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Bush Derangement Syndrome Infects Mayan Priests

They are going to "purify" an archaeological site after President Bush visits:

GUATEMALA CITY - Mayan priests will purify a sacred archaeological site to eliminate "bad spirits" after President Bush visits next week, an official with close ties to the group said Thursday.

"That a person like (Bush), with the persecution of our migrant brothers in the United States, with the wars he has provoked, is going to walk in our sacred lands, is an offense for the Mayan people and their culture," Juan Tiney, the director of a Mayan nongovernmental organization with close ties to Mayan religious and political leaders, said Thursday.

Bush's seven-day tour of Latin America includes a stopover beginning late Sunday in Guatemala. On Monday morning he is scheduled to visit the archaeological site Iximche on the high western plateau in a region of the Central American country populated mostly by Mayans.

Tiney said the "spirit guides of the Mayan community" decided it would be necessary to cleanse the sacred site of "bad spirits" after Bush's visit so that their ancestors could rest in peace. He also said the rites -- which entail chanting and burning incense, herbs and candles -- would prepare the site for the third summit of Latin American Indians March 26-30.

Meanwhile, Hugo Chavez is stoking American hatred in Latin America:

President Bush and his left-wing nemesis Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez squared off on dueling tours of Latin America on Friday as they vied for the region's hearts and minds.

The ideological rivalry intensified as Bush arrived in Uruguay, the second stop of his tour, while Chavez drew support from thousands of Argentines at an "anti-imperialist" rally across the River Plate in neighboring Argentina.

Chavez led the crowd of union workers and leftists in shouting "Gringo, Go Home!" against Bush.

The nutroots must be pleased as punch.

Comments (44)

One of Bush's stops is Colu... (Below threshold)

One of Bush's stops is Columbia. I guess he is going there to pick-up some supplies?

The Mayan stunt was staged ... (Below threshold)

The Mayan stunt was staged for US consumption. Nobody in South or Central America gives a damn about the Mayans.

LOL Barney!Bush's ... (Below threshold)

LOL Barney!

Bush's disastrous trip to Latin America is more proof of how universally reviled our President and American foreign policy have become. This is undoubtedly the lowest point of American power and prestige in the world that our country has ever experienced. We have fewer friends, and more enemies who will be celebrating wildly when the terrorists hit us again.

It's going to take decades to repair the damage that Bush has done to our position in the world.

It's ADORABLE when the worl... (Below threshold)

It's ADORABLE when the world thinks we care what they think.

"It's going to take decades... (Below threshold)

"It's going to take decades to repair the damage that Bush has done to our position in the world."

So......who gives a shit? Other than you "feel-gooders, that is. Maybe they won't be so happy to get our foreign aid? Naw....they'll still have their dirty little hands out.

btw, for hating us so bad, there's sure alot of them wanting to be americans.

He also said the ... (Below threshold)
He also said the rites -- which entail chanting and burning incense, herbs and candles

Wow, stunning similarity between the spirit guides of the Mayan community and a typical college dorm room full lefty moonbats.

Special emphasis on "herbs".

These feel gooder liberal t... (Below threshold)

These feel gooder liberal types do NOT realize a fair weathered friend is NOT a friend. Britian, Austrila and Israel are TRUE Friends of the US. Give me true friends anyday of the week!

I love it when countries no... (Below threshold)

I love it when countries not doing well try to feel important by bashing Bush. I especially love it when he proves he doesn't give a rats ass what the losers think. That drives 'em even more psycho.


For some time now, the whol... (Below threshold)

For some time now, the whole world has been mostly blue. Blue as in favoring Democrats over Bush, blue as in sad that American morons chose The Chimp to be their king.

Yeah, if I were living in a... (Below threshold)

Yeah, if I were living in another failing miserable country, I too would hate Bush. He loathes our enemies and he's giving us a damn fine economy and Americans are doing fine. Pretty hard to take when your own country is caving to the terrorists and the economy is in the tank.

Again, I'd hate him too.

We have fewer fri... (Below threshold)
We have fewer friends, and more enemies who will be celebrating wildly when the terrorists hit us again

Pure lefty myth. This country received just as much world condemnation while Clinton was in office as President Bush does now.

The only difference is the left didn't pay attention to it back then.

I'm going to have to light an incense to purify this thread of left wing propaganda.

Jumpinjoe, oh I don't think... (Below threshold)

Jumpinjoe, oh I don't think you're right.

When Clinton bombed that chinese embassy, they loved him and the USA even more than usual, didn't they?

That's what I recall. LOL.

I think I have a correlatio... (Below threshold)

I think I have a correlation that the libtards can understand. Libs, close your eyes and go back to your miserable high school days when you felt like a loser.

Remember in high school when the geeks, the band nerds and the general "outcasts" would all look over at the cafeteria table where the cheerleaders and the award winning atheletes were sitting? Remember the pure envy you libs felt? The hatred, yet at the same time the longing to be one of those people?

That's how the rest of the world looks at us. They hate us, because they long to BE us.

When the Republicans throug... (Below threshold)

When the Republicans through away the Presidential election in '08 and we get a Democrat, this isn't going to stop.

It isn't Bush that's reviled. Its been the US. These sentiments existed before 2001. The only thing different is that the Left in our country has worked hard to reinforce their demonization of America. Although many think they've been reinforcing the demonization of Bush. Its really been America they've been punishing.

Of course, the media won't beat items like this to death like they do for Bush. They'll cover over the contempt much of the world has always helled for us, until it serves a purpose for them again.

I am married to a woman mos... (Below threshold)

I am married to a woman most likely with some Mayan blood in her veins, and I read a bit here and there abour the fascinating recent findings and theories about the Indians in Latin America.

I am not aware that there is any "Mayan" culture left, or even a significant group of people calling itself or being "Mayan."

I think we're being had by race baiters.

Essentially the same thing ... (Below threshold)

Essentially the same thing Jo and JPM, jumpinjoe, and Robert have pointed out here is exactly what is going on.

You can read today's La Prensa editorial (Nicaragua's premier newspaper, superbly run and written) to see that it has always been thus, and that there are books on the topic of "Anti-Northamericanism" that shows it's the same characters on the Left, the faux populists, both here and oversears, who create largely false impressions.

La Prensa asks the essential question: Why do thousands of Latin Americans seek to come here every year, if the U.S. is so repulsive.

You know the answer.

"Yankee go home, but take m... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

"Yankee go home, but take me with you!"

Let me explain myself using... (Below threshold)

Let me explain myself using righty logic.

Niger's top export is raw uranium, so when Iraqi sent a trade delegation to Niger, the purpose, by logical extension, was to buy uranium.

Columbia's top export is cocaine, so when Bush goes to Columbia, by logical extension, he must want to buy cocaine.

See, now you righties will understand.

Here is one for Rush fans o... (Below threshold)

Here is one for Rush fans on why Bush is going to Columbia to buy coke.

The Dominican Republic is well know for it's male prostitution trade (specializing in young boys), or at least that is what is reported.

Rush goes to the DR for a "Boys Only" weekend with a bottle of Viagra, so by logical extension, Rush likes to receive "ditto-head" from young boys.

"Chavez led the crowd of un... (Below threshold)

"Chavez led the crowd of union workers and leftists in shouting "Gringo, Go Home!" against Bush."

There he goes dropping the "G-bomb" again. What a racist.

BarneyG2000: There's no suc... (Below threshold)

BarneyG2000: There's no such country as "Col[b]u[/b]mbia". It's called "Col[b]o[/b]mbia". And its major exports are industrial products, petroleum, coffee, coal and nickel.

San Francisco is considered... (Below threshold)

San Francisco is considered the gay capital of the U.S. Barney thinks like the lefties there so therefore...ww

Hugo Chavez is a brutal dictator the echoes the sentiments of the American left therefore liberals are communists who favor dicatators...


WildWillie: Brutal dictator... (Below threshold)

WildWillie: Brutal dictator? Substantiate please. Anti-democratic demagouge with designs on becomming a dictator: OK. But what's this brutality of which you speak?

Is Chavez really the brutal dictator and hero to the left that he's made out to be? He has yet to catch up to Robert Mugabe, and he has to start working hard to reach the level of Castro, and even harder to even be mentioned on the same page as Pol Pot or Stalin.

Yes, Barney, you've just cr... (Below threshold)

Yes, Barney, you've just created an example of the "Ugly American" by wrongly stereotyping Columbia.

I believe there is even more cocaine coming out of Bolivia now; and they have a leftist President who actually is a coca farmer, and has legalized it in trade.

There are many brave and good people in Columbia, and the crime and murder rates have come down so much now that you are more likely to be kidnapped or murdered in Mexico than in Columbia.

Barney, you just aren't too sharp, are you? And your stupid analogy about Bush buying coke is conclusive proof.

89, you want to wait until ... (Below threshold)

89, you want to wait until Chavez becomes another Pol Pot before you denounce his ruthless dictatorship?

You obviously don't know what the hell is going on in Venezuela.

We have a number of friends who live there, friends living here now who fled, and friends who travel there. It is becoming another Cuba, but with oil wealth. At least Fidel was too poor to matter these last years.

Chavez is another, more dangerous matter. You have no civil liberties in Venezuela now unless you are a member in good standing of Chavez's political party.

Let me explain my... (Below threshold)
Let me explain myself using righty logic.

Niger's top export is raw uranium, so when Iraqi sent a trade delegation to Niger, the purpose, by logical extension, was to buy uranium.

Columbia's top export is cocaine, so when Bush goes to Columbia, by logical extension, he must want to buy cocaine

Using lefty logic.........

Barney obviously admits that an Iraqi delegation did seek trade relations with Niger but must justify in his mind that maybe, just maybe it was for other products that Niger produces other than yellowcake.

But it sounds like you are getting educated here and now admit it was for yellowcake despite the fact Iraq was under sanctions prohibiting that country from seeking these materials.

Since it pains you to come around to admitting the truth, the best you can do is equate President Bush's trip to Columbia with cocaine.

But at least another regular lefty admits it....in his own simplistic way.

But equating Bush's trip to... (Below threshold)

But equating Bush's trip to Colombia with cocaine wasn't the best he could do. Did you miss the bit about little boy prostitutes?

Just looove how lefties elevate a conversation by bringing in deviant sex.

Fact... anti-Americanism has been a staple of the world for as long as America existed. The idea that somehow people hate us because of George Bush is dependant on the fact that the people making the charge only remember what they were around to see.

And yes, it's delightful and quaint when people in other countries think we care.

Doesn't Bush just do his co... (Below threshold)

Doesn't Bush just do his cocaine run through Mena Airport in Arkansas?

Oh wait. Wrong president.

Slightly off topic, yet sti... (Below threshold)

Slightly off topic, yet still somewhat on topic since we're talking about idiot liberals (aren't we always)?

Democrat liberal congressman David Obey was caught on video saying "idiot liberals." Even the libs know their constituents (and themselves) are idiots.

Bwahahahahahahaha....love it.

CIA Fact Book on Colombia: ... (Below threshold)

CIA Fact Book on Colombia: Illicit producer of coca, opium poppy, and cannabis; world's leading coca cultivator with 144,000 hectares in coca cultivation in 2005, a 26% increase over 2004, producing a potential of 545 mt of pure cocaine; the world's largest producer of coca derivatives; supplies cocaine to most of the US market and the great majority of other international drug markets, but Bush already knows this.

Gee I wonder what the street value of 545 metric tons of pure coke is?

In other news, thanks to "I don't think much about him" Bush, Osama Bin Laden is celebrating his 50th birthday.

"Just looove how lefties el... (Below threshold)

"Just looove how lefties elevate a conversation by bringing in deviant sex." By synova

Hey sy, have heard or read any of the passages from Scooter's book the Apprentice (for Libby's sake, I hope the Cons in the Fed Pen don't know about this)?

Let's see, there is:
Boy on boy sex
Girl on bear sex
Boy on deer sex
Girl on girl sex
Girl on dog sex

Oh, I think that the only candidate that is running for president in '08 and was married to his cousin is a Republican.

Hey Barney, you heard of We... (Below threshold)

Hey Barney, you heard of Webb's book?

Not that fiction is anything to be prudish about since it's necessary to present bad stuff too. In fact, I read a book yesterday by a woman I know doesn't agree with me on politics and it included rape, prostitution and boy-child prostitution and one of the "good guys" was the pimp. I'd recommend it, actually, "Brother to Dragons, Companion to Owls." Oh, and murder and stuff too. By Jane Lindskold.

So grow up, please. Though I doubt you will or can. All's fair, after all, if it's in service of BDS. Must be nice in that place where you can be as hateful in a guilt-free way. (Coulter implied someone was a faggot, you said "Rush likes to receive "ditto-head" from young boys." Which seems to mean a lot to you but only means that you're worse than Ann. Grats, honey, you should be so proud.)

Sy, Dems are "live and let ... (Below threshold)

Sy, Dems are "live and let live" kind of people (as long as it is legal).

If Rush wants to pay for sex with boys (hopefully of legal age in the DR) than more power to him.

It is the hypocrisy from the right that bothers me. Ann calls Edwards a faggot (last year she called Gore a fag) but at CPAC she takes a picture with a gay male prostitute. Which is it Ann? At the same conference, the same mention gay prostitute was honored.

Rudy was married to his cousin for 12-years. Newt was cheating on his wife. Reagan cheated on his wife and abandoned his son (same with Rudy it must be the Reagan legacy).

Republicans cant have it both ways. Take a stand!

We are standing, Barney, ju... (Below threshold)

We are standing, Barney, just not where you think we are standing. You can't make up stuff about what you believe is important to other people and then crow about hypocrisy when they don't comply with something that was never true.

Well, I suppose you *can* but you just sound like an idiot when you do it.

So, Barney, are you arguing... (Below threshold)

So, Barney, are you arguing for discriminating against homosexual males? Is male gay sex THAT abhorrent to you, you homophobe?
...Ann was making a joke about that actor going into rehab for saying a word, which is something that SHOULD be laughed at.

If Rush wants to ... (Below threshold)
If Rush wants to pay for sex with boys (hopefully of legal age in the DR) than more power to him

Barney, everyone knows that most all pedophiles vote for Democrats.

It's a fact.

News Flash: Most all pedophiles vote for Democrats!!

Now you know it's true because it says so in block quote above. It is written therefore it is so.

Did you notice the exclamations on the end? There are two of them for crying out loud.

I win again!!!! (Four exclamations...count them....FOUR) Damn I'm good.

Poor Barney. He's just out... (Below threshold)

Poor Barney. He's just out his league around here. We're too clever and too smart.

Barney, if you keep coming back, then you must not whine when you get humiliated.

I don't know which is more ... (Below threshold)

I don't know which is more amusing: losers in other failing, miserable countries bashing Bush, or the liberals in this country jumping up like 3rd graders screaming "See, see! They hate us! Oh nooooo! This is so bad!! Waaaah. Waaaah."

Both scenarios are hilarious, and should be laughed at.

Jo, it's crazier when it is... (Below threshold)

Jo, it's crazier when it is libtards here, since the latin ones haven't live here, and many get their news from left wing newspapers or dictators. Our crazies don't have any excuses (no, stupidity doesn't count).

BarneyGoogle, you exalted Dims are so "live and let live," the political hack prosecutor brought a case that is almost never brought in his jurisdiction, a case against a man addicted to pain meds, for that reason? You think Dims. let Rush Limbaugh "live and let live?"

You really don't have much comprehension, do you?

You know, you really have been slapped around badly on this site all day. You a glutton for punishment, or just too self-unaware?

I wonder if the Mayan purif... (Below threshold)

I wonder if the Mayan purification will include human sacrifice. Seems like that worked really well for them in the past. Something to be proud of.

Let me see if I get this: M... (Below threshold)

Let me see if I get this: Mayans practice some pagan ritual to rid themselves of evil Bush, yet 22 million of their countrymen are allowed in Bush's country illegally. Does not compute....

From Ralph Peter's column t... (Below threshold)

From Ralph Peter's column today:

"typical newspaper headline read, "Angry Crowds Rally Against President in Brazil."

Message: Bush is hated. He's ruined our relations with the hemisphere. Nobody loves us anymore - and it's all his fault.

Well, venceremos, muchachos, and no pasdaran!

If you bothered to read the reports below the headlines, you learned that 6,000 Brazilians had gathered in Sao Paulo to protest Bush's arrival in their country.

Wait a minute - wasn't that 600,000? Or at least 60,000?

Nope. Just 6,000 outraged citizens. Out of Brazil's population of 200 million."

Similar numbers in Argentina. Anybody still feel that the MSM report on Bush straight up? Sheesh.

Hey, Mitchell, they aren't ... (Below threshold)

Hey, Mitchell, they aren't as mean as Fox News is to Democrats, with their whole not saying "Please may I?" before asking them a question.

Dubya, el Commercialo, cont... (Below threshold)

Dubya, el Commercialo, contra Chavez the Killer, con mano a mano, triumpha en el Sud.






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