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Was Joe Wilson the covert agent?

AJ Strata has a post today that I thought was interesting. In his post, he speculates that Joe Wilson was actually the deep cover operative, not his wife, Valerie. It's an interesting theory and AJ makes some compelling arguments in support of his theory. Here's a portion of his post:

First, Joe Wilson worked in the Baghdad bureau of the State Department and was the one who 'stayed behind' when the first Gulf War broke out. His role as Chief of Station could be a dual one, with an intelligence side as a covert agent. It would make sense why he received so many accolades for his stint there - he could have been a lead CIA coordinator in country.

Second, when Wilson and Plame met at a party at the Turkish Embassy in 1997, it is reported she blurted out she worked at the CIA early on in their encounters (under 48 hours). Plame doesn't seem to be the type, after being a NOC, to simply blurt that out. But Wilson is gifted in saying things he shouldn't at times (like noting Val's job at Brewster and Jennings on a political donation, but more on that in a second). So it is not a big shock if the conversation was more along the lines "I work at the CIA too" and Wilson was trying to be too cute by half. Valerie had just come back from Greece because it was feared her cover had been blown by Aldrich Ames, so I doubt she would tell just anyone where she worked. In fact, there has been speculation that Marc Grossman, who seems to have known them both, may have helped get the two together. The intelligence world is a very small clique, which is why Grossman could get a request answered in a day when it came time to find out who sent Wilson to Niger (though I still suspect he knows). So maybe she knew about his work and was just letting him now she was from the same clothe.

Third, there is the first hand knowledge of CIA cover Brewster and Jennings by Wilson. Should he have known about Val's cover? I am not sure, but some cover story had to be established. All I know is it seems he was the one who noted it on campaign donation records. As I noted way back here in this post it appears Wilson donated too much money initially to the Gore campaign, well over the hard money limit, and had to redistribute the money between him and Valerie so it looked like two donations. But why use the CIA cover company after years of supposedly keeping it secret? Well, what if B&J was a well known cover company that was a code word Congress and others in the Federal Government used to refer to black ops work? Maybe Wilson was trying to send a signal to someone on the Gore campaign? Who knows. Granted, this is a weak connection, but the B&J mystery has always been what a lame cover it is, which makes it perfect as a code phrase for top government officials to use to hint at a group of people and their intel work.

Fourth, Wilson's many trips to Niger at key, critical points and on jobs that would not be in the hands of just anyone. His first trip, in Wilson's own words was to turn a military coup detat, inside a country that's prime product was a nuclear power source, towards a democratic government. And this was in a country that basically was a French protectorate. So why send the CIA in? Probably because the French could not have a US official openly working for them or some other such nonsense. But Wilson did play a large role in this 1999 effort (which happened to occur right after his donation to the Gore campaign). At least that is what Wilson claims. My knowledge of the government is they DO NOT outsource these kinds of responsibilities to private individuals - probably because legally they cannot. Agents of the government have certain authorities which cannot be conveyed on private individuals. It makes more sense Wilson, as an agent, was operating as a US official under cover.

Read the rest of AJ's post.

Sorry folks! I forgot to add the link to AJ's post. I'm feeling a little under the weather, so I apologize if I'm not on top of some details.

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Comments (46)

I would if you gave me a li... (Below threshold)

I would if you gave me a link. :)

Only problem is that Wilson... (Below threshold)

Only problem is that Wilson intentionally outed himself.

These D.C. circles are all ... (Below threshold)

These D.C. circles are all bought and paid for by lobbyists! so to be sure Wilson is a covert activist agent working for the DNC!

Well he did set up an inves... (Below threshold)

Well he did set up an investment company there.

His wife Jacqueline was an attache at the French embassy... who also knew Rocco (Italy, forgeries Joe talked about to two reporters as being not the right names and dates months before they ever surfaced?).

You would be interested to find what his 1999 trip found there re: uranium.

What a coincidence, AJ just put something up:

Here's your link guys, so you can read both:

I'll be back later with loads of links. I hope your link will be up by then.

It's beyond huge. Check on Just One Minute, Stratasphere (sidebar) and Free Republic.

Let's just hope he goes int... (Below threshold)

Let's just hope he goes into deep cover in Santa Fe.

Remember this, via Hitchens... (Below threshold)

Remember this, via Hitchens?


I don't buy it. I strongly... (Below threshold)

I don't buy it. I strongly suspect Joe Wilson of being a covert agent, but I don't think he was working for us.

I have long suspected that thug(preferred to rogue) elements in the CIA have profited from the yellow cake black market. Joe may have been operating in the shadows, but I'll be appalled if it turns out he was supposed to be working for us. How come......well, there are too many how comes for me.

I think AJ is just overwhel... (Below threshold)

I think AJ is just overwhelmed with the effort at rehabbing Joe Wilson. He doesn't understand that Joe's meme has to survive for the Democrats to retain any foreign policy credibility. Maybe rehabbed first as CIA, then destroyed as a traitor will work for them. Hang on to the towels.

See, Wilson's problem, and AJ's, is that Joe is associated with too much monkey business. If he did know about the forgeries, why didn't everyone, etc., etc. The Dems jumped the shark on yellow cake, the run-up to the war, and I can sure see them scapegoating the Wilsons. I have a lot of trust in the karmic power of irony.

I don't think AJ knows enou... (Below threshold)

I don't think AJ knows enough about the 'funky seals' noted on the forgeries by the first CIA person who handled them, in October of 2002. Still to be explained is what happened to the forgeries from Oct. '02 to Mar. '03. Perhaps Joe and Val can shed a little light in that dark, secret, place.

OK, now I've read AJ's seco... (Below threshold)

OK, now I've read AJ's second post and our speculative streams have rejoined. He, too, is keying on Joe knowing way too much about the forgeries. He is now and open and shut case of treason.

Where's your towel.

I'd say Wilson is an overt ... (Below threshold)

I'd say Wilson is an overt poseur.

I've said it before, maybe ... (Below threshold)

I've said it before, maybe we were deceived into going into what ultimately is a just war. Was the CIA intelligence feed to the Administration misinformation by incompetence, or disinformation by design? We're really looking at one or the other, with Joe, Val, and a camel load of Democrats trying to finesse their way through that needle's eye.

No doubt the Dems will now ... (Below threshold)

No doubt the Dems will now pitch Joe under the bus in order to retain foreign policy and defense credibility.

But, I'm not holding my breath.

Much longer anyway, I have been for almost three years, now, though.

You got it , Pooch. Bay it... (Below threshold)

You got it , Pooch. Bay it.

If y'all are interested, lo... (Below threshold)

If y'all are interested, look back at my mumblings about the treachery of Joe Wilson early this AM before I'd read AJ's soaring insights. It's on the last Joe Wilson credibility thread.

Sorry, Larry. I really thi... (Below threshold)

Sorry, Larry. I really think maybe you just didn't know. Denial is solace.

kim, you finally figured it... (Below threshold)

kim, you finally figured it out. The forged doc was received in Oct, and not investigated until mid Feb? Why, because State and CIA knew the docs were bulls*t. Somehow (WHIG) Defense found out about the doc and issued a brief that was read by Cheney (surprise) . This gave Cheney the excuse to call for an investigation by the CIA. The CIA had no choice but to follow-up on the request. They sent Wilson, because they did not want to waste the time of an agent.

Wilson was fully briefed on the content of the Doc. Plame also knew, and probably saw the forgery. Since she knew, and her husband was appointed to the mission, I believe that she was given approval to discuss the forgery with her husband.

Everyone new the link between Iraq and Niger was nonsense, so when the Pez said the 16-words, everyone from State to CIA to Wilson were pissed-off. Wilson was the only person that could blow the whistle and not get fired or thrown in prison.

I've figured out that someo... (Below threshold)

I've figured out that someone sat on the forgeries for 4 months after someone noted 'funky seals'. I've figured out with AJ Strata that maybe Joe Wilson did know as early as the CIA about 'crazy reports' out of Africa. I've figured out that Val has some 'splainin' to do.

By the way, why would a covert operative use her own name? And what did her father do?

And you make a mistake. At... (Below threshold)

And you make a mistake. At least according to public accounts, the CIA, Val or whoever did not have the forgeries in hand when Joe was picked to go. She remarked about 'crazy reports' out of Africa, but presumably actual copies of the forgeries were not in CIA hands until Oct. '02. There is a whole year unexplained still in the Saga of Val and Joe, and that is from Feb. '02 when they first heard about the forgeries, to Feb. '03 when they were turned over to the IAEA.

By the way, why didn't the Italians turn over the forgeries to the IAEA?

Are you seriously trying to... (Below threshold)

Are you seriously trying to maintain, Barney, that the State Department and the CIA knew the documents were bs all the while from 10/02 to 3/03? Why did it take the IAEA, just before the war, to declare them fake? Do you see the sort of problems your assumptions give you?

Or are you just desperately... (Below threshold)

Or are you just desperately confused about the missing year? You know that Wilson went in Feb, '02, and the forgeries reached the CIA in Oct, '02. Cheney's request was in Feb, '02. Are you maintaining that he knew about the forgeries then, or only about the 'crazy reports'?

Note 'crazy reports' in the context of the recent DRCongo revelations about uranium diversion on a 'vast scale, and going back for years'.

Kim, saying that the CIA re... (Below threshold)

Kim, saying that the CIA received the forgery in Oct '01 maybe a little too strong, but the CIA was briefed on the content of the forgery (see timeline here)

October 15, 2001:
US intelligence agencies receive reports from the Italian intelligence service SISMI of a supposed agreement between Iraq and Niger for the sale of yellowcake uranium. The State Department's Bureau of Intelligence and Research considers the report "highly suspect" because the French control Niger's uranium industry. The CIA, the Defense Intelligence Agency, and the Department of Energy consider a uranium deal "possible."

The "Report" is detailed here:
Today's exclusive report in La Repubblica reveals that Pollari met secretly in Washington on September 9, 2002, with then-Deputy National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley. Their secret meeting came at a critical moment in the White House campaign to convince Congress and the American public that war in Iraq was necessary to prevent Saddam Hussein from developing nuclear weapons. National Security Council spokesman Frederick Jones confirmed the meeting to the Prospect on Tuesday.

Pollari told the newspaper that since 2001, when he became Sismi's director, the only member of the U.S. administration he has met officially is his former CIA counterpart George Tenet. But the Italian newspaper quotes a high-ranking Italian Sismi source asserting a meeting with Hadley. La Repubblica also quotes a Bush administration official saying, "I can confirm that on September 9, 2002, General Nicolo Pollari met Stephen Hadley."

According to Sismi's director, he met with Tenet sometime after he became director in 2001. When is not made clear, but by all accounts, the knowledge of the documents were known.

Now if you hear of a report that indicate Saddam is trying to buy uranium for Niger, what would you do first? Send Wilson to Niger to check it out, or find out what is in the document? It is clear that the CIA and State did not think that the report was worthy of payment, but Hadley (WHIG) did. Why?

Also, the Strata blog clearly debunks the right-wing talking point that Wilson was not qualified for the Niger mission.

Kim, as far as the Congo st... (Below threshold)

Kim, as far as the Congo story, none of that has been confirmed. There is no indication of the quantity missing.

The bottom line, Saddam did not have the capacity to refine or produce plutonium, and this was well documented before the invasion.

Vast market, going back for... (Below threshold)

Vast market, going back for years. And that's just DRCongo. Libya was working on Saddam's bomb, I'll bet. And please, read Duelfer about Saddam's intentions, and Rossett for Saddam's financing and political methods. You know Saddam sent $3,000,000,000 to Libya? You know Khaddafy folded his nuclear capabilities right after Saddam went down. You know AQ Khan toured Africa. What more do you need to know? We endeavour to give satisfaction.

Barney, I think you've abso... (Below threshold)

Barney, I think you've absorbed eRiposte's exhaustive, scholarly, but ultimately deluded analysis. It depends on there being no black market in African Yellow Cake, and without a doubt, there was one, and it was huge, and where do you think that stuff went if not to NOK, Iran, and Libya? Why not SA, too?

Wilson destroys his own cre... (Below threshold)

Wilson destroys his own credibility about his trip by all the double dealing and deceptions he has propagated about what he did, and what he said, and why. Let's hear from him. Oh, wait, remote mountain fastnesses, and all.

Besides, son, we're talking... (Below threshold)

Besides, son, we're talking about uranium here, not plutonium. Here, have an aluminum tube to gnaw on. TMJ may give you great insight.

Kim, I'm sorry but you do n... (Below threshold)

Kim, I'm sorry but you do not invade a country over unsubstantiated assumptions. At the same time we knew N. Korea was producing plutonium in violation of US and UN violations, yet we did nothing.

The Congo story is unsubstantiated. No evidence has been produced if or the amount of lost uranium.

Niger did not, nor could they sell uranium to Iraq. If the administration had evidence that other countries in Africa were dealing in the black market, they should have made their case to the American people, and not use smear and leaks to put force their case.

Powell did not use the African allegations in his UN speech, and Bush retracted the 16-words. No case!

Gee Kim, don't get started ... (Below threshold)

Gee Kim, don't get started on the aluminum tube embarrassment.

Always ready and willing to... (Below threshold)

Always ready and willing to send you to those who do know. What were they for, pray tell?

No, you invade them and dep... (Below threshold)

No, you invade them and depose Saddam for defying sanctions, starving their children, holocausting whole populations, and harboring, in his evil heart, the will and the means to destroy his enemies with WMD. Wake up, the coffee's still hot.

Aluminium, full of Surprisi... (Below threshold)

Aluminium, full of Surprisium.

No, you invade them and dep... (Below threshold)

No, you invade them and depose Saddam for defying sanctions, starving their children, holocausting whole populations, and harboring, in his evil heart, the will and the means to destroy his enemies with WMD. Wake up, the coffee's still hot.

Posted by: kim

Kim, Lil'l KIM has done all of that and more. He is repressive to his own people, he has NUKES and is deranged, yet we invade Iraq? How many people did Saddam kill (200,000 to 400,000)? KIM has killed millions. While Bush slept, KIm built six nukes and long range missile capabilities. What was his punishment? A roll back to the Clinton agreement and billions in aid.

"All of North Korea is a gulag," said one senior U.S. official, noting that as many as 2 million people have died of starvation while Kim has amassed the world's largest collection of Daffy Duck cartoons. "It's just that these people [in the camps] are treated the worst. No one knows for sure how many people are in the camps, but 200,000 is consistent with our best guess.

Look, we can't just take ou... (Below threshold)

Look, we can't just take out North Korea, China's client state. We owe them money.

L'il Daffy Kim has neither ... (Below threshold)

L'il Daffy Kim has neither the will nor the means to destroy his enemies with WMD. The North Korean generals do exactly what the Chinese tell them to do. Right now, they are JunkYardDogs, reminding the world's civil authority, that's us, that the Chinese own a Pit Bull.

I know, let's send Madeline... (Below threshold)

I know, let's send Madeline Albright to stop the holocaust in North Korea. Yeah, that's the ticket.

Did you know Albright's father was Condi Rice's mentor at the University of Denver? She changed majors from music to international affairs because of him, an Eastern European refugee.

I see Kim, Bush just wanted... (Below threshold)

I see Kim, Bush just wanted to go to war to prove that he was a tough cowboy, it did not matter who, but it helped to pick an easy target.

Too bad he didn't do his homework, 3,500 families are paying the price.


Read Stephen B. Waters' hom... (Below threshold)

Read Stephen B. Waters' homework at blogs.rny.com/sbw/stories/storyReader$628

Joe Wilson Lied; People are Still Dying.

Sweet Dreams, Honey.... (Below threshold)

Sweet Dreams, Honey.

Kim, Lil'l KIM has done ... (Below threshold)

Kim, Lil'l KIM has done all of that and more. He is repressive to his own people, he has NUKES and is deranged, yet we invade Iraq? How many people did Saddam kill (200,000 to 400,000)? KIM has killed millions. While Bush slept, KIm built six nukes and long range missile capabilities. What was his punishment? A roll back to the Clinton agreement and billions in aid.

The ceasefire agreement that Saddam signed and then violated repeatedly gave us ample excuse to depose him. People seem to forget that the Gulf War '91 never ended, there was a conditional ceasefire. The violations of said ceasfire de facto reinstigated hostilities. There is no such condition in north korea.

Thanks, T. Barney doesn't ... (Below threshold)

Thanks, T. Barney doesn't want to talk about Joe Wilson or Iraq. He only brought up North Korea because he'd like to overextend our military there, forcing the need for a non-volunteer Army, and
slaughtering all sorts of our non-elite.


Joe Wilson was an agent all... (Below threshold)

Joe Wilson was an agent all right. Just not ours.

The American Thinker made a good case a while back that Wilson was either a stooge or an agent provocateur for the French Intel Svs. This was done to take the heat off of high level French governmental officials by discrediting President Bush.

Further there is plenty of info around the Internet to suggest Saddam was in bed with Khaddafy and they were both working with the NORKS to develop nukes in Libya using AQ Kahn technology. This stuff went to the Oak Ridge Nat'l after Khaddafy fell on his sword after seeing Saddam dragged from his rat hole.

The aluminum tubes were most likely for missile casings.


"Most likely". Heh. Why s... (Below threshold)

"Most likely". Heh. Why send Barney to someone who knows when they'll come here to tell him.

I remember, rb, years ago u... (Below threshold)

I remember, rb, years ago upon hearing that Fitz was investigating the origin of the forgeries, believing that he had figured out the plot and knew that the origin of the forgeries was key to solving the puzzle. Alas, he's only a blindered Federal prosecutor, ambitious beyond his abilities, stellar though they are at rolling up criminal conspiracies.

Barone has a nice article t... (Below threshold)

Barone has a nice article today about Libby and Berger.

Kim is getting it right in ... (Below threshold)

Kim is getting it right in above post.
Another above says no link betwwen Saddam and Niger. If you think daisy chain then you get
the connection. Saddam gave Libya billions.
Saddam's nuke head honcho was in Africa making deals in 99-2000, while he was an envoy to the
Vatican. Name was Zahawie, and Wilson was in
Africa at same time with his consulting business.
And he knew Zahawie years before in Iraq. Wilson's
firm was a consultant to Niger and the huge French company Cogema, who owned and ran the
Uranium mines for Niger. When Libya caved and
turned nuke program over to Un and us, we hauled it here, and it was determined the Uranium came from Niger, a short truck haul to Libya from
the mines in NE Niger. Cogema got a billion bucks that couldn't be accounted for in the oil/food
scam from Saddam. Wilson just used his connections to steer the intelligence agencies away from Saddam and Libya's buying uranium from
Niger, by saying it didn't happen as the stuff
didn't show up in Iraq.The uranium we found in Iraq was from Niger in the 80s. This arrangement was just a big round robin affair on Saddam's part and kept inspectors going in circles because they were looking in the wrong place.And part of the coverup was forgeries designed to cast doubt on original reports, which also include the Congo
which has just starting to come to light.
The Wilson's, their political and press friends,
are stinking traitors.Ed






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