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Don't forget!

It's time to turn your clocks ahead by one hour tonight. Daylight Saving Time begins at 2:00am tomorrow morning.

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I did forget. Thank... (Below threshold)

I did forget. Thanks for the reminder!

Dumbest Idea Ever.... (Below threshold)

Dumbest Idea Ever.

Once a few moms realize it means kids going to school in the dark that much longer, it will be pushed back three weeks instead of forward.

Not for Arizona. :)... (Below threshold)

Not for Arizona. :)

If kids are going to school... (Below threshold)
Michael Evilcorn:

If kids are going to school in the dark, start school later! I'm so sick of DST. DST does not change the number of hours of daylight per day. The President should just tell people to Adjust Your Schedule. Geez.

You can thank Ed Markey for... (Below threshold)

You can thank Ed Markey for this ridiculous idea...

I plan on switching the clo... (Below threshold)

I plan on switching the clocks two hours a head and one hour back!

And buying postage stamps.

I'm just waiting to see wha... (Below threshold)

I'm just waiting to see what kind of a huge clock mess I have with all my VCRs, DVD recorders and computer with a dual TV tuner. I often write reviews of TV shows or commentary on them, so being able to record these shows to analyze them is very important to me.

Dad gum politicians always ... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

Dad gum politicians always messing around with something a forgot until just before i got out of bed

In a radio news report just... (Below threshold)
Michael Evilcorn:

In a radio news report just now about the high gas prices, they actually said that Daylight Savings Time increases demand for gas (more people driving in the evenings), putting upward pressure on gas prices.

Of course, the entire reason for DST is to save energy and reduce oil use. It's hard to figure who is more stupid: MSM or the politicians.






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