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Gee, I never saw this coming...

Last week, Kim posted a piece here that triggered my "well, duh" reflex. In that posting, she linked to a study that showed that illegal aliens are more likely, statistically speaking, to break other laws than legal aliens or citizens.

The "well, duh" was not aimed at Kim, but rather the study. The conclusion, couched in scientific and scholarly lingo, was that folks who willingly break one law or set of laws will have no compunction about breaking other laws to achieve what they want.

This brings up two points I've believed for a very, very long time -- and have hammered on over and over and over.

The first is that criminals have made a conscious decision that the law does not apply to them, and only shapes their behavior in relation to the chances that they will be caught and punished. Illegal aliens are already flouting federal laws governing who can and cannot come into this country, and how. Why is it such a great surprise that they would also ignore labor laws, housing laws, auto-registration laws, driving laws, and whatever other laws get in the way of their chosen way of life?

The second is that there is little more damaging to a society than stupid laws and unenforced/underenforced laws. These breed a disrespect -- even a contempt -- for the law in general. We see this every day, and it's one of the reasons why I have such dislike for Massachusetts politics -- it seems that their "solution" for every problem is another law.

Folks, we have plenty of laws on the books. At least half the recent "crises" addressed in recent years are already covered by existing laws. "Hate crimes" are one of my pet peeves. These actions are already illegal; "hate crime laws" are getting dangerously close to "thought crimes," where it gets to the point where some victims are "more equal" than others, and their victimization is treated more seriously than others'.

This came up when the current President Bush ran for president the first time. He was denounced for opposing hate crime legislation in reaction to the James Byrd lynching in Texas. Bush defended his opposition by pointing out that two of the three men convicted of the brutal killing were sentenced to death, and the third was given life without parole. Bush's argument -- which I found a rare instance of common sense in politics -- was that the existing laws had handled the Byrd case entirely satisfactorily, and showed there was no need for new laws.

In Massachusetts, it seems that every time they turn around, they're talking about new gun-control legislation to curb their crime problems. The silliest (yet most dangerous) one was hen Boston's mayor, Thomas "Mumbles" Menino, said that Beantown's problems were being caused by guns bought outside Massachusetts -- and was trying to find ways to compel neighboring states to toughen up their own gun laws. Up here in New Hampshire, we didn't appreciate that notion, and told Mumbles to get stuffed.

Meanwhile, the 30-year-old Bartley-Fox Law, which mandates enhanced penalties for using a gun in the commission of a crime, goes utterly unused.

There are times it seems that the knee-jerk reaction of Democrats to any situation is to write a new law about it. They seem to think that words equal deeds, and problems will go away if they just make a new law banning it. They never stop to look at existing laws and see if simply enforcing those laws would address the problem.

In fact, it often seems that enforcing laws is anathema to them. Look at the outcry over the arrested illegal aliens in New Bedford, Massachusetts. All we are hearing about is the "poor workers" who got caught breaking federal laws, and calls for "immigration reform" to make their lives easier.

It's the easy way, the cheap way. It's a nice cycle. See a problem, pass a law, then "reform" the law when it's enforced, return to step #1.

It's so easy because it's a nice, downhill slope. A slippery one, with anarchy at the bottom.

Thanks, but I'll pass.


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Anyone want to count down u... (Below threshold)

Anyone want to count down until one of the resident libs claims those people in the Byrd case didn't get a high enough sentence (in this thread)?

from the above article:<br ... (Below threshold)

from the above article:
The conclusion, couched in scientific and scholarly lingo, was that folks who willingly break one law or set of laws will have no compunction about breaking other laws to achieve what they want.

..which is the same reason gun control laws don't work. The net effect is that those who would use guns to commit other crimes still possess weapons (illegally) and only citizens, who don't commit other crimes, are disarmed.

Laws, in and of themselves, do not prevent anything. They simply provide a method of recourse for any person who was wronged.

One of Rushs' true mantra's... (Below threshold)

One of Rushs' true mantra's; Sybolism over substance. That is all the lefties do. ww

This is the same fuzzy thin... (Below threshold)

This is the same fuzzy thinking that politicians here in Illinois have used regarding illegal aliens and auto insurance.

The politicians say: If you give the 'undocumented' the right to a driver's license, then they'll be able to buy insurance.

DUH! The illegals already are breaking the law by even being here in the first place. They are already driving without licenses, or with fake licenses...which by the way...is against the law.

Why would they all of a sudden, feel they should comply with the law regarding auto insurance, when they have been breaking local, state and federal laws already?

Why do the pols in MA insis... (Below threshold)

Why do the pols in MA insist that any law enforcement involving illegals must be done by the feds? Why does a company breaking the laws of ma, the illegals breaking the laws of ma, have to be carried out by the feds? and when the feds do arrive we have a governor saying don't look at me, its not MY FAULT? Our federal congress is now going to start an investigation about the RAID, not the laws being broken by the company and the illegals! The next time someone from outside of my home breaks in, I will demand that President George Bush show up here and arrest that person! This is ridiculous and frightening. If the lawmakers and enforcers of my state won't protect my state, what are we paying them for?

Thanks for that. My communi... (Below threshold)

Thanks for that. My community has seen a massive shift in population since 1975 and a significant amount of that shift has been due to illegal immigration. The politicians won't enforce the existing laws and I get called a racist all the time for noticing the negative effects on my community. If your community has not been overrun by illegals yet, get something done now, while there is still time.

Judith, "The next ... (Below threshold)
Rob LA Ca.:


"The next time someone from outside of my home breaks in"

Just shoot them in the head. Then call President Bush and if the intruder happens to be an Illegal Alien from where ever , tell Him you thought He said they were here to do the jobs Americans wouldn't do?
We got enough criminal citizens as it is , like the 85% of felons who vote democrat.

Hey Jay, at least the famil... (Below threshold)

Hey Jay, at least the family trees branch in Massachusetts.

And I don't know of any writer of any stripe in Mass who frames every issue in terms of his or her dislike for New Hampshire.

astigafa must be a Masshole... (Below threshold)
John Irving:

astigafa must be a Masshole, honorary at the least.

Did Astigafa read the same ... (Below threshold)

Did Astigafa read the same post I read?
There was a point in my life, not too long ago, that the superfluous hate crime laws and gun control laws being introduced made sense ...

... but that was before I started thinking.

The whole idea of "hate cri... (Below threshold)

The whole idea of "hate crimes" is stupid to begin with.

You can't make an emotion (which hate is) a crime. Actions are the crime, not whatever emotion that may have driven it.

Guy comes home and finds some guy in bed with his wife. He kills one or the other, or both of them. Does that make him guilty of a "love crime?"

Rob, If someone breaks into... (Below threshold)

Rob, If someone breaks into a home in MA, we are not allowed to protect our home, and certainly not with that scary, dangerous gun thingy!






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