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The Barack She Knew

Carol Platt Liebau has an interesting column at Townhall today that helped me to better understand why so many think Barack Obama, with his limited political experience, is qualified to be President. Carol tells of her personal experiences, knowing Obama in her days at Harvard and the Harvard Law Review. She has a high opinion of Obama personally, although she is a committed conservative and does not agree with him on matters of politics. It is an interesting read.

Update: Hot Air has recent video of Obama and some questions that have been raised about the truthfulness of some of his statements in Selma.


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Probably no one will catch ... (Below threshold)

Probably no one will catch Rudolph Giuliani in the end. But Barack Obama will probably give those voters in the Democratic Party with deep reservations about Hillary Clinton somewhere to go during the early primary votes. His pragmatic version of liberalism will also play well with many primary voters as well.

There's no doubt Obama ooze... (Below threshold)

There's no doubt Obama oozes chrarisma. You see the guy speak and you like him, no matter what he's saying. I figure he's the most likely to win of the top-tier Democrats and also the most dangerous for the country. Not only is he inexperienced, but a guy with that much charisma can do pretty much whatever he wants.

Good point Eric. I recall ... (Below threshold)

Good point Eric. I recall Clinton fairly oozed charisma, and look at all he got away with.






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