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Examples of Leftist Hate Speech

Patterico responded to a ridiculous claim that "hate speech" on the Right comes from its prominent representatives, while to find hate speech on the Left it is necessary to dig into anonymous blog comments by trolls, by posting his own list of hate speech from some prominent leftists. I don't expect it took him too long to find suitable examples, but just to make it a bit more challenging he "deliberately excluded speech that simply brands conservatives as Nazis or fascists" and instead lists examples of racism and wishes of violence and death. That is probably a good idea since the Nazi/fascist references would have kept him busy for at least a week.

I had forgotten many of the quotes on the list and was a little surprised, even in light of the recent comments about Dick Cheney's assassination attempt, to see so many death fantasies on the list. Patterico is inviting readers to add quotes he didn't include in the comments section. There should still be plenty to fill his comments considering Michelle Malkin wrote an entire book on the subject.


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Comments (26)

I've known more than one ex... (Below threshold)

I've known more than one extremely rich Southern man who used that accent to the fullest. When the guy on the other side of the table thinks you're stupid, you can usually make an extra few percent before they realize what happened.

People from New York City are really vulnerable to this. Most of them seem to have this illusion that people from big cities (and specifically their big city) are just so much smarter and more clever than anyone from down South, or from rural areas.

It's really hard to keep from smacking someone in the face when they say things like "all of you Southerners are so prejudiced..."

There is no place in our so... (Below threshold)

There is no place in our society for those comments.

No justification, no he said/she said worst/first, no rationalization. It is just wrong.

"There is no place in our s... (Below threshold)

"There is no place in our society for those comments.

No justification, no he said/she said worst/first, no rationalization. It is just wrong.

Says the ass who uses fallen soldiers to try and forward his political agenda.

The gall you have Barney. ... (Below threshold)

The gall you have Barney. You are the last person who should get on their soapbox and condemn this behavior! The way I see it, there is no place for you in society. You're the worst kind of scum around.

There's also no justificati... (Below threshold)

There's also no justification of using the names of dead soldiers to make a snide political point, Barney. It is just wrong, you schmuck.

brainy, I do not know of on... (Below threshold)

brainy, I do not know of one Republican (including Bush/Cheney and the neo-cons) that have not admitted that the administration made mistakes and was incompetent in the handling of the war.

Rummy said the war would only last 6-months. As far as I am concerned, every death after the first 6-months is due to poor, planning and incompetency.

I have protested against this war. I complained about the lack of armor, and the bad discussions. You supported it, and voted for it.

The death of Americans in Iraq are on their hands, not mine.

No, asshat, the deaths of t... (Below threshold)

No, asshat, the deaths of the troops are on the hands of the people who killed them. As in the enemies of this country. That you are retarded enough to twist that basic fact into blaming the current administration instead of Americas enemies shows just how juvenile and naieve your worldview is.

So if a war cannot be run without mistakes it should not be waged? Then name me ONE WAR where that has ever happened. ONE, you mindless twit. There has never and will never be any war waged perfectly. It's impossible. You want we should surrender instead?

I'd also like to see your l... (Below threshold)

I'd also like to see your link to a bunch of politicians calling themselves "incompetent." LOL, you really are dumb.

The closest I can recall is the Democrats bending over backwards trying to assure everyone they only voted for the war because they weren't competent enough to reach a decision on authorizing war based on their own assesment of the country's intelligence...you know, claiming they were outwitted by a man they think is an idiot.

KOSOVO... (Below threshold)


McCain: "our most precious ... (Below threshold)

McCain: "our most precious resource, American lives were wasted"

McCains a triangulating, fr... (Below threshold)

McCains a triangulating, free-speech hatin', self-absorbed dork.

Did you have some sort of point you wanted to make?

'Cause you failed.


Kosovo.Are. You. S... (Below threshold)


Are. You. SERIOUS?

You keep topping yourself with the idiotic heights you're willing to reach for.

Brainy, you asked for one, ... (Below threshold)

Brainy, you asked for one, and I gave you one.

Here are two more:
Spanish American War, 385 casualties, duration of 4-months

Gulf War, 148 casualties, duration 1-month

You're not serious, are you... (Below threshold)

You're not serious, are you? the Gulf War was run perfectly as planned? So why then was the Iraqi military not dismantled as planned? Why was Baghdad not taken? Could it be because conditions on the ground and the actions of particular generals threw the original plan into confusion and ended up with the decade-plus long cluster**** of a violated cease-fire. And that's just one of your perfect wars. Kosovo? How's that working out for non-muslims?

What about the revolts in t... (Below threshold)

What about the revolts in the Phillipines and Cuba after we took over the islands? What about the Food poisining the solders got from the food they ate during the Spanish American war? Or the vaccinations they should have had from all of the tropical illnesses during the war and AFTER the war. There is NO such thing as a clean and perfect war. You are an absolute idiot if you think there were. And if you think that a war that lasts the shortest is the best war...do you think that Israel fought the best war in history during the 6 day war?

Barney, I asked for an actu... (Below threshold)

Barney, I asked for an actual example, not your wet dreams.

"Throughout the 1996 election year, the Clinton administration led voters to believe that it would adhere to the one-year deadline. Even on the eve of the election, in late October 1996, State Department spokesperson Nicholas Burns adamantly denied that there were any changes in the Clinton plan to withdraw 15,000 American soldiers from Bosnia that December. As far as the voters were concerned, Bosnia was a non-issue -- especially since the Republican presidential candidate, Bob Dole, failed to express any interest in prolonging the military mission.

A few weeks after securing his re-election, however, President Clinton suddenly announced a change."


Seeing as how Clinton swore up and down that we would be done in Kosovo in 1996 and that I was personally involved with the bombing campaign against Kosovo...3 YEARS LATER... maybe it wasn't the model of war you'd like to pretend, no?

KOSOVO Posted by: <stro... (Below threshold)

KOSOVO Posted by: BarneyG2000 at March 5, 2007 02:45 PM

BarneyG2000-Rubble. An unmasked shill for something, unfortunately he's all over the map and taking many sides of the same issue (in the same thread).

Rubble can we assume you don't believe the bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade during Clinton's (and Maggie's) folly in Kosovo was intentional and not a mistake.

Clinton screwed the pouch and people died.

You can slither away now barney to infest another thread.

How many US troops died in ... (Below threshold)

How many US troops died in Kosov? Isn't that the bottom-line when it comes to mistakes?

Do you want another on?... (Below threshold)

Do you want another on?

The Texas Revolution! The war was privately fought and funded. All the US had to do was annex Texas after the dust settled.

Pretty sweet.

Barney,"brainy, I do... (Below threshold)

"brainy, I do not know of one Republican (including Bush/Cheney and the neo-cons) that have not admitted that the administration made mistakes and was incompetent in the handling of the war."

Many, if not most, have admitted mistakes were made, but show us where Buch or Cheney said the administration was incompetant. Citations only this time.

How many US troops died... (Below threshold)

How many US troops died in Kosov? Isn't that the bottom-line when it comes to mistakes?
Posted by: BarneyG2000 at March 5, 2007 05:17 PM

Well... thank you VERY much barney. You've now set the bar. In the future when you continue to post tripe about how many "mistakes" have been made in Iraq (that caused no deaths) rest assured you will be directed back to your comment.

Barney,I am sure the... (Below threshold)

I am sure the family of the first Amrican to die in Iraq or Afghanistan will be glad to know that their loved one was lost while we were still under the Kosovo bar.

Before the war, we were bei... (Below threshold)

Before the war, we were being told (by many of the same people who complain about the current toll) that "hundreds of thousands" of Iraqis would be killed or seriously wounded, and that tens of thousands of American soldiers would be killed.

Of course, they were off by at least a factor of ten, but why let a little thing like reality bother them?

Idiots like BG2000 having n... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

Idiots like BG2000 having no knowledge of history, are free to make the most insane claims. The war in Iraq to depose a dictator was not very costly in American lives. However, the occupation of Iraq to allow the extablishment of a democratic government and well as the stabilization of the country, considering insergencies from both inside and outside Iraq interfer with said establishment has been costly, but not in comparison to that of other conflicts of similar magnitude. The inablilty of the democrats to defend this country and its allies against communism cost over 100,000 American lives. Both the losses in Korea and Viet Nam showed a lack of will on the part of the democrats to confront and defeat our enemies. Had Democratic Presidents done their jobs and defended this nation as they swore to do, we would not have to be in Iraq or Afghanistan. Fortunatly in Bush, we have had a President who is willing to do his job, inspite of the defeatist critcism of the hate America first left.

Please excuse the typos in ... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

Please excuse the typos in my previous post.

Speaking of leftist hate sp... (Below threshold)

Speaking of leftist hate speech, check out Deroy Murdock's latest column:


for some recent spectacularly vile examples.






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