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"Dishonorable friends and honorable enemies"

The more I learn about Representative David Obey's (D-WI) politics, the less I agree with him. I think that I oppose pretty much everything he supports, and support most of what he opposes. As far as I'm convinced, he's wrong across the board on all the major issues that I care about.

But damn it, if this video clip is a fair representation of the man, I have to respect him. In it, he comes across as honest, sincere, principled, and all too aware of political realities.

Again, I think he's wrong on the war, as well as most other issues, but in this clip he's the kind of opponent I can respect. This is the kind of behavior the Democratic Party needs to show America, not the Nutroots crowd -- as emblemized by Cindy Sheehan, Michael Moore, Kos, and the like.

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If only Obey realized that ... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:

If only Obey realized that the phrase "idiot liberals" covers about 99.9% of liberals, he'd be on to something.

I couldn't disagree more Ja... (Below threshold)
American Barbarian:

I couldn't disagree more Jay Tea. What Obey was arguing was that if only his side could shut up long enough they could sneak a bill through to usurp executive authority. Cagey/articulate yes, honest no. In a representative democracy ideas and laws should stand or fall out in the open in a public debate. Obey thinks the press is in the bag for his side and if only the nutroots will be quiet he can sneak a fast one by everybody. That's the lowest form of governance. He actually says there isn't enough support in the house for what he's trying to pass but he wants to pass it anyway!

And the capper he was only accidentally honest. It isn't like he got on the nightly news and laid out his effort honestly he was surreptitiously taped by the nutroots in a moment of pique.

I'm one of those "crazy lib... (Below threshold)

I'm one of those "crazy liberals", but I have many people with whom I disagree, yet admire. Michael Crighton thinks global warming is false, but he's smart, articulate...and possibly right! And I also like Gregg Easterbrook who wrote an excellent book called The Progress Paradox. He has this wonderful metaphor. He says that the human race is like a poppy seed. It will blossom into a beautiful future. Unless it gets baked into a bagel!

I also like Jay Tea.

as emblemized by Cindy S... (Below threshold)

as emblemized by Cindy Sheehan, Michael Moore, Kos, and the like.

Last I heard, none of them were members of Congress. Let's hear you say something nice about an honest, sincere, principled, and all too aware of political realities Democrat Congressman, huh Jay? Or should we just show true bias and jump to the comment that "they don't exist! Bwahahahaha!"

I'm sorry I can't remember ... (Below threshold)

I'm sorry I can't remember who had the wonderful idea that it would be necessary to lose the '06 election in order to invest the Democrats with prosecution of the Great war on terror, 'cuz they were right.






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