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He's in trouble now...

When Deval Patrick was elected as Massachusetts' first Democratic governor in 16 years, I thought the Boston Globe would be ecstatic. They'd been hammering on the Republicans all that time, endorsing loser after loser after loser for the corner office. But last November, their guy finally won.

But it seems that they're having a bit of "buyer's remorse" now, as their hero has feet of lead -- and he keeps insisting on jumping off the pier of Boston Harbor to walk on water.

I don't know if Massachusetts has a recall law allowing voters to remove a sitting governor, but I seriously doubt it. They've spent literally decades doing all they can to eliminate, limit, curtail, or out-and-out the rights of the voters to affect public policy; I can't imagine they'd let one of those stand.

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This is indeed an historica... (Below threshold)

This is indeed an historical day. The Boston Globe has FOUR OPINION PIECES critical of a Democratic Governor's actions (plus the news story): The lead editorial, plus ultra-lib Eileen >McNamara, Steve Bailey, lib snark-mistress Joan Venocchi.

Much of objective reality d... (Below threshold)

Much of objective reality doesn't seem to fit your conception of things, J.

You tell us that the Glob is universally liberal and pro-Democrat; then when they print something that is critical of a Democrat, you take exception to this, and use it as another excuse to insult the people of Massachusetts, the editorial staff of the Boston Globe and the intelligence of your "readers."

And based on my experience in these forums, that's really fucking hard to do.

But stig, the Globe is</... (Below threshold)

But stig, the Globe is universally liberal and pro-Democrat -- which is why these opinion pieces are so out-of-the-ordinary.

Hey it's early -- they're just giving the guy another dope slap (look, this is his third blunder in a month, they can't shut up any longer without losing what ittle credibility they might still retain), and hoping he wakes up and doesn't continue to embarrass him.

objective reality</p... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:

objective reality

Is that what the alternative reality based community is calling it these days?

You can call your "reality" objective till your blue in the face, but that doesn't make it so.

There is already buyers rem... (Below threshold)

There is already buyers remorse about all of the 2006 elections.

Just don't elect democrats. You'll always end up regretting it. They are not who they claim to be.

Astigafa:Ever hear... (Below threshold)


Ever heard the phrase "Man bites dog?"

That's what makes these stories so newsworthy.


Dean Barnett has started ca... (Below threshold)

Dean Barnett has started calling Patrick "Coupe Deval" after his luxury vehicle and other accomodations ($20K for office drapes, for example. Must be REALLY cool drapes, doncha think?).

Jay, you should be ashamed of yourself for forcing astigafa to read all these posts at Wizbang. Why must you subject him to all this nonsense? Why not let him free, to visit whatever sites he finds most edifying?

It's the equivalent of cyber-slavery! Next, he will be demanding reparations from you.

Barnet stole that moniker f... (Below threshold)

Barnet stole that moniker from Howie Carr.

"excuse to insult the peopl... (Below threshold)

"excuse to insult the people of Massachusetts"

lmao...the majority of people from mASSachusetts don't need any excuses to be insulted, they DESERVE everything they get!!

Governors for good or bad d... (Below threshold)

Governors for good or bad do similiar things like this all the time. There isn't anything much different about this new Massachusetts governor.

Governor Schwarzenegger begged a large organic food business, Amy's, not to move operations to Bend, Oregon, and was prepared to offer tax or other incentives to the company to stay in California.

Iowa offered a special tax break to Honda to set up an automobile factory that no other business in the state receives.

Governor Ehrlich of Maryland vetoed a health care bill requiring large businesses to pay just 8% of their payrolls towards employee health care plans due to Wal-Mart executive pressure. Wal-Mart even paid for a band to play patriotic songs at the bill's veto rally event.

Governors using their influence in ways to sway business interests that they think may benefit their state is not really unusual, but questionable ethically.






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