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Silly Stuff

John Hawkins found a picture of John Edwards engaging in his former profession.

Update: Sister Toldjah has an interesting post about Edwards' hypocrisy when it comes to creative editing of campaign video.


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Golly, I am sitting here at... (Below threshold)

Golly, I am sitting here at my computer, by myself giggling like a school boy. Very funny Lorie. ww

Jesus would have been appal... (Below threshold)

Jesus would have been appalled.

John Edward's most famous c... (Below threshold)

John Edward's most famous case and largest award came from a product liability case. The client he represented was a 5 year old child DISEMBOWELED by the suction of a drain pump while sitting in a swimming pool. Perhaps you might find some humorous way to picture this also ?

John Ryan, was the childs g... (Below threshold)

John Ryan, was the childs guts sucked out through her anus? Although very sad and unfortunate this case may have been, your comment said what is wrong, John Edwards biggest reward. He rode that childs tragedy to riches. He is the poster child of what is wrong with our tort system. ww

And, at that trial, if my m... (Below threshold)

And, at that trial, if my memory serves, he invoked the memory of his recently dead son to throw more crap at the jury. It was a $43 Million judgment.

The kid was damaged, and deserved a large verdict. But, it is unseemly that an attorney should profit so handsomely by his client's misery.

That's why in the UK, they call it "barritry" and have some strict rules about taking a large stake in a client's case.

check that: barratry... (Below threshold)

check that: barratry






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