... (Below threshold)

I just want someone who will be a good president.

What is really interesting ... (Below threshold)

What is really interesting is the little bit at the end where the editor pontificates that Romney wouldn't be happy to know what 4 million people might be exposed to Mormons after watching the PBS show. Why would Romney not like that?

The article is pretty light as far as anti-Mormon propaganda is. Mormonism has had it's problems in the past, but look where it is today. Show me a religion that -*hasn't*- had problems in the past.

I was raised a Mormon, and have my own issues with the church, but I still think it's a good church. If I end up having kids, it's where I will take them. The fact that this editor thinks exposure to what Mormons are about is a bad thing tells more about his own bigotry than anyone else's.

I seriously doubt Romney is worried that people who watch PBS are going to see a show about Mormons. I know I'm not. Anyone who watches PBS, or reads Bob Cringley, knows how far they lean to the left. Chances are, the show will only be preaching to the converted ... { snicker snicker }

Is should be Cheney, in a b... (Below threshold)

Is should be Cheney, in a better world than at present!

anybody but a mormon. the m... (Below threshold)

anybody but a mormon. the more you learn about their faith, the freakier they look. miami poll had 52% would NEVER vote for a mormon and 38% would vote for an atheist before they'd vote for a mormon!! TOOO FUNNY!!! Flip flop mitt will never cut it! I LOVE IT!

"They piss off the right pe... (Below threshold)

"They piss off the right people."

An excellent and intelligent way to make decisions, coming from a very wise person.

As a Catholic female of a "... (Below threshold)

As a Catholic female of a "certain age" who never served in the military and never was married, I am RELIEVED that I will not be expected to run for President. I'm showing my age enough, thank you very much. Every single president of my lifetime has aged 20 years during 8 years in office - or more.

"They piss off the right pe... (Below threshold)

"They piss off the right people."

Jay, you really need to reconsider this criteria. Maybe on the national scene they are pissing off the right people, but to excuse AC for using the 6 letter F-word is absurd.

I'm a twice GWB voter, and I voted for George Allen here in Virginia, and I was pissed by that statement.

I predict Jay's first seven... (Below threshold)

I predict Jay's first seven points will be quoted ad nauseum on lefty sites and the last half will be left out thereby creating the false impression those are his real beliefs.

Oh, number 8 should be "You can't be President if you made a prediction about how the world was going to fall apart and it never happened."

Oh, number 8 should be "... (Below threshold)

Oh, number 8 should be "You can't be President if you made a prediction about how the world was going to fall apart and it never happened."

Awesome. That must mean we can get rid of all the millennialists, including the current one.

I have a hard time voting for anyone who believes in magical beings or supernatural powers.

Um, note, we've had Catholi... (Below threshold)

Um, note, we've had Catholic Presidents before... JFK ring any bells?

"Render unto Caesar's what is Caesar's..." -- which major religion invented that one again? There is nothing in Catholic doctrine requiring Catholics who are in political office in other countries to acknowledge the Pope as a political or legal superior. So making cracks about 'sole loyalty' is ignorant, bordering on hateful.

Sure, a Catholic President who stayed strictly to Catholic ethos could have some of his political positions be very predictable -- abortion, etc. -- but how does this differ from any other politician of sincere Christian faith?

This is not the time to nit... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

This is not the time to nitpick "pissing off the right people." Just as AC's use of the word "faggot" and was met with laughs and cheers..pissed off the right people..if she would use "nigger" it would do the same...and by the way both are hate words when used in a manner to demean..
Jay...to Christian fundamentalists ...Mormons don't qualify as "Christians"....
This campaign will see the Republican party dissolve between the the GAYS GUNS ABORTION activists that have been pandered to with minimum results..and other Republicans..
Rudi and Mitt do not pass the litmus test...
You watch as Republicans forget Reagan's "11th Commandment" ....
Your man Mitt was already attacked as "Flipper" in last week's Big Meeting...
I am waiting for Newt(affair while his wife had cancer) G. to step over the carnage in September and assume the mantle as the "real Republican Candidate"....

Great post...you get to the... (Below threshold)

Great post...you get to the point! I support Romney for President. I really want someone who has a track record of getting things done. Nothing is perfect, it's easy to sit in the arena seats and critize. Anyone who has worked on large issues knows it takes small steps, evaluate and then improve and take the next step. Romney has shown he knows how to do it and has the capacity to accomplish turning around an over spending government.

Hmmmmm, TK, you wouldn't, l... (Below threshold)

Hmmmmm, TK, you wouldn't, like, be paid by the campaign to jump around the blogosphere dropping all those bon mots for the Mittster, wouldja?!?

Thanks TK! Come back again soon! Okay!

side note: I like how the ... (Below threshold)

side note: I like how the Globe, and the left, in general, pick on Mormons ... a church founded by a dude who wanders out to the wilderness, comes across an angel who delivers the word of god in a way that only that dude can convey to the people, and this dude, in his effort to expand "the word of god" doesn't have too much of an issue getting violent, when need be ..., an dealing in polygamy and all of that ...

They downplay and ridicule mormons for the basis of their beliefs and how they go about their worship, but they respect and defend muslims.

Did I miss something?

Actually, Jay has a point.<... (Below threshold)

Actually, Jay has a point.

A couple of months ago, ask a Mormon about Mitt and you were likely to get "Mitt who? Oh, the guy who ran the Olympics?".

After two months of various papers highlighting his religion - and spewing a fair amount of misinformation in the process - his candidacy is much better known among Mormons and non-Mormons alike. He could never afford that much free publicity.

As DJ said earlier, as anti-Mormon pieces go, the PBS one sounds fairly soft. Mormons are used to far worse. However, such pieces may serve to motivate a large number of people to work for Mitt who may not have been so inclined to do so otherwise.

Jay, Minor quibble. In the... (Below threshold)

Jay, Minor quibble. In the "I Have a Dream" speech Martin Luther King talks a man being judged by the "content of his character" not the "quality of his character".






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