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"...as if millions of English teachers suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced."

Last week, I happened to stumble across an official document from the state of Vermont. It was an internal one, not intended for the general public. It was nothing overly sensitive, but one element leaped out at me.

At the top of one page was the title:


That's right. Some nincompoop had taken the overused-to-the-point-of-exhaustion cliche' of "vision" and verbed it.

I think it's time for Scott Adams to update his Corporate Buzzwords Bingo Cards, because I have a hunch this one is going to -- as the saying goes -- spread like wildflowers.

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April Showers, Visio... (Below threshold)

April Showers,
Visioning May Flowers.

If I "vision" real hard...w... (Below threshold)

If I "vision" real hard...will that make it so?
Right now I am visioning a GOP win in '08!

I'm not so sure they starte... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

I'm not so sure they started with vision and made it into visioning. It's just as likely they started with envisioning and turned it into visioning by just dropping the "en" part. The meaning of envisioning and visioning seem to be the same, so that would be the simpler explanation. It's similarly to saying lectricity instead of electricity or splain rather than explain, which folks sometimes us when they want to be "colorful."

The education must be worki... (Below threshold)

The education must be working, Mr. Tea.

For far more so than, say, in the South, groups of citizens in Vermont are already showing far-sighted vision.

I disagree. And I sense a ... (Below threshold)

I disagree. And I sense a total lack of visioning in your thesis. You need to vision properly.

Makes perfect sense. I am a... (Below threshold)

Makes perfect sense. I am already visioning that this is the first step to creating a new disability.

Soon visionaries everywhere will complain about their affliction; you know having the sight and all (can't get em out of my head, make it stop!).

They will name the malady something like visionairs disease. Eventually we will have a whole new group of people to treat and protect and Democrats will have another fertile field to sow somewhere down the road.

Just in time for those coll... (Below threshold)

Just in time for those colleges who need another major and degree program. This one has unlimited potential, e.g. a Masters in Gender Visioning; Visioning among early North American potters; A Masters in Divine Visioning, ad infinitum. And new visioning programs for all groups, such as seniors after their line dance practice.

Your post's title assumes t... (Below threshold)

Your post's title assumes that English teachers care or even bother to teach formal writing and grammar any more instead of allowing students, some of whom grow up to be marketing professionals, to "express themselves" in any way shape or form.

I don't accept that a priori.

As someone employed by the ... (Below threshold)
Captain Ned:

As someone employed by the State of VT, I can tell you that this likely refers to the software application used to track State revenues and expenses. Its name?


Even if the software is nam... (Below threshold)
John S:

Even if the software is named VISION, VISION still isn't a verb. Same mistake, same stupidity.
The kind of stupidity manifested by people who repeatedly reelect the terrorist coddler Senator Patrick Leahy and, more recently, the Senate's only communist Bernie Sanders.

Brilliant title for this po... (Below threshold)

Brilliant title for this post Jay, made me laugh out loud.

Brilliant title fo... (Below threshold)
Brilliant title for this post Jay, made me laugh out loud.

And one of Obi-Wan's better lines to boot.






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