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Liberal La-la Land

Sometimes watching liberal news on the networks and cable channels is like entering an alternate universe

In this fantasy world, some things that would not make sense anywhere else, are accepted without question. Al Gore, who flies around the globe in private jets spewing greenhouse gas-producing exhaust and lives in multiple energy-gobbling mansions, lectures others to use florescent light bulbs and drive electric cars and is hailed for his good works on behalf of the environment.

John Edwards, who lives in a 28,000 square foot home, and owns a beach house on a gated island off the coast of North Carolina, lectures his fellow citizens that "Jesus would be disappointed in our ignoring the plight of those around us who are suffering and our focus on our own selfish short-term needs."

Bill Clinton, who admitted to lying under oath in a sexual harassment lawsuit, is held up as a champion for women's rights. Clinton, who has been accused not only of unwanted groping, but of rape, and who tried to portray the intern with whom he had an ongoing sexual relationship as a lying stalker until DNA evidence surfaced, is adored by liberal feminists.

Jimmy Carter, who referred to the terrorist group Hamas as "so-called terrorists," and who lost over a dozen advisors from the Carter Center over his anti-Israel book, Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid, is still frequently described as the best "former President" ever and is treated as an unimpeachable authority on the subject of the Middle East.

After submerging myself for hours in network and cable news coverage of stories like the Libby verdict or the war in Iraq, I almost understand why so many Americans are much more interested in following the story of Anna Nicole or the newly bald Britney Spears. In some ways, they are closer to reality than the coverage of political stories we are getting.


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Nailed it.<a href=... (Below threshold)
jackasspunzt1/2-damn that w... (Below threshold)

jackasspunzt1/2-damn that was a real good link-took me all of 1 second to read all the comments. Must have been a rusty nail.

The "reality-based communit... (Below threshold)

The "reality-based community" has always been grounded in an alternative reality.

It bears a close resemblance to the only acceptable artistic genre in the old Soviet Union, "socialist realism." This "school of art" held that all art should either portray or advance the cause of Soviet socialism, or both, but nothing else. Any "art" which failed to conform was suppressed.

I was just trying to reason... (Below threshold)

I was just trying to reason out how Edwards could be concerned about what Jesus might think - yet he's pro-abortion???? Might as well tune into "E" and see what Anna Nicole's mom has up her sleeve next...

The anti-abortion crowd is ... (Below threshold)
dr lava:

The anti-abortion crowd is who lives in a fantasy land. They have had the most favorable conditions for the past 6 years and can't even get their agenda through in S. Dakota. They actually think that the GOP would allow itself to lose its #1 moneymaker?

Only the deluded think a repeal of Roe v Wade would end abortion.
It's an issue that is easy to be for. It takes no work. Plus you don't actually have to get your hands dirty with real "born" children that are sick or living in poverty and disease. Just put that "pro-life" sticker on your car and you're done.

Lorie, there is no moral eq... (Below threshold)

Lorie, there is no moral equivilincy between the left and right. The left is immoral. The pretend to be caring and compassionate. The right is grounded more in the golder rule. It has been proven conservatives are much more generous in giving to specific needs. The left expects the government to handle that by proxy. In short, the left has no core, no soul. ww

WildWille,"The rig... (Below threshold)


"The right is grounded more in the golder rule."
Remember this quote:

Why should we hear about body bags and deaths," Barbara Bush said on ABC's "Good Morning America" on March 18, 2003. "Oh, I mean, it's not relevant. So why should I waste my beautiful mind on something like that?"

Is this respective of the golden rule? Who do know/remember Barbara Bush don't you? This women is our President's mother. Please let everyone know what your definition of the golden rule is, will you?

"It has been proven conserv... (Below threshold)

"It has been proven conservatives are much more generous in giving to specific needs."

Folks on the right, usually have more cash to give.

Last I heard, going to protests and screaming into bullhorns doesn't pay as much as you might think.

Folks on the right, usua... (Below threshold)

Folks on the right, usually have more cash to give.

...but they also give more on a relative basis. At the same income levels, you get noticeably higher charitable giving from Republicans.

This is where Barney/Lee/Hu... (Below threshold)

This is where Barney/Lee/Hugh/etc live.

It's a magical, mysterious place!!

"Folks on the right, us... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

"Folks on the right, usually have more cash to give."

That's not true at all.

The left is made up mostly of suers (trail lawyers), professors, reporters, union extortionists, actors, and the idle rich (those who inherited all their wealth) have much, much more money than most on the right.

Sure there are a lot of poor and needy people who vote for the the lefties, but they're not really lefties at all-- it's more of a drug addict/drug pusher relationship.

"Only the deluded think... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

"Only the deluded think a repeal of Roe v Wade would end abortion."

No but it would end the typical leftist fascist aspects of it. Peole would actually be able to choose if their states should be part of the evil genocide or not. I'd be o.k. with that. But then again, unlike anyone on the left, I'm pro-choice (as long as that choice does not kill anyone, born or unborn).

Of course the left is terrified of that senario, since it would be similar to the antibellum days (the last time the US condoned an atrocity that was on par with abortion). In this case, in stead of slave states and free states, we would have genocide states and human rights states. The lefties know that the last time that situation occurred in this country things did not turn out so well for the leftist democrat slave owners.

By the way, great article L... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

By the way, great article Lorie! You've done a good job summing up the fabricated reality based community that is the left.

Hey, why does everyone hate... (Below threshold)

Hey, why does everyone hate each other here? Who cares if the left eats babies and the right kicks puppies? Relax!

posted to digg<a h... (Below threshold)
Actually David, it's the ri... (Below threshold)

Actually David, it's the right that eats the babies and the left that kicks puppies....or is it that the left eats puppies and the right kicks babies? It's so hard to keep straight.

Oh man ... Heralder, you're... (Below threshold)

Oh man ... Heralder, you're makin' me hungry.

I may have to go for a centrist-styled lunch:

Southern fried puppy and a side of baby-back ribs.

lol... (Below threshold)


I see the haters are out ag... (Below threshold)

I see the haters are out again in full force, hating away. You folks become more irrelevant and kind of antiquated by the day.
No good news for you so you can always fall back on mockery, hatred and killing the messenger. Or you can become an effete like Mitchell - affected and ineffective.

Can't wait till 08. Then the long national nightmare will come to an end and you folks will bringing up the bile and spewing hate in record amounts.

"you folks will bringing up... (Below threshold)

"you folks will bringing up the bile and spewing hate in record amounts."

You know all about that hugh.

Actually, I thought Lorie w... (Below threshold)

Actually, I thought Lorie was pretty spot on with this. It IS a sad state of affairs.

"Can't wait till 08. The... (Below threshold)

"Can't wait till 08. Then the long national nightmare will come to an end..."

Sure Hugh. If a democrat ends up in the White House, the libs can go back to sucking on their pacifiers, pretending the world is a better place for it, blissfully unaware that things haven't change a bit; they'll just be wearing those rose colored lenses.

Who are you trying to fool? Besides yourself, that is? At the very best, they'll be trading old problems for new problems. At worst, they'll just add to the list.

87% of the Jewish in our la... (Below threshold)

87% of the Jewish in our last Federal election went to the Democrats. They are one of the bases of the Democratic Party. They are liberals, do you hate them ?

John Ryan,That was... (Below threshold)

John Ryan,

That was hilarious. I'm not even going to check your numbers.

On a related note, 100% of wars involve people. Do you hate people Jack?

Ryan,I can't explain... (Below threshold)

I can't explain battered wives that keep coming back to abusive husbands. I hate the husbands, I pitty the wives.

I hate puppies and babies e... (Below threshold)

I hate puppies and babies equally. Does that make me a centrist?

No mantis, somehow that wor... (Below threshold)

No mantis, somehow that works out to you hating Jews. I don't know how, ask John, he's working on the numbers right now.

I'm guessing he'll say:

92% of dog owners also have babies.
98% of dog owners voted Democrat.
87% of Jews voted Democrat.

Dog owners, parents and the Jewish are a Democratic base.

92% + 98% + 87%, carry the 3, multiply by liberal = you hate Jews.

Can't wait till 08. Then th... (Below threshold)

Can't wait till 08. Then the long national nightmare will come to an end and you folks will bringing up the bile and spewing hate in record amounts.

Posted by: hugh at March 9, 2007 12:01 PM

Average liberal, partying like it's 1974.

"national nightmare" ... please, dude. Really. Whatever.

Rehashing the past tends to fly in the face of "progressivism."

Let's not overlook the fact that a lot of our Congress-folk were around for, if not involved in, that illustrious "summer of love" and such when we supposedly ushered in a new era of enlightenment.

And look how much good it's done us.

The only thing more dangerous than a hippie is a sober hippie.

Peace out.

Dammit, I always forget to ... (Below threshold)

Dammit, I always forget to carry the three! Ok, off to the library to pick up Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

mantis:I ... (Below threshold)


I always forget to carry the three!

Your prejudice against 3s has been well documented here, so I'm not surprised you "forgot".

Rather convenient if you ask me.

I love babies, puppies, but... (Below threshold)

I love babies, puppies, but hate cats.

That makes me a right and/or left wing cataphobe.*

*I hope I did not offend any cat lovers in the making of this email.

Your prejudice against 3... (Below threshold)

Your prejudice against 3s has been well documented here, so I'm not surprised you "forgot".

Rather convenient if you ask me.

I'm not prejudiced against 3s! It's just that the 3s who support the Rethuglicans are so hypocritical! They're just a bunch of Uncle 4s.

Posted by: mantisS... (Below threshold)

Posted by: mantis

See, there you go, again. I thought you simply had something against prime numbers, you anti-primite; but, I seen you've extended yourself to the even numbers as well.

Will the mindless hatred never cease?

I'll will grant you that Pi is just a plain ol' pain in the @ss. Thinkin' it's all high and mighty. Round this out 100 decimal places, bitch!

(it's Friday afternoon, cut me some slack).

hehe,I'm off for t... (Below threshold)


I'm off for the weekend, see you all on Monday.

Anti-primite, I love it. I... (Below threshold)

Anti-primite, I love it. I'm stealing that one.

On Digg I asked one of your... (Below threshold)

On Digg I asked one of your fans what IS the "liberal media' then he started talking about Richard Branson..Wha?

The Corporate media wouldnt be liberal would it? Thats just too funny to believe






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